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STC Journal


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Published in: Spiritual, Education

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  • 1. To All of My Students, Past and Present It is said that a teacher learns from his students, and for me this is undoubtedly the truth. Not only have I learned about the importance of clear explanations and demonstrations, but also thevalue of motivation, encouragement, and success. I have discovered positive ways of mediating and settling squabbles as well as creating compromises between unhappy parties. I have found that patience and active listening create a solid foundation for communication. I have learned to emphasize the ethics of responsibility, fairness, and pride in work well done. I have learned these lessons from you, my students, and I thank you for you have not only made me a better teacher, but a better person as well. Nora Horn
  • 2. For Rabbi Freedman It has been an honor to work with you these past 12 years as the General Studies Principal at Shalom Torah Academy. I have often observed your wise council and creative suggestions even back in the day when I was an English teacher in school.We have been a strong team, keeping our eye on the ball of educating Jewishchildren in a warm, loving environment. You have always been supportiveof programs, activities, and events that I wanted to do, offering sage adviceon how to implement them successfully. Furthermore, your understanding of children has been a model for me, as well as others, to emulate.I have often remarked that it is a pleasure to work with you, and that I could count the times that we disagreed on one hand. Your perceptive response was, ―Even more importantly, we were able to solve them.‖ May Hashem continue to bless you and your family. May you to go from strength to strength and constantly see the wonderful fruits of your labors. All the best, Nora
  • 3. Leon Goldenberg, President of the Board Dear Leon, Since the day that you selflessly became involved with Shalom Torah Academy, you have been tireless in your efforts to help our school. This work has required much time and effort that you put forth, meeting with donors that support our endeavors at Shalom. When times were dark youremained a beacon of light and encouragement, boosting the morale of ourentire faculty. You have done this not for money or honor, but for the good of Jewish children. As an educator, I believe that there is no higher goal than that. You are a pillar of the Jewish community, in general, and (the) Shalom Torah Academy (neighborhood) specifically. While you do not live near school, your heart is rooted here. I am indebted to you for your guidance,help, and friendship because without you, Shalom would not be all that it is.May Hashem bless you to continue to succeed in all of the wonderful work that you do. Sincerely, Nora Horn
  • 4. For Simcha,―I am the assistant to the assistant,‖ is the way that you often describe yourself here at school. But, Simcha, you are really so much more. Your common sense, efficiency,reliability, and productiveness make you an invaluable team member in ensuring that the day runs smoothly. Preparations for assemblies, scheduling, handbooks, graduation, trips, and reportcards are just a few of the many areas in which you have helped me. We have workedtogether to create programs that benefitted the children and expanded their horizons. I have benefitted from your logical mind, organized manner, and capable ways. How often have I said, ―The Internet isn’t working properly. Let’s ask Simcha,‖ or―Simcha, I’m working on class schedules for next year. Could you look at it and see ifthere is a better way to arrange the classes?‖ or ―We need props for our concert. What do you think of gold hats and sashes?‖ It has been a true joy working together over these past years. Your friendly smile reflecting your warm personality has made the day shine. May Hashem bless you and your family with continued health and happiness. Love, Nora
  • 5. For Yael and Sharon It is an honor to be honored alongside both of you. When you were little, we watched you grow up alongside our children. Images of school plays, regionals at NCSY, and yom tovim at shul are memories that are indelibly etched in our minds.You did Shalom Torah Academy and Twin Rivers proud and continue to do so today. You both are shining examples of strength, determination, kindness, and character. May you continue to bring ―nachas‖ to your families, friends, communities, and all who know you. All Our Love, Nora and Arthur Horn
  • 6. Dear Michal and AvnerHow wonderful an occasion to see your girls, Yael and Sharon, as guests ofhonor at a gala dinner! We know how proud you are of them! They reflect the fine upbringing and Jewish values that you instilled in them. May you continue to ―shep nachas‖ from your wonderful children and grandchildren. All Our Love, Nora and Arthur Horn
  • 7. For My Husband Today is a special day for us, being honored by our friends, family, and community. In addition, it is our 39thwedding anniversary. When we were married on this day in 1973, we never dreamed of the path that life would takeus. Surely, we never envisioned being at this wonderful simcha of being guests of honor at Shalom Torah Academy, and all that it represents. I know that we are honored and thankful to have reached this milestone. How fortunate we are to have been able to raise our children in the warm community of Shalom Torah Academy and Congregation Toras Emes, which allowed them to develop, grow, and mature into fine young adults. It alsooffered us the opportunity to inculcate in them solid Torah values, and we reap the benefits of watching them build their own strong families. In addition, we can be proud of the course that our professional careers have taken. You provided clearly written manuals at MTA -New York City Transit to help people do their jobs as well as maintaining quality control. I taught children skills in reading and writing, as well as skills to get along with others in life. I have enjoyed my years inadministration, arranging programs, encouraging children, and helping the school run smoothly. Because of you and your consistent efforts in getting up while it was still dark and returning home after sunset, I was able to do my job as general studies principal at Shalom. This chapter of retirement marks an unprecedented stage in our lives. We will be able, G-d willing, to have time toexplore and delve into new topics, attend classes, hear lectures, and visit exciting places. We will have time to spend with our precious grandchildren, children, and each other. I appreciate and thank you for all of the years of help, support, and advice that you willingly offered. You are truly the partner in my life and the wind beneath my wings. I look forward to spending our future years enjoying Hashem’s blessings together. All My Love, Bah
  • 8. For Rabbi and Bassie Nadoff How can any Shalom Torah Academy journal be complete without aheartfelt thank you to both of you. The role that you play in the community not only benefits children, adults, and shul members, but also as members of the local community. The effect of your efforts will impact future generations for many years to come. Your friendly manner and smiling faces at the Shalom Heritage Center invite everyone to join you for an inspiring ―Lunch and Learn‖ Shabbos. Attendance at the yearly Lag B’omer picnic that you sponsor is a favorite springtime activity that brings together numerous people from the area. May Hashem continue to bless you and your family as you continue to bring Yiddishkeit to the Jewish people. Love, Nora and Arthur Horn
