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Nba basketball cards 101   card terminology
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Nba basketball cards 101 card terminology


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  • 1. NBA Basketball Cards 101: Card Terminology • Base - Regular cards/Basic card, which may contain 60, 90, 120 or even up to 300 cards per set. • Insert - Subsets, usually it contain 10-20 card per set created under a series example “Jambalaya” series, “Total O” series. It random insert to the pack with fix ratio. Ex, 1:29 mean 1 out of 29 packs.
  • 2. • Jerseys - Cards that contain event worn / game worn jersey pieces. Some of it may have multiple color or player in the card.• Patches - Cards that contain event worn/ game worn jersey patches (usually multi-color)
  • 3. • Autographs - Cards that contain autograph(s) of players o On-card auto – hand signed by player directly on card, it usually worth more than sticker auto card. o Sticker auto – hand signed by player on sticker and stick on card
  • 4. o Cut auto – The autograph or material is obtain from a 3rd party source and authenticated by card manufacturer. Usually from legend who passed away. o Inscription/Nickname - personal message / nickname singed on card. Like “The Worm” nickname of Dennis Rodman.• Printing plates - metal plates which used to print the card. Has 4 colors ( Black, Red, Blue, Yellow) and always is 1/1 masterpieces
  • 5. • Numbered cards - short print/SP cards, can be as rare as only “1 of 1". First copy (i.e. 01/25), last copy (i.e. 299/299) and number same as the players jersey number (i.e. 7/xx for Brandon Roy)
  • 6. • Chrome o Chrome Base - cards with a chromium, shiny surface
  • 7. o Refractors - even more shinyo X-fractor - chrome with mini-square patter
  • 8. o Superfractor - refer to picture, usually a 1 of 1• Jersey Tags - cards contain tag from jerseys• Logoman - usually 1 of 1
  • 9. • Team Logo - patch from the team logo (partial or whole)• Die-Cut - non-rectangular card
  • 10. • 9-Up/Uncut Sheet- Uncut sheet of nine cards, usually promos.• Box Topper Card - Card included in a factory sealed box.• Film card – card content a piece of film with memorable moment for the player.• Video card – introduce by Panini which have a LCD and chip to reply highlight moment for the player.
  • 11. • Parallel Card - A modified base card, which may contain extra foil stamping, hologram stamping that distinguishes the card from the base card.• Rookie Cards - cards released in the rookie year for a player (sometimes people do not count certain inserts and consider them not true rookie card)
  • 12. • Baseball patch – cards contain pieces of baseball• Basketball patch – cards contain pieces of baseball
  • 13. • Game Floor - cards that contain pieces of game used floor• Booklet Cards - card that opens up into 2 or more panels
  • 14. • Buybacks - card manufacturers buy cards from older series, and re-insert them into new releases, sometimes autographed (i.e. the Melo below is a jersey card from 03-04 black diamond and re-released in 04-05 ultimate autographed)• Manufactured patch - patch that is manufactured just for the card, never been used in events or game, nor worn by any player (sometimes letter patch can be manufactured as well)
  • 15. • Letter patch - letter patch product base on player, city, team name.• Sketch cards - artist hand-drawn cards
  • 16. • Plexi-Glass cards - cards made of plexi-glass
  • 17. • Gold Cards - card contain real 14k or 22k gold
  • 18. • Redemption cards - when manufacturers could not produce the card in time or the release / waiting for a player to sign. They put redemptions into packs, which owner can redeem it on company website and cards will be mail directly to the owner.• Rainbow - getting every variation of a single card
  • 19. • Graded card - card submitted to grading company, sealed in a case