Cbfsi marketing power point 2011


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Today is the day for you to start a lucrative and prestigious career. At Chicago's Best Financial Services & Investments we are looking for account managers and loan officers in your area. Email us at customerservice@cbfsi.biz.

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Cbfsi marketing power point 2011

  1. 1. Chicago’s Best Financial Services & Investments<br />125 S. Wacker<br />Chicago, IL 60606<br />www.cbfsi.biz<br />Office 866-572-9952 <br />Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to discuss our business with you and your company. On the following pages you will find a copy of our outline for commercial real-estate mortgage financing and marketing plan. The topics covered in this plan are for a business opportunity with your company. <br /> <br />Product Development<br />Marketing/Advertising<br />Sales<br />Commissions/Overrides <br />Closings<br />Operations<br />Personnel<br />Management<br />Summary <br /> <br />Yvonne Spear<br />
  3. 3. OBJECTIVE: We hold ourselves to a higher standard in commercial loan origination. We treat our clients with respect and act with integrity. With a combination of product knowledge, a solid reputation, good relationships with lenders, realtors, appraisals, and title companies we achieve our goals.<br />Close deals<br />Repeat business<br />Referral business<br /> Make a profit<br />
  5. 5. In Chicago and across the United States, not only can we compete, but we can surpass all the other commercial Mortgage companies. How?<br />1. Product knowledge, through in house and on line training, we understand products and underwriting guidelines. <br />2. Marketing through referrals, advertising, publicity, referral partners, commercial business seminars and investor’s workshops.<br />3. Quality Training, ethical practices and no predatory lending.<br />4. Developing commercial programs with lenders. Also down payment assistance and spiff programs though city government and developers incentive programs. <br />5.Referrals from clients, our sales force, CPA, Attorneys, Realtors, Banks and title companies. <br />6. Experience processors, underwriters and a combination of veteran and new loan originators.<br />
  7. 7. HOW DO WE PLAN TO MEET THE CHALLENGES IN TODAY’S GLOBAL MARKET PLACE?<br />THE INTERNET: If you are not doing business on the Internet today you are a perceived as a dinosaur. The days of the mom and pop shop are over. To be competitive and have effective lead generation, you must partner with technology.<br />Website: Complete and functional web site is a must. Our website is www.cbfsi.biz in English and coming soon in Spanish.<br />We have multi state branches. Currently we are working on our first culturally diversified commercial branch. International global real-estate markets are rapidly increasing across the United States and around the globe. Currently the Spanish population is the fastest growing population in America. Not marketing to the Hispanic community is essential to today’s global market place. A large Hispanic population boarders Chicago and the rest of the United States. We are marketing to multi-cultural communities and other communities by advertising, publicity, hiring and training bi-lingual loan originators and processors.<br />
  8. 8. We will be launching starting next month on line newsletters in English and Spanish.<br /> We have monthly publicity campaigns lined up for the current year. We would like to partner with you and your company in these events. These campaigns are designed to give you maximum exposrer in the community and open the doors to new opportunities for you and your company. <br /> Workshops: Monthly workshops and town hall sessions. Our workshops are designed to target customers by groups and /or segments. These promotions will partner with local Politician and churches which will be sponsored by Chicago’s Best Financial Services & Investments.<br /> With the down turn in the stock markets investors are looking for safer ways to invest their money. Investing in the real-estate market has always been a safe haven for new and seasoned investors. <br />We do three investors workshops a year. The course includes,<br /> 1. Financing<br /> 2. How to build a real-estate portfolio<br /> 3. Buying commercial property<br /> 4. Buying Franchises<br /> 3. How to find property and what to look for in a property <br /> 4. Property management<br /> 5. Guest speakers<br />
  9. 9. Marketing & Advertising<br />