  • 9. For Rabbi and Elkie Gruman From the day that you both came to Twin Rivers, your impact has been felt deeply in our family and throughout our community in numerous ways. Your weekly words of divrei Torah have consistently been topics ofconversation at our Shabbos table. The concepts and values that you impart have become a foundation that we have implemented to better ourrelationships. You have provided help, advice, care, and counsel in the good times as well as the bad, in times of joy as well is in times of sadness. You both have been role models over these past twenty two years and we, our children and our grandchildren have grown because of you. Thank you for all that you have done for us and for Twin Rivers. May Hashem bless you with continued success and strength as you bring Yiddishkeit to Am Yisrael. Love, Nora and Arthur Horn
  • 10. For DevorahThank you for all of your time and effort in creating this beautiful dinner. Your ability to arrange details coupled with your efficient manner made you the perfect organizer for this lovely affair. Weknow that is not easy to satisfy everyone’s desires and yet you did. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Love, Nora and Arthur
  • 11. For the Berkos Mazel tov on this special honor!Your work and effort on behalf of our sister school in Morganville is greatly appreciated.May you continue to go from strength to strength. All the best, Nora and Arthur Horn
  • 12. To My Wonderful Colleagues, The Teachers at Shalom in Twin Rivers Each day that I have entered the doors at school, I smile as I greet you because you are all such dedicated teachers and fine people. You give of yourselves – time, concern, and love. As teachers, we are rewarded byseeing the light of understanding emerge as a child says, ―Oh, now I get it.‖ As a colleague, I am rewarded by watching you guide the next generation. You are professionals in the true sense of the word, and I am honored because I have been fortunate enough to have worked with you. Thank you. Love, Nora Horn
  • 13. For our children Jesse and Tara, Judy and Barry Rachel and Jason, Aaron and Daniella How fortunate we are to be parents of such fine children. You bring pride to theJewish people as well as to people everywhere. You reflect what every parent desires in his child: love, helpfulness, concern, flexibility, honesty, intelligence.We take pride in knowing that the warm, nurturing environment in which you grew up allowed you to develop and now we reap the fruits of our labors as we see thewonderful results that have blossomed. Your chosen professions help heal the world – from rabbis to teachers, fundraisers to businesspeople, lawyers to headhunters. Hashem has blessed us and we are ever grateful because you are the best! You all bring pride to the Horn name. We love you so much, Mom and Dad
  • 14. For Our Wonderful Grandchildren Ahava, Moshe, Micah, Abba Tzvi, Eliana, Kayla, Yardena, Aderet, Akiva, and Yedidya Hashem blessed us again and again with each time one of you was born.From the first time that we became grandparents and each time thereafter, we loved you from the very start. You are diamonds to us - sparkling, bright, and glistening. We love spending time with you, reading to you, making pancakes for you, and playing with you. We love you so much, Yamah and Zaidy
  • 15. Rabbi and Mrs. RichterMazel tov on this special honor! The time, effort, and care that you put forth on behalf of Shalom Torah Academy is reflected in the childrenwho learn each day. May Hashem continue to bless you as you go from strength to strength. All the best, Nora and Arthur Horn
  • 16. Mazel Tov toall of the HonoreesNora and Arthur Horn
  • 17. Imma & Abba, For all those sleepless nights when we were newborns… For the hours of homework help when we were kids… For your patience through the endless drama when we were teens… For the never-ending food packages and infinite hours of babysitting when we were adults…Most of all, for teaching us to be generous with love, patience,forgiveness and kind-heartedness so that we can relive history and be the parents you were to us (or close to it)……we know that no ―thank you‖ will ever suffice. Any successwe achieve in our lives is because of you, and for that we are forever indebted. We love you from the bottom of our hearts, Yael & Sharon
  • 18. Asaf & Penina Whether through laughter or through tears, together we’ve been through it all. We have thousands of Shabbos meals as our witnesses. Today, our Shabbosmeals together are not much different, only bigger, as we train the next generation of ―Shmuels‖. We love you guys, Yael & Sharon
  • 19. My Dear Sister, SHARON...Mazel tov! I am so fortunate to have a ―younger‖ sister who I look―up― to. Thank you for always being someone who I am constantly learning from. I love you!!! Yael
  • 20. Mazel tov to my daughter and son-in-law, Nora and Arthur HornI have one daughter and shes the best in the world. She married a wonderful boy and theyre both very happy together all of these years. Mazel Tov on this honor. Love, Mommy
  • 21. To Rabbi Friedman, Rabbi Kellner, the Shalom administrators and to all my Shalom teachers, I bet you never imagined the extent to which yourteachings had an impact on me. May I always continue to be a source of nachas and pride to you. Your hard work really paid off. Thank you! Yael
  • 22. Rabbi Freedman While all other 1st graders tried to stay as far away from the principal as possible, we’d say we’re ―sick‖ just so we can spend the day in your office.While all other 8th graders were celebrating the end of school,our class was at your house for a BBQ, only after you took us canoeing.While most elementary school alumni are long forgotten, you continue to come to share in simcha after simcha.Shalom is not a typical school because, Rabbi Freedman, you never allowed it to be. With infinite Hakaras HaTov, Sharon
  • 23. Nora & Arthur Horn, Whether it was as… Our parents’ friends Our friends’ parents Our teacher Our Shabbos lunch guests and hosts Our ride to schoolYou have been a part of lives since our earliest memories.We are thrilled to see you receive this well-deserved honor and to be celebrating with you! Mazel tov to all of the honorees. Love, Yael & Sharon
  • 24. Devorah,Words cannot begin to describe how lucky Shalom is to have you working for them. You took this project upon yourself and did a phenomenal job!Thank you for being so patient and understanding all throughout. With much admiration, Sharon & Yael
  • 25. Yos, You picked up where Shalom left off. Every day that passes, you are mechazek me, you inspire me and you teach me. Your incredible balance of patience, confidence and strength not only earns respect from all of your friends and colleagues, but also immenseadmiration from the kids and me – the greatest judges of all because we see you through every moment. You have no idea how often I look to you to be my guiding light. I am in awe of how you conduct yourselfthrough even the difficult times. And the kids? Well, we both know what they say on Shabbos mornings ;-). Love Always and Forever, Me
  • 26. Yael, Since my very first memory, I stood looking up to you. You were fourand a half years older than me, so naturally, you were taller. And as theyears went by, and I tagged along as much as I could possibly get awaywith (even during the ―rare‖ times I was unwanted), I continued to look up to you.Today, I am about three inches taller than you, but Yael, I cannot shake what was established for me at birth: I still find myself looking up to you, and I’ve learned, that will never change. I love you for everything we have been through together and for everything you have taught me along the way. Elliot, I used to say you were one lucky guy to have Yael. Today, I say she’s lucky to have you too. Love, Sharon
  • 27. A HUGE MAZEL TOV to my dear wife, Sharon! I am SO PROUD to be called your husband. You touch the lives of all that you encounter and everyone from your family to your Shalom Torah family has benefited from your presence in their lives. MAZEL TOV!!! Yosef, Shlomo, Deenie, and Tzali
  • 28. Mazel Tov YaelTo a wonderful woman who continues to make us and all that know her proud.We are so grateful and lucky to be family. Love, Elliot, Racheli and Koby
  • 29. ELLIOT, Thank you for being my Ezer K’negdo and for always knowing what is best for me, before I do.Along with my parents, Shalom Torah Academy planted the seed, And you are the one who helps it grow. May our family only continue to grow And share in many more reasons to celebrate. Love, Your’s truly, Yael
  • 30. Leon GoldenbergYou have supported Shalom Torah Academy for many years but neverwas your support more crucial than when you stepped up as Chairman of the Board.You and the Board kept Shalom alive and for that we are grateful to youand all the generous supporters, many of whom we do not even know.We are so grateful to the many donors who do not have children in our school, who do not live in our community, who have never even seen our school but who share their hard earned money so that Jewish children in our community can have a Jewish education. To you and Mrs. Goldenberg and to all those generous supporters, we thank you. Robin and Mitchell Berko
  • 31. Mazel tov to Mr and Mrs. Horn May your retirement bring you as much joy as the children have brought you these past 12 years.Mazel tov to Alumni Yeal Schwarzenberger and Sharon Golubchik. We are so proud of our graduates! Robin and Mitchell Berko
  • 32. Mom and Dad,You have made us what we are today. You have set wonderful examples for us and our children. We are grateful to you and we love you. Thank you. Robin and Mitchell David, Brian and Gennifer
  • 33. Rabbi Reuven RichterHaving worked with you this past year and knowing you for many more, we have come to appreciate your wisdom, positive outlook, and encouraging manner. Your never ending support of our schools and Shalom Torah Centers is remarkable. You are remarkable. Few know how hard you work and how devoted you are to seeing theschools and the children thrive because your work is behind the scenes. But that we are standing here today is a tribute to you.We are grateful to you for giving us the motivation to persevere in our efforts and we look up to you as an example to follow. Thank you to you and Rochel for the sacrifices you have made on behalf of our children and thank you for your drive and energy. We know that with your guidance, Shalom Torah Academy schools will soar. Robin and Mitchell Berko and family
  • 34. In honor of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Stern Thank you for dedicating the Shalom Torah campus in memory of your parents Eli and Frieda Stern We are grateful to you for your generosity and support.Your support during our great time of need will be felt for generations! Robin and Mitchell David, Brian and Gennifer
  • 35. "For all who are involved faithfully in the needs of the community, may Hakadosh Baruch Hu pay their reward...andsend blessing and success to all their handiwork, along with all Israel, their brethren, and let us say Amen." (Sabbath prayers) There is no one more deserving of this blessing as Mr. and Mrs. Leon Goldenberg, tonights honorees, who work selflessly for so many Jewish causes, and especially for Shalom Torah Centers. Rabbi Mair Wolofsky, Head of School Rabbi Shimon Richter, Assistant to Principal Mrs. Risa F. Gold, Director of School
  • 36. "The Torah is a tree of life for those who grasp it, and its supporters are praiseworthy". (Proverbs 3:18) There are no words that can describe our heartfelt gratitude to Mr. and Mrs. Robin and Mitchell Berko. Their efforts on behalf of Jewish education are truly praiseworthy and set an example for all of our community to emulate. For all of yourtireless work, your dedication, and especially your incredibly generous support of Shalom Torah Academy, Morganville, may Hashem bless you and your family with success in all of your endeavors and bring you all much nachas. Rabbi Mair Wolofsky, Head of School Rabbi Shimon Richter, Assistant to Principal Mrs. Risa F. Gold, Director of School
  • 37. One cannot fathom the great reward that awaits those who work tirelessly to ensure the continuity of Jewish education. It is our blessing to Rabbi and Mrs. Reuven Richterthat Hashem provide them with the strength and good health to continue his "Avodas Hakodesh" on behalf of the entire Shalom Torah Academy, Morganville organization. Rabbi Mair Wolofsky, Head of School Rabbi Shimon Richter, Assistant to Principal Mrs. Risa F. Gold, Director of School
  • 38. To a most special couple Robin and Mitchell BerkoWe are inspired by your vision, devotion, care for others, sense of responsibility, your desire for ..…‫אחדות‬The list keeps on going in the words of David Hamelech ‫לך דומיה תהילה‬Silence is thy praise: with much admiration and respect Reuven and Rochel Richter
  • 39. To our dear parents We are very proud of your wonderful work in advancing Torah andYiddishkeit May Hashem grant you the ability and strength to continue your ‫עבודת הקודש‬ ‫כל מי שעוסקים בצרכי צבור באמונה הקב"ה ישלם שכרם‬ You have built a beautiful ‫בית בישראל‬ May you continue to have much joy and nachas from all of us With love and best wishes Yaakov Yisrael and Esti, Naftali and Fraidy, AryehLeib, Elisheva, Miriam, Moshe, Gitty, Asher, Shimon and Esti
  • 40. Mom and Dad,In our Mussaf prayer service on Shabbat, we single out individuals who search out ways to provide for the general good. We exclaim that Kolmi sh’oskim btzarchey tzibur bemuna HaKadosh Baruch Hu yishalem sicharam, that all those who faithfully serve the needs of the community, The Holy One, Blessed Be He shall pay their reward. Mom and Dad, you have given of yourselves to the Twin Riverscommunity throughout your tenure in countless and manifold ways. As formative pillars, you have strengthened it as you strengthenedyourselves over the past quarter century. Rare is the individual who has passed through the doors of 639 Abbington Drive and not felt your presence, in one way or another. Love, Aaron and Daniella
  • 41. To my wonderful children David, Brian and Gennifer For a "stay-at-home" mom, Im not home all that much. I often feel likeIm way out of touch. But If Daddy and I can help make Shalom soar our efforts and hard work will be that much more rewarding and worthwhile and someday you will say were so proud of our parents and the foundation they lay for the next generation of Jews who pass this way through the warm embrace of Shalom Torah Academy. I love you, Mom And to my wonderful husband Mitchell whose generosity knows no bounds. I love you. Robin
  • 42. ~MASTER BUILDER~ In honor of Leon and Agi Goldenberg Your devotion to and effort on behalf of Shalom Torah Centers and all other needs and wants of Klal Yisroel can be neither adequately measured or described.May you be blessed with the strength to carry on your vital work for many, many years - healthy and happy and nachas from all your children and grandchildren, and, Bezras Hashem the great-grandchildren! Etty and Mordche Goldenberg
  • 43. ~MASTER BUILDER~ In Honor of Mitchell and Robin Berko Better known in our circle as “The Couple that Saved Shalom Torah Centers.” Your dedication and devotion to this institution is truly remarkable. May Hashem grant you all the strength andgood health that you need in order to continue your work for the Community. The Board of STC, Avrohom Fruchthandler Advisor to the Board Avrumi Rieder, Zeev Rothschild Leon Goldenberg, Moshe Taub Shimon Lefkowitz, Yussie Rieder
  • 44. ~MA S T E R B U ILD E R ~ In Honor of My Dear Wife Agi Your years of dedication and selfless devotion to this institution, is truly remarkable. Oh wait, that was my last ad that I wrote for someone else. Scratch that. Agi, you know more than anyone else that I am tired of all this business and just wish I could goback to real estate full time. But then whenever it is that I consider that as an option you are there toencourage me to keep on going. You constantly support whatever I accomplish, both big and small.You now this already but it is worth repeating - zechusi zechusach. Whatever little I accomplish, it is all yours as well. If I did not have you at my side then I would not accomplish anything. I wake up every day and thank Hash-m for many things. Most importantly, for giving me the strength to endure many hardships and undertakings, it is all from Him, undoubtedly. But a very close ―second place‖ is yourself. I thank Hash-m for giving me such an amazing eishes chayil. Awife, (who although many, many years older than me) still keeps me young somehow. A wife that is not only my support & my rock, but also my partner in all that I do.Agi, it is my sincerest wish that we are bentched by Hash-m as we have been until now, to be zochehto continue on and be zocheh to achieve and accomplish big things and little things, and may we see nachas from all our children and grandchildren until the coming of Moshiach, b’korov. Lovingly, Leon
