Jesus is god and this is the proof


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Jesus is god and this is the proof

  1. 1. Who is the Son of God?who cured the sick ?Who revived the dead?Who made the paralyzed walk ?Who made deaf hear?Who made the blind see ?Who made the dumb speak ?Who did all this once touching patients?And not only healed their bodies, butalso their soulshe was named the Savior who hastreated the rich and poor, men andwomen, young and old, slaves and freepeople, friends and enemiesWhat is the name of this Savior
  2. 2. Asklepios
  3. 3. Who is the one Born of a virgin and hisfather was the Lord, and the nickname ??""Savior of mankindWho is the one whose birth waspredicted by seers and told that he??would become kingWho briefed the people on the kingdom??of the Lord over the mountain Who is the one Walked on waterWho at his death was not with him but? his motherWho told his mother at the time of hisdeath not to cry because he is going to??paradiseWho said before The rising of his soul"It is finished" and the earth shook &the atmosphere darkened while his soul? ascended to heavenWho is the one whose biggest?? achievment was the defeated of death?Whats his name
  4. 4. Hercules
  5. 5. Who is the one who has never been a? disbeliever or atheistWho is the real savior for people from? their mistakes by sacrificing himselfWho loved to sacrifice his own??compassion and patience for mankind??Whats his name
  6. 6. Prometheus
  7. 7. ? Who is the son of god?Who is the one Born of a virginWho was riding on a colt, the foal of a?donkeyWho was healing the sick and make?Marvels?Who made good wine from fresh waterWho died and rose from the dead to live?eternal lifeWho was healing the sick and make?MarvelsWho fed his followers with a Sacredfood to unite with his body after he? diedWho gave his life for the salvation of?mankind?Whats his name
  8. 8. Dionysos
  9. 9. Who is the light of the world , the savior?who was raised from the deadWho was Born of a virgin, and wasconsidered the first real king by his?peopleWho rose from the grave on his way to?paradise? Who is the one who defeated death??Who is the one God??Whats his nameOsiris
  10. 10. Who is the true God, named "Light ofthe World" and "Good Shepherd" and?""lampWho is the path , the truth and life,??symbolized by the Cross?Whats his nameHorus
  11. 11. Who is the "light of the world," themediator between God and human??beings, born on December 25whose birth was seen by shepherds and? was given giftsWho had 12 students, and when hecompleted his last mission he invitedthem to dinner and then ascended to?heavenWho will come at the end of time to?judge the living and the dead? who consecrate the SundayWho made his followers invented theHoly Meal and are fed with flesh and?blood of GodWho made the heaven on earth and thehell is underneath it where the evil? spirits live?Whats his nameMithra
  12. 12. Who is the wise man, whose birth was?quoted by a starWho was required to eliminate him asan infant and his parents fled across theriver after having been warned by an?angel from heaven?Who made miraclesWho is the mediator between God and?humans?Whats his nameKrishna
  13. 13. Who is the one whose mother was told by an angelthat she will be pregnant with a child who wil be thesavior of the world ?Who started his service at the age of 30 years?Who had 12 students?Who was among his disciples, a friendly one andtraitor one ?Who was going to villages to preach?Who was called "Son of Man" and "teacher" and"Lord"?Who made miracles and Make the blind see?Who walked on water?Whats his name?Buddha
  14. 14. Who is the Savior who has never?committed sinWho made many miracles on the earth?which was seen by by many peopleWho heal the patient and the lame, theblind, remove the evil spirits and raised?the deadwho is the one Born of a virgin and the ? angel told her that she is pregnantWho corrects the religion for people in? his timeWho was crucified and buried , and rosefrom the dead to prove to his disciples? that he defeated deathWho sat on the right hand of power ?after he ascended to heavenWho is named the son of God and his? message was love?Whats his nameApollonius of Tyana
  15. 15. Who is the God-man (fully God (divine)and fully human in one sinless person at(the same time??Who said God is oneWho is the one whose task was to fight? the eternal evilWho was calling you to salvation?through the resurrection of the deadWho is the God who didnt start his? career until he reached the age of 30Who is the one whose disciples where?scattered over the country to preach?Who is the God who was killed?Whats his name
  16. 16. Zarathustra
  17. 17. It is already clear to usthat Jesus was actuallyGod in spite thateverything came in thenew testament was notnew and was known before