  10. 10. Marketing<br />Commercial business seminars: Most people want to buy a building or business but they don’t how to get started. Some have gone to a bank a gotten turned away. Our seminars our informative without being predatory. We have a common sense approach.<br /> 1. We show them how to qualify for a mortgage.<br /> 2. What lenders are looking for?<br /> 3. An overview of the loan process and our role in the process.<br /> 4. Loan programs: Loan programs that they may qualify for, as well as down payment assistance programs. <br /> 5. Small business start ups. <br />Investment seminars <br />Advertising:<br />Our for sale by owner programs.<br />With our network of investors and referral Partners<br />Flyers and brochures, ads<br />
  11. 11. Sales, Commissions & Overrides<br />
  12. 12. Sales: In Partnershipwith your company our loan originators to work with you to generate 6 loans and close 3 loans a month. Three loans with average of 4 percent commission on a $200,000 per loan. That equals $24,000 in additional revenue for your office per month.<br />Chicago’s Best Financial Services & Investments can do commercial loans in forty two states across the country and several international counties. <br />Commissions for out state loans: For any out state loans referred by your office you will be paid out at 40percent commission to your office. Veteran lo’s commissioned by experience and volume, commission contracts will be drawn up by Yvonne Spear.<br />Overrides: Overrides for net branch managers and team managers. <br />Closings: All our Lo’s are required to attend their closings, unless the closing in out of state. Our service begins and ends at the closing with a satisfied client.<br />
  13. 13. OPERATIONS<br />
  14. 14. All Operations are overseen by our compliance department. <br />Compliance: All LO’s required to collect all documentation from client. Return signed check list with all signed apps. Clients are never to sign blank apps. Or good faiths.<br />All W-2’s are verified with 4506 signed and dated by customer. All VOE’s are faxed and mailed to employer no hand deliveries by client. All VOM are faxed or mailed and verbal. <br />No LO’s processing their deals. Processing done by In house processing group in coordination with in house processor/branch assistant and bi-lingual processor. <br />Loans submissions by Loan officers. Original files in office only. All loan officers will have copy files only. <br />All appraisals never billed to company. All appraisals to be paid by client upfront.<br />All clients are to have a credit authorization before credit report is pulled. Must be submitted to branch assistant. No LO’s pulling credit reports.<br />
  15. 15. PERSONNEL & MANAGEMENT<br />
  16. 16. WE UNLOCK THE KEY TO A GOOD MANAGEMENT TEAM <br />Some companies want to be a volume shop. We strive to have both quality and volume. Our lo’s do what they do best, <br />Generate and shop loans.<br />Processing, complete conditions and set closings.<br />Quality training, <br /> 1. Account executive product knowledge sessions.<br /> 2. Title company information.<br /> 3. Loan originator classes<br /> 4. Investor Training.<br /> 5. Relationships <br />
  17. 17. MANAGEMENT<br />
  18. 18. WE DON’T DROP THE BALL WITH OUR LOANS <br /> OR<br /> LOAN ORIGINATORS or REALTORS<br />New or seasoned Realtors and loan originators we offer management opportunities.<br />1. All of our Loan originator: generate loans, collect necessary documentation and complete the process to close loans for clients. <br /> 2. We help Realtors, attorneys, and property managers generate, shop and prospect loans.<br /> 3. Chicago Best Financial Services & Investments; Commercial Mortgage Loan Consultant / Originator: Will assist you every step of the way.<br /> 4. Team Manager: Become a team manager and recruit and get commissions and overrides on your team. Team managers lead a team of loan originators which includes overrides, quarterly production bonuses.<br />
  19. 19. SUMMARYAN OPPORTUNITYADVANTAGESOF PARTNERSHIP WITHChicago’s Best Financial Services & Investments<br />
  20. 20. A national commercial mortgage company in Chicago.<br />New market in Commercial business capital and commercial loans.<br />Profitable business with a low bottom line.<br />Strong experience leadership.<br />Dependable productive branch: deals done with integrity, no junk fees and no predatory leaning.<br />
  21. 21. INNOVATIONEffective tools, Investor and client seminars, investor workshops, the Internet education, for sale by owner programs, and referrals.WE CLOSE LOANS! <br />Chicago’s Best Financial Services & Investments<br />