  • 45. ~MASTER BUILDER~ In Honor of My Dear & Close Friends Mitchell & Robin BerkoYour years of dedication and selfless devotion to this institution, is truly remarkable. Thereare people who contribute treasure, there are people who contribute blood and sweat, and there are people who contribute their souls. Mitchell & Robin, I know - more importantly, all of the extended Shalom Family knows,that you have given all of the above. You have lead by example, in how involvement in an Organization should be done. You talk the talk and walk the walk.Although we go back a long way (more years than you will EVER get me to acknowledge on paper), I have come to realize that I have gained a different level of appreciation, or better put- admiration for the people that you are. I consider myself fortunate to call you my friends and I can attest that all of Shalom is fortunate to have you as their Leaders & as their Friends. May Hakodosh Boruch Hu bentch you and your extended family with all that is Good, to continue your exemplarywork for Shalom and may you continue to enjoy nachas from your children and family ad meah v’esrim shonoh. Fondly, Leon & Agi Goldenberg
  • 46. ~MASTER BUILDER~ Mazel tov to Leon Goldenberg. A special human being who is one of the great leaders of our generation, and a shining star ofBnei Yisroel. May you always have the strength to carry on all the great work that you do. Beth and Yehuda Honig
  • 47. ~MASTER BUILDER~ In honor of a most deserving couple Leon and Agi Goldenberg May you continue on this wonderful path.Morris and Lillian Lieberman
  • 49. ~AMUDIM SOCIETY~ "‫חיים, בנות, ומזונות אינם תלויים רק בזכות, אלא גם במזל. "מועד קטן כח‬ Life, children, and sustenance are not entitlements; rather they are a result of hard work and good fortune. IN HONOR OF YAEL AND SHARON: We have been truly blessed with you, our precious daughters. From whatever well you partake , you are always aware that you must replenish so that othersmay partake as well. Shalom Torah Academy has been YOUR well of Torah andYiddishkeit, helping shape your past, present, and future. We are so proud thatyou both realize that the well of Shalom Torah Academy must now be nurtured and sustained by you in order to ensure the destiny of future generations of Jewish children.May you always enrich your own lives by thinking of how others can be helpedto reap all of Hashem’s blessings. Mazel Tov! May you always go from strength to strength! We love you very much! ‫אבא ואמא‬ Avner and Michal Shmuel
  • 50. ~AMUDIM SOCIETY~ Nora & Arthur For so many years, we have stood side by side through life’smilestones. We raised our kids together, we married them off together, and together we are watching them raise their own children. Howfitting is it, all of these years later, that we are still standing next to each other to celebrate these awards together. Your dedication and commitment to Shalom and our community has been truly inspirational. With love, Michal & Avner
  • 51. ~MASTER BUILDER~ In honor of my wonderful husband LEONYou have evolved from just a regular guy to a giantof a personality. With all of your chessed, Shalom Torah Centers is definitely your essence.No one but our family knows to what extent your devotion is to this wonderful institution. May you be able to continue all of your MaasimTovim with Health and Nachas from us and from the Shalom Torah Centers family. Agi
  • 52. ~MASTER BUILDER~ In honor of Leon GoldenbergWho so generously gives of himself to Shalom and so many other Torah causes.May ‫ הקב"ה‬reward you with continued success and Nachas from your family. Avrumie Rieder
  • 53. ~BUILDER~In honor of Leon and Agi GoldenbergYour devotion and commitment to the community and Mosdos Hatorah are truly an inspiration and source of pride for us all.Your efforts on behalf of Shalom Torah Centers willbe beautiful fruits that Klal Yisroel will be proud of. May your and your Aishes Chayil enjoy Syata Dishmaya in your Avodas Hakodesh, as well as Nachas from your entire family. Mordechai and Mirrel Eissenberg
  • 54. ~BUILDER~In honor of Leon and Agi Goldenberg An honor well deserved Mr. and Mrs. Henry Swieca
  • 55. ~BUILDER~ To our Dear Friends Leon and Agi, An Honor Well DeservedGabriel and Marian Braun Dan and Taryn Braun
  • 56. ~BUILDER~ In honor of Rabbi Yisroel &Rebbetzen Judy Kellnerwhose vision, devotion and self sacrifice have made Shalom what it is. Alex and Shana Kramer
  • 57. ~BUILDER~ In Honor of Rabbi Yisroel Kellner Rabbi Reuven Richter Leon GoldenbergWithout Whom there would be no Shalom Torah Centers Menashe Frankel Chesky Frankel
  • 58. ~BUILDER~
  • 59. ~PATRON~ Congratulations to our friends, Leon and Agi Goldenberg who exemplify the Mishna:‫על שלשה דברים העולם עומד על התורה על העבודה ועל‬ ‫גמילות חסדים‬ This is an honor well deserved. May you continue to be an asset to ‫כלל ישראל‬ Shimon and Sari Klein Jacob and Esther Suslovich
  • 60. ~PATRON~ In Honor ofLeon & Agi GoldenbergTruly an AMAZING Couple!
  • 61. ~BENEFACTOR~ In honor ofLeon and Agi Goldenbergfor their tireless efforts on behalf of Shalom Torah Centers and other Jewish causes.Izzy and Miriam Kirzner
  • 62. ~BENEFACTOR~ In honor of Leon and Agi Goldenberg, a very special couple who help so many quietly, graciously and generously.Your devotion to the Klal is an inspiration to us all.May Hashem give you the strength to carry on your wonderful work in Torah and Chesed and have much nachas from your children. Menachem and Estee Lipman
  • 63. ~BENEFACTOR~
  • 64. ~BENEFACTOR~ To Arthur and Nora, Congratulations on this recognition forall your good works on behalf of our community.Sidney (Asher) and Marilyn Kessous
  • 65. ~BENEFACTOR~ Mazal Tov to our wonderful daughter in-law, Yael and to Sharon on this tribute.Having come to know and love Yael and Sharonwe have no doubt as to how wonderful this school must be to have contributed to their amazing personalities. Gail and Sidney Schwarzenberger
  • 66. ~BENEFACTOR~ In Honor of Leon Goldenberg for his "24/7" total dedication to Shalom Torah Centers. Hundreds of children are being saved dueto his untiring efforts. May he and his Aishes Chayil be blessed with good health and may they have much Nachas from their children. With much admiration, Shimon and Chani Lefkowitz
  • 67. ~BENEFACTOR~ In honor of Leon and AgiMay you have the Koach to continue doing all that you do forShalom Torah Centers and all the other Mosdos and Chesed projects that you are involved with till 120! (Leon, according to your math, that’s another 75 years!)You should continue to see much nachas from all of your children and grandchildren. Michael Charnowitz
  • 68. ~BENEFACTOR~ In honor of Leon and Agi GoldenbergMr. and Mrs. Allen Isaac Gross
  • 69. ~BENEFACTOR~ Congratulations to Leon and Agi GoldenbergIn recognition of their outstanding dedication,support and service on behalf of Torah and the CommunityJonathan and Zipporah Weinberger Steven and Batsheva Neuman Israel and Miriam Weinberger
  • 70. ~BENEFACTOR~Robin and MitchellCongratulations on this award! Thomas C. Rapp
  • 71. ~BENEFACTOR~ Congratulations Mommy and Tatty on this most deserving honor for all your help and effort onbehalf of: Haazinu, Tomchei Shabbos, or is it Goldmont Realty? Oh wait we remember this honor is for your full time job at Shalom Torah Centers!!!!! Most of us have grown up and left the nest, so you went out and found other children to help. It is obvious to us all how much you care. Yasher Koach!!!! We are proud to be your children. Estie and Menachem, Efraim, Rivka, Chava, and Shmuel Shiffie and Yoni, Devorah, Chanie, Sammy, and Rikki Shoshana and Abi, Yehudis, Devorah, and Yosef Leilie and Tzvi, Eli, Gitty, and Efraim and Yitzy
  • 72. ~BENEFACTOR~ In honor of Reuven Richter your boundless devotion to Torah and chesedare aninspiration to all who know you Thank you for your efforts in keeping Shalom Torah Centers alive We consider it a privilege to be partners with you Mariam and Menachem Lieber
  • 73. ~BENEFACTOR~ In honor of Rabbi Reuven RichterI cannot thank you enough for introducing me tomy study partner Rabbi Casriel Blum and for bringing me into the Shalom Torah Family Donald Hecht Hecht and Company
  • 74. ~BENEFACTOR~ In honor of Reuven Richter ‫ הקב""ה‬should continue giving youSiyata Dishmaya in all your endeavors! Yosef Bronner
  • 75. ~BENEFACTOR~Best of Luck to all members, teachers and students Scott Arons
  • 76. ~BENEFACTOR~ In honor of my dear friendRabbi Reuven Richter Stephen Milstein
  • 77. ~BENEFACTOR~ Robin and MitchellIt is a joy to be a part of celebrating yoursteadfast admiration and contribution to Shalom Torah Academy Love, Amy and Ron Iles
  • 78. ~PILLAR~ In honor ofLeon and Agi GoldenbergPillars of Chesed in our community. Barry and Suri Weiss
  • 79. ~PILLAR~ In honor of Mr. and Mrs. Leon Goldenbergwhose deeds of Tzedakah and Chesed are an inspiration to us all.May ‫ ה‬grant them many healthy years ahead to continue their Avodas Hakodesh! Yossi and Idii Lieber
  • 80. ~PILLAR~ In honor of tonights dinner chairman, Steve Neuman for all your tireless efforts on behalf of thismost worthy organization. May you be zocheto continue your wonderful work on behalf of the ‫ כלל‬for many years to come. Menachem and Estee Lipman
  • 81. ~PILLAR~ ‫מזל טוב‬Leon and Agi on receiving such awell deserved honor. Joe Kornfeld
  • 82. ~PILLAR~ ‫יישר כחכם‬to our dear and esteemed machatonim, Leon and Agi. May you always be zoche to use yourconsiderable talents to help Klal Yisroel. Eli and Renee Singer
  • 83. ~PILLAR~Duddys ElectronicsBen Zion Grunfeld 4415 14th AvenueBrooklyn, New York 11219
  • 84. ~PILLAR~It is our pleasure to join all of Leons friends (all 2 of them) in honoring LEON and AGI at the annual dinner this year. May Leon and Agi have only Simchos and Nachas always. David and Esther Shurin
  • 85. ~PILLAR~The apple never falls far from the tree. Congratulations and Best Wishes, Jerry and Honie Berko
  • 86. ~PILLAR~Robin and Mitchell Berko – A most deserving couple Paul Berko
  • 87. ~PILLAR~ Congregation Bnai Yeshurun Teaneck, New Jersey is proud to honorRabbi and Mrs. Reuven Richter for their devoted service to Shalom Torah Centers and Klal Yisrael Rabbi Steven Pruzansky
  • 88. ~PILLAR~ Best wishes to the Reider Family!Metroplex Management LLC 705 Royal Oaks Court Monmouth Junction, NJ 08852 (732)821-1500 ext. 118
  • 89. ~PILLAR~ Mazal Tov to the Honorees Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell and Robin BerkoRabbi and Mrs. Reuven and Rochel Richter Thank you for your vision and dedication. Lisa and Richard Kleinmann
  • 90. ~PILLAR~ MAZAL TOV TO ALL THE HONOREES!May you continue to go from strength to strength!Thank you for bringing Chizuk to all Am Yisroel. Yisroel and Devorah Blumberg
  • 91. ~PILLAR~ Dear Mom and Dad,Congratulations on this honor by an institution so esteemed and integralto our family, Shalom Torah Academy. When we were children, ShalomTorah Academy educated and guided our family, either in the classroom, on Shalom Shabbatons in Lakewood, or in housing our wonderful shul. As weve grown, weve come to appreciate Shalom for its uniquecontribution to the families in Twin Rivers and the Jewish people. No one cares more about Shalom and its students than you, Mom. We see how you give of yourself and take pride in your students andtheir progress. As you retire, we wish you continued nachas from all your students, children and grandchildren. With Love, Judy and Barry, Ahava, Abba Tzvi, Yardena and Yedidya
  • 92. ~PILLAR~
  • 93. ~PILLAR~
  • 94. ~PILLAR~ In Honor ofRabbi and Mrs. Reuven Richter for all of their work for the children of Klal Yisroel.May Hash-m continue to bless your efforts. Warmly, Shunamit Camille and Ira J. Perlmuter
  • 95. ~PILLAR~ In honor of our friends Robin and Mitchell BerkoThank you for all your HARD WORK! We join you in supporting Shalom Torah Academy. May they have continued success and flourish in all they do. Mazal Tov to Rabbi and Mrs. Reuven Richter. Thank you for your dedication and devotion in helping our children grow in their Jewish identities. We extend a hearty Mazal Tov to Mr. and Mrs. Leon Goldenberg, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Horn, Sharon Golubchik, Yael SchwarzenbergerMay Hashem bless you with the strength and ability to continue your wonderful work. Eve and Neil Seidman
  • 96. ~PILLAR~ Congratulations toMr. and Mrs. Leon Goldenberg
  • 97. ~PILLAR~ In Honor ofLeon and Agi Goldenberg Sam SchlagbaumThree Star Photography 1609 Avenue M Brooklyn, New York 11230
  • 98. ~PILLAR~ Leon – You are an inspiration to all of us!May you and Agi have much well-deserved nachas from the children of Shalom Torah Centers and your own wonderful children Lippy and Mati Fischman
  • 99. ~PILLAR~With much appreciation to the Board of the Directors Avraham Fruchthandler, Zeev Rothschild, Leon Goldenberg, Avrumi Rieder, Moshe Taub for their tireless efforts on behalf of Shalom Torah Centers.It is only due to their financial and physical help that S.T.C is here today. With much appreciation, Shimon and Chani Lefkowitz
  • 100. ~PILLAR~ In honor of our dear friends Leon and Agi GoldenbergMuch continued Nachas from your family and from your many worthy causes. Mr. and Mrs. Yossi Segel
  • 101. ~PILLAR~ In Honor of Leon Goldenberg John ButtNew England Construction 630 92nd StreetBrooklyn, New York 11228
  • 102. ~PILLAR~ In Honor of Leon and Agi Goldenberg An Honor Well Deserved!May Hashem grant you all that you need to continue your wonderful work for the Klal. Your Friends at AIBB Robi Hofstatter, Motti Smilow, Louis Krawiecz Yidi Derdik, Abe Dear, Saadia Krigsman, Shragie Sontag, Aron Gamss, Yossi Lesser, Moshe Broker, Shmuli Kleiner, Moshe Helfgott, Menachem Lubet, Avromi Schoenfeld, Avraham Wagschal, Buzzy Katz, Chaim Weiser, Shimon Shain, Berach Steinfeld, Avrumi Lieberman
  • 103. ~PILLAR~In Honor of Leon and Agi Goldenberg An Honor Well Deserved! May Hashem grant you all that you need to continue your wonderful work for the Klal Your Friends at AIBB Aryeh Weiss, Izzy Mandelbaum, Yankie Ehrenfeld, Yakov Lachman, Chesky Frankel, Yakov Emert, Chaim Fuchs, Zev Pollack, Bruce Listhaus, Zvi Gelb, Mordechai Schonfeld, Henri Beer, Zev Lamm
  • 104. ~PILLAR~ To Leon and AgiMay you continue to go M’Chayil L’Chayil Your Summer Neighbors and All Year Friends from Woodlake, Mr. and Mrs. Ephraim Berger Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Fine Rabbi and Mrs. Aharon Gulkowitz Mr. and Mrs. Steven Horowitz Mr. and Mrs. Chaim Joffe Mr. and Mrs Herschel Kulefsky Mr. and Mrs. Shlome Hass Mr. and Mrs. Moshe Wieder Mr. and Mrs. Heshie Oberlander Dr. and Mrs. Paul Rosenstock Mr. and Mrs Stan Hillelson
  • 105. ~PILLAR~ In honor of Leon and Agi Goldenberg Your dedication to Shalom Torah Centers andto so many important causes is an example forus all to follow. In the zechus of all that you do, my Hashem bentch you with all the Nachas and success you so richly deserve. Reuven and Nissi Wolf
  • 106. ~PILLAR~ In Honor of Nora:Thank you for being a guiding light to us all. Your true dedication and selfless love for the Shalom community will always be cherished. If leading by example is the best way to educate others, then your education is superior bar none. May we continue to learn from your teachings both in and out of the classroom for many years to come.In Honor of MyFellow Alumni, Yael and Sharon:For exceeding the highest standards afforded to Shalom graduates by constantly raising the bar through your sincere acts of kindness and generosity. You represent what Shalom is all about-Yiddishkeit that is pure, genuine, giving, and growth oriented. By using it to inspire the world around you, you inspire myself and other Alumni to try to live up to the Shalom hallmark of not just making a difference, but making a lasting difference. Thank you for blazing the trail for us to follow.In Honor of Leon and Agi:There arent enough words in the world that would be able to properly convey my heartfelt emotions and feelings to you in this ad. One day Iwill hopefully let you know how I truly feel. Until then, I will just say the following: thank you for everything from the depths of my heart. ""Ohev Shalom VRodef Shalom""-I am convinced that when this dictum was said by Hillel, he knew that one day there will be aLeon and Agi to literally fulfill its true meaning...enough said. We should all take a lesson from your play book, and hope to one day come close to following in your footsteps. With Utmost Admiration, Eytan Kamkar and Family
  • 107. ~PILLAR~ In honor ofLeon Goldenberg Chesky Paneth
  • 108. ~PILLAR~ In honor ofLeon Goldenberg ‫מזל טוב‬M. Kutoff & Family
  • 109. ~PILLAR~ Leon and Agi Mazel Tov on An Honor Well DeservedMr. and Mrs. Robert Marx
  • 110. ~PILLAR~ In Honor of Our Dear Friends Leon and Agi May Hashem grant you both muchStrength, Good Health, and Much Hatzlacha In all your endeavors. And with Much Continued Nachas from Your Beautiful Family Zindel and Tsivia Zelmanovitch
  • 111. ~PILLAR~ It’s a Z’chus to be Friends ofAgi and Leon Goldenberg And to be affiliated with SHALOM TORAH CENTERS Gittie and Gary Klein
  • 112. ~PILLAR~ In honor of our esteemed member, One of the founding fathers of our shul R’ Leon Goldenberg ‫נ"י‬Your outstanding devotion to Shalom Torah Centers is an example and inspiration toall who know you. May Hashem grant you long years, much strength and unlimitedhatzlocha to enable you to continue your endless deeds of kindness and chesed ‫עמו"ש‬ From your fellow mispallelim of ‫קהל זכרון אברהם יעקב‬ Under the guidance of ‫הרב אליעזר דוד ראפאפארט שליט"א‬ Mr. and Mrs. Motty Karas, Mr. and Mrs. Heshy Oberlander, Mr. and Mrs. Motty Gluck, Mr. and Mrs. Tzvi Orshitzer, Mr. and Mrs. Yitzchok Goldstein, Mr. and Mrs. Shaya Labowitz Mr. and Mrs. Benyamin Ackerman, Mr. and Mrs. Tuli Leshkowitz, Mr. and Mrs. Avi Fishoff, Mr. and Mrs. Shragie Goldschmidt, Mr. and Mrs. Shmilu Weiss, Mr. and Mrs. Abi Matyas Mr. and Mrs. Nechemai Weiss, Mr. and Mrs. Chaim Rieder, Mr. and Mrs. Yitzchok Kohen, Mr. Alty Freilich, Mr. and Mrs. Yaakov Williger, Mr. and Mrs. Yisroel Y. Leshkowitz Mr. and Mrs. Shmuly Sherman, Mr. and Mrs. Elly Berman, Mr. and Mrs. Eli Gertsner Mr. and Mrs. Moshe Haas, Mr. and Mrs. Dovid Oberlander, Mr. and Mrs. Yanky Basch Mr. and Mrs. Heshy Schlosser, Mr. and Mrs. Yitzchok Blumenfrucht, Mr. and Mrs. Mordche Rosenberg, Mr. and Mrs. Leiby Mandel
  • 113. ~PILLAR~ In honor of Reuven and Rochel RichterThank you for all you do for Shalom Torah Centers and the Jewish community.Marcia and David Kreinberg
  • 114. ~PILLAR~ In honor of our dear niece and nephew Rochel and Reuven RichterMay Hashem continue bentch you with the strength to always do good thingsAunt Helen and Uncle Danny
  • 115. ~PILLAR~ In honor of my good friend Reuven Richteryasher koach for all your hard work and In honor Leon Goldenberg a true askin Meir Gelley
  • 116. ~PILLAR~ In honor of Rabbi Reuven Richter May you continue your work for the Klal ‫מתוך בריות גופא ונהורא מעליא‬and may your see lots of Nachas from your familyand all your endeavors. Reuven and Nissi Wolf
  • 117. ~PILLAR~ In honor of Reuven RichterThank you for doing the work we all know is a priority in ‫כלל ישראל‬The Feigenbaum Family"
  • 118. ~PILLAR~ Best wishes to Shalom Torah Centersand Rabbi Reuven Richter Zevulan Ort and family
  • 119. ~PILLAR~ Best wishes toShalom Torah Centers. Al SgourakisWhite Tower Painting 6 Georgian CourtEast Hanover, New Jersey 07936 973-325-5174
  • 120. ~GUARDIAN~In honor of Leon Goldenberg for all his good deeds, Sander Srulowitz, Esq.Sonnenschein Sherman and Deutsch 7 Penn Plaza Suite 900 New York, New York 10001 212-245-6754 ext. 218
  • 121. ~GUARDIAN~ In honor of our esteemed boss, Leon ‫עמו"ש‬ And his Aishes Chayil Agi ‫שתחי‬ We witness daily the time, effort and ENERGY (boy, oh boy, what energy!) that you put into Shalom Torah Centers.We are proud to be a part of Goldmont Realty (um, you know, that realestate corporation that you get involved with every so often…) and towork for a man who truly fights for Klal Yisroel every waking moment.May Hashem grant you both all the strength you need to continue your work of STC and for all of your causes – too numerous to mention. Your staff at “STC-Brooklyn” aka Goldmont Realty, Moishe and Ruchy Basch Shaya and Hindy Samet Diana and Eugene Belorusets Danny and Shani Segel Saul and Susie Horowitz Yossi Sperber Shirley Lichtenstein Elana Tenenbaum Abby and Shmuel Linsky
  • 122. ~GUARDIAN~ Congratulations to Rabbi and Mrs. Richter and Mr. and Mrs. Berkoyour dedication to the community is an inspiration to us all The Newmans
  • 123. ~SILVER~ In honor of Leon and AgiWe are proud to support an organization that is important to the pillars of our Flatbushcommunity. We are proud to be your friends. Sol and Sharon Herskowitz Chesky and Sheindy Paneth Pinchus and Phyllis Zagelbaum
  • 124. ~SILVER~ Mazel Tov to Leon and Agi on this well deserved honor. Your selfless dedication on behalf of Torah causes is truly inspirational.May you be ‫ זוכה‬to continue your good work. Shia and Esther Solomon
  • 125. ~SILVER~ In honor of Leon and Agi Goldenberg‫הנה מה טוב ומה נעים שבת אחים גם יחד‬It is an honor and privilege to have Leon and Agi for a brother and sister-in-law. Sruly and Malky Goldenberg
  • 126. ~SILVER~ Yasher Koach toMr. and Mrs. Leon Goldenberg David Salamon P.E. Salamon Engineering
  • 127. ~SILVER~ In honor of our dear friend, Leon, and his ,‫ אשת חיל‬AgiMay you go from ‫ חיל אל חיל‬and continue your support of ‫ תורה‬and ‫ חנוך‬for ‫.כלל ישראל‬ With great admiration, Abe and Dina Weiss David and Elky Faivish Jerry and Rivkie Katz
  • 128. ~SILVER~In honor of our dear friends, Leon and Agi Leiby and Libe
  • 129. ~SILVER~ Leon and AgiIn honor of a very special couple who just dontknow how to say ―no‖ when it involves helping another Yid. Wishing you much success in all your endeavors. Moishe & Rivki Caller
  • 130. ~SILVER~ In honor of Rabbi and Mrs. Richter on this well deserved honor. Your years ofdedication to Shalom Torah Centers has been invaluable to the Jewish community. Wishing you years of continued health and continued success.Rose Gerzberg & Dr. Norman Kahan
  • 131. ~SILVER~ In tribute toRabbi and Mrs. Reuven and Rochel Richter Chai Awardees and the Shalom Torah Academy Family.Your prodigious efforts, devotion and abilities enable the awesome accomplishments of Shalom, and thedevelopment of the students into proud Torah Jews. May Hashem grant you ever greater success,Yanky and Adina Deutch and Family
  • 132. ~SILVER~ In honor of Leon and Agi Goldenberg Eitz Chaim AwardeesAs Prime Movers behind Shalom Academyand with your many communal endeavors, you set an envible example as a Parness Le’Tzibbur in gracious style.May Hasham grant you continuing health, Hatzlacha and Yiddishe Nachas Yanky and Adina Deutch
  • 133. ~SILVER~ Mazel Tov toReuven and Rochel Richter Blimi and Benjy Berger
  • 134. ~SILVER~ Congratulations to the Berko family. Your hard work, devotion and dedication toShalaom Torah Academy has and will continue to enrich many lives. The Weisberg Family
  • 135. ~SILVER~To Rabbi Richter,for a well deserved honor From a loyal friend, Yaakov Rubin
  • 136. ~SILVER~ To Rabbi Richter, Leon,and all the good people of Shalom. Rochie and Eli Jeidel
  • 137. ~SILVER~Mazel Tov to our friends Robin and Mitchell!
  • 138. ~SILVER~ In honor of Leslie Rieder May your exemplary devotion to support thegrowth of institutions of Torah and Chesed be a tremendous Zchus for you and your children. Rabbi Yisroel & Kendy Anemer Herzka Insurance Agency Inc. 5415 18th Avenue Brooklyn NY 11204
  • 139. ~SILVER~
  • 140. ~SILVER~ Robin and Mitch Your chesed knows no bounds!We love and cherish you very much, Avi, Julie and the west coast gang!
  • 141. ~SILVER~ In honor of Mitchell and Robin Berkowhose dedication to the spread of Torah is legendary and whose devotion to thecontinuation and growth of Shalom Torah Academy is unparalleled. Rabbi David Shenker
  • 142. ~SILVER~ MAZAL TOV TO ALLOF THE DESERVING HONOREES.May Hashem shower Bracha on all of you. ANONYMOUS
  • 143. ~SILVER~Congratulations and Mazel Tov to Alumni of the Year Yael and Sharon. A well deserved honor. Nafi S.
  • 144. ~SILVER~ To Leon Goldenberg Words alone cannot express the deep debt ofgratitude that we and all of Haazinu’s children owe you. Your constant dedication on behalf of ‫ כלל ישראל‬in general, and on behalf of Haazinu inparticular, combined with your unbelievable ‫אהבת‬ ‫חסד‬are constant shining examples for all of us. Moshe Yaroslawitz Executive Director And the 400 Haazinu children worldwide.
  • 145. ~SILVER~ Important Public Announcement We are all heartbroken to read the ads every week of awidow and orphans who do not have enough money to put food on the table. No person (man or woman) should be without adequate life insurance (at the minimum, one should have ―term‖ insurance which can be acquired at very low rates.)I am not a broker and do not benefit from this in any way.However, too many people do not have insurance, thereby turning a terrible situation into a catastrophic one.Please contact an honest, qualified insurance broker, or, for further information, please contact me. Albert Kahn at 718-998-1172
  • 146. ~SILVER~ In Honor of Leon GoldenbergMr. and Mrs. Binyomin Fishoff
  • 147. ~SILVER~ In Honor of Leon and Agi GoldenbergAn Honor Well Deserved. May Hashem grant you all that you need to continue your wonderful work for the KlalYour Friends at AIBB Daf Yomi Shiur Rabbi Eliyahu Schneider, Shmuel Kahan Moshe Schwartz, Shlomo GonterAlan Blumenfeld, Feivy Balsam, Mark Klein Sol Hershkowitz, Eliezer Fixler
  • 148. ~SILVER~ In honor of our dear friendsLEON AND AGI GOLDENBERG Eitz Chaim Award for their dedication to Shalom Torah Centers May you be ‫ זוכה‬to continue your ‫עבודת‬‫הקודש‬on behalf of the myriad ‫מוסדות תורה וחסד‬ you are involved with. Elly and Brochie Kleinman
  • 149. ~SILVER~ Mazal Tov to All HonoreesBruce Goldman
  • 150. ~SILVER~ In Tribute toLEON & AGI GOLDENBERG Your Mesiras Nefesh for Yiddishe Kinderlach is legendary.May ‫ הקב""ה‬bless you with much Nachas from your own children (Keep checking those Mezuzos) Yisroel and Judy Kellner
  • 151. ~SILVER~ In honor of Mitchell and Robin Berko ‫כי לא תשכח מפי זרעו‬You were the divine agents to do the will ofHashem to preserve Torah for the boys and girls of Shalom Torah Academy. May theAlmighty bless you with much Nachas from your own wonderful children. Yisroel and Judy Kellner
  • 152. ~SILVER~ In honor of the Rieder Family You have stuck with us thru thick and thin.With the help of ‫ הקב"ה‬you will continue toshep Nachas from the remarkable generosity and guidance of your revered father‫ ר שלמה ריעדער ז"ל‬and continued by you - his sons ‫שתחיו ואורך ימים ושנים טובים‬Rabbi and Mrs. Yisroel Kellner
  • 153. ‫~‪~SILVER‬‬ ‫לכבוד מרנן ורבנןועד ראשי ישיבה של מוסדותינו‬ ‫הגאון הרב שמואל קמנצקי שליט"א‬ ‫הגאון הרב דוד שוסטל שליט""א‬ ‫אשר מפיהם אנו חיים ומימיהם אנו שותיםיהי רצון‬‫שיתברכו בכל מילי דמיטב ויזכו לקבל פני מלך במשיח‬ ‫בקרוביוקוים במהרה‬ ‫"וכל בניך למודי ה ורב שלום בניך"‬ ‫מוסדות שלום לחינוך ילדים‬
  • 154. ~SILVER~ In Honor of Leon Goldenberg A Good Friend to All. You Never Say No to Those Who Need You.May Hashem give you all you need in order to continue all of your Maasim Tovim. Abie Moskowitz
  • 155. ~SILVER~ Mazal Tov to Mrs. Horn and Thank You to Rabbi Freedman We admire you each as a person and as aPrincipal. Thank you for all you have done for our children. You are one of a kind. Shlomo and Reva Freud
  • 156. ~SILVER~ Best wishes FromEugene Dascal
  • 157. ~SILVER~ In Honor ofLeon and Agi GoldenbergMay you continue to do great things Yush and Tova Gamss
  • 158. ~SILVER~ Mazel Tov toReuven and Rochel Richter for this most deserved honor.Marcia and Lee Weinblatt
  • 159. ~SILVER~ In honor of Rabbi Reuven RichterYasher Koach an all your work on behalf of Shalom Torah Centers Reuven and Rochel Escott and Family
  • 160. ~SILVER~In honor of my good friend Leon Goldenberg Zevi Schick
  • 161. ~SILVER~ In honor of Rabbi Reuven RichterMay you have continued success in your work on behalf of Klal Yisrael Nachum Barishinsky
  • 162. ~SILVER~ In recognition of my good friend.May Hashem bentch you with abundant nachas from your children. Steve Brown
  • 163. ~SILVER~ In honor ofRabbi Reuven Richter Thank you for all you do for Klal Yisrael and R Casriel Ezra Birnbaum
  • 164. ~PARTNER~ Congrats to our dear friends Agi and LeonMay you be ‫ זוכה‬to many years of health andhappiness and continued nachas from all you children and grandchildren. From your other family at Sue & Sam
  • 165. ~PARTNER~ In honor of my dear friend, Leon Goldenberg‫ ראש וראשון‬for ‫ מצוות, מעשים טובים‬and ‫נעימות‬ – ‫בידידות‬ Rabbi Aaron Kotler
  • 166. ~PARTNER~ In honor of Mr. and Mrs. Leon Goldenberg True guardians of our Etz Chaim.May ‫ הקב"ה‬continue to shower you with health and strength to continue all your work on behalf of the ‫כלל‬ Yossie and Tzipori Friedman
  • 167. ~PARTNER~ To our Friends,Agi and Leon! Congrats!Edie and Isaac
  • 168. ~PARTNER~ In honor ofMr. and Mrs. Leon Goldenberg .‫הצלחה‬Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Paneth
  • 169. ~PARTNER~ To our Bro and Sis,This is an occasion we wouldnt want to miss. Keep up all the ‫מעשים טובים‬ Judie and Michael
  • 170. ~PARTNER~ Congratulation to Mr. and Mrs. Leon Goldenberg Eitz Chaim AwardeeMay you keep up all the good work you do! Brocha VhatzlachaFrom Saul Rosenberg,Yitzchak Rosenberg Jeffrey Rosenberg and Max Samet
  • 171. ~PARTNER~ In honor and recognition of Mr. and Mrs. Leon Goldenberg who are true pillars of many Jewishcommunities throughout the world, and who take the concept of ‫עוסקי בצרכי צבור‬ to another level. May ‫ הקב"ה‬bless you and your family with ‫ ברכה‬and ‫ הצלחה‬in all of your endeavors. David and Dani Weiss
  • 172. ~PARTNER~ In honor of Leon and AgiJacob Herskovits
  • 173. ~PARTNER~ In honor ofLeon and Agi Goldenberg for a well deserved honor.May you continue in your dedicated work for Klal Yisroel.Moshe and Malka Krausz
  • 174. ~PARTNER~ In honor of Leon and AgiOnce again….we feel privileged to be in yourcircle of friends and partake in your beautiful Avoda Hakodesh. Andy and Esther Reisman
  • 175. ~PARTNER~ With great honor and admiration,we extend our heartfelt congratulations to a very special couple Leon and Agi GoldenbergYour involvement in Torah, Tzedakah and Chesed knows no bounds.May ‫ הקב"ה‬grant you health, Nachas and Simchas from your wonderful family. Shimshon and Sara Halperin
  • 176. ~PARTNER~ To our dearest friends Robin and Mitchell Mazel Tov on this well deserved honor.For all the outstanding efforts you do for theJewish community. People like you make the world a better place.Love Terry, Ira, Justin & Andrew
  • 177. ~PARTNER~ To Robin and Mitch, Our angels who believed when no one else did.Thank you for keeping STA alive!Lynn and Mark Goldberg
  • 178. ~PARTNER~ To a dear friendRabbi Reuven Richter No award is enough toexpress the appreciation owed. Moshe Kreisman
  • 179. ~PARTNER~ In honor of theGoldenbergs, Horns, Berkos, Richters, Golubchiks,& Schwarzenbergers and to our friend, Leon: May Hashem continue to give you the brochoof koach so more Jewish children will receive a Jewish education. Rabbi Marty & Yaffa Katz
  • 180. ~PARTNER~ Dear Nora and Arthur, We congratulate you for this prestigious and well deserved honor. Your continuing devotion to the accomplishments of Shalom is atestimony to your great service and a wonderful inspiration to all. May Shalom go from strength to strength and continue to provide exceptional secular and Judaic studies to our students and families . With love, Ahdout family In honor of Leon Goldenberg for his dedication to the growth and success of Shalom Torah Academy. Ahdout Family Dear Yael and Sharon, Mazal Tov on this wonderful recognition of your support and dedication to Shalom Torah Ahdout Family
  • 181. ~PARTNER~Dear Mom/Yamah & Dad/Zaidy,Thank you for teaching us by example how to make an impact in your community and for sharing your wonderful values, talents and skills with us and to all those you teach. Weare so blessed and lucky to have you and are looking forward to spending time together ―post-retirement.‖ We Love You! Rachel, Jason, Micah & Deri
  • 182. ~PARTNER~ Mazal Tov to our dear Daughter in Law Sharon, and to her sister Yael! With Love,Victor, Yelena and Leora Golubchik
  • 183. ~PARTNER~ Congratulations to Noraon your many years of serviceand to Arthur for his support.
  • 184. ~PARTNER~ Congratulations to Sharon and Yaelon the honor of Alumnus of the Year.Barry and Ellen Greenberg
  • 185. ~PARTNER~ I owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to The Horns, Rabbi Freedman, and the entire faculty and staff of Shalom Torah.They have not only opened their school to me, but their homes and hearts as well. Congratulations to my aunt and uncle, Nora andArthur Horn. They are among the most giving andselfless people I know. There is no one to whom a community service award would be more appropriate.To my friend and classmate Sharon, and her sister Yael, congratulations on a well-deserved award.Sincerely, Efi and Vicky Kreitner
  • 186. ~PARTNER~ Dear Nora and Arthur,You fully deserve the Kavod on being honoredthis evening. Our sincerest congratulations to both of you. David and Bunnie Saxe
  • 187. ~PARTNER~
  • 188. ~PARTNER~ MAZAL TOV and YASHER KOACH to the BERKO family and the RICHTER family as well as all of tonights honorees.We are truly inspired - and extremely grateful - for your tireless dedication to the future of Shalom Torah Academy! Your efforts will surely be evident for many years to come. Mairov and Josh Shron Simcha, Ellie, Sela and AJ
  • 189. ~PARTNER~
  • 190. ~PARTNER~Mazal Tov to our dear friend and neighbor Yael Schwarzenbergeron this well-deserved honor. We are sograteful to have such an amazing friend! 69th Road is really going to miss you! Fondly, Baila and Mikey Biderman, Ruchie and Reuven Grossman, Ariella and Dovi Horowitz and Stephanie and Mark Kirschner
  • 191. ~PARTNER~ In honor of Nora Horn – You have held up the torch for so many years its hard to imagine your stepping down. When we think of you we will always remember- "Efficiency with a smile― You always know what to do and how.Leon & Agi Goldenberg -Down in the bottom of the ninth you hit a grand slam! Words can not thank you enough for how much you have done to help our home, children and lives!Sharon & Yael "Shmuel" and Families -we at shalom hold you up with pride! you are a great source of "chizuk" for all of us.Rabbi & Mrs Richter- yasher koach for all you have done for shalom for many years. Mr & Mrs Berko- thank you for all you do for our sister school! From Menachem & Rutie ChinnP.S. we are so sorry we can not be here to meet and celebrate with all of you. our sister is getting married tonight and we had to make the tough choice. our hearts are here with the Shalomfamily. May we all be zoche to share in many simchos together and may we join in Eretz Yisroel with moshiach now.
  • 192. ~PARTNER~ The unique blend of qualities combining professionalism, warmth and a deep concern for each individual is a mix rarely found in a single person. During her 12 years here at Shalom, Nora Horn designed a model that should bereplicated in the worldwide sphere of education. She skillfully created a balance that serves students, teachers and parents in the best way possible. She always seeks a goal that is a win-win for all parties involved. Each student’s success is a milestone to her.We at Shalom Torah Academy are fortunate and blessed to have had Mrs. Horn at the helm of our General Studies program for well over a decade. She has led the school to new dimension of education and to heights that had not been achieved earlier.I personally havereaped great benefits having Nora as a co-worker. The past twelve years have been years of growth and a special gift from Hashem. May Hashem bless Arthur and Nora with many years of health, happiness and well deserved Yiddesha Nachas. Yaakov and Yu Yu Freedman
  • 193. ~PARTNER~ In honor of Leon and Agi Goldenberg Etz Chaim Awardeesand Reuven and Rochel Richter for their tremendous devotion to Shalom Torah Centers. Eli and Chanie Goldbaum
  • 194. ~PARTNER~ In Honor of our Mechutanim,Michael and Avner Shmuel
  • 195. 718-438-82091270 47th StBrooklyn NY 11219 ~PARTNER~ Retek Benefits Solutions would like to salute Shmuli Neuman For all his great work on behalf of Shalom Torah centers and for all the charity work he does on behalf of the Klal. Eli Retek 718-438-8209 1270 47th St , Brooklyn NY 11219
  • 196. ~PARTNER~Mazal Tov to Mrs. Horn and to all of the Honorees.Barry and Dorel Rosen
  • 197. ~PARTNER~Mazal Tov to all of theDeserving Honorees.Mark and