Wall Painting-- What Kind?


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There are different kinds of wall paintings to suit one's preference.http://www.artyii.com/

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Wall Painting-- What Kind?

  1. 1. Wall Painting-- What Kind?There are different kinds of wall paintings tosuit ones preference. Those who buy art onlinedo not just look at which they find pleasing tothe eyes. An artist may like an abstract paintingwhich an art lover cannot appreciate. A personwho sees more than colors and shapes and itsaccompanying beauty will love a painting basedfrom his understanding of each kind.The works of renowned artists like SoniaDelaunay and Jackson Pollock are calledabstract painting. It does not clearly paintshapes to represent particular objects. This is acombination of different strokes and most ofthe time of different contrasting colors whichspeak of the artists emotions. This kind of wall
  2. 2. paintings is usually preferred by people whowant wall décor with modern touch to matchthe room. This can be usually seen in officesetting nowadays.Another kind is Pablo Picassos cubism whichart lovers look for in the internet when theybuy art online. At first glance it looks like anabstract painting but when looked at closely,the geometric shapes resemble objects like aface that is heart- shaped or a face with manyedges. This expertise in cubism is shared byother renowned artists like George Braque andMark Chagall who like the idea of painting byconnecting shapes to come up with the subject.An art lover who wants to buy art online that isnot plain and common as what he sees in
  3. 3. almost every wall depicting genre and genericlifestyle might appreciate surrealism. This kindis best represented by Max Ernst, Salvador Dali,and Henri Rosseau. It looks like surrealism withlots of shapes in it but clearer than abstract.Despite of the fact that the objects are clearlysketched, the meaning of the art piece cannotbe easily understood by the viewer just like thatof abstract wall painting. This is becausesurrealism is an expression of what the artistssee in his dream.Another one that looks like a combination ofthe three above-mentioned kinds of painting isexpressionism which at first glance wouldappear as abstract to the viewer. However,shapes to resemble complete figures of thesubject will be noticed clearly. Some of these
  4. 4. wall paintings can be mistakenly identified asan artwork of a child only because the artist ismore concerned with the emotion the art piececonveys than its appearance. Notableexpressionists are Edvard Munch, WassilyKandinsky, and Ludwig Kirchner.Those who surf the net and shop around to buyart online surely have different tastes to whatkind of wall painting match their personality.This is why websites selling artworks onlineoffer variety in their collections to cater tomarket with varying preference.
  5. 5. The author, Shannon, is the co-founder ofArtyii, an online sale platform of Asianemerging artists. He specializes in acquiringquality wall paintings at good prices for artlovers worldwide. He has also assisted thosewho were looking for artwork for sale andthose who loved to buy art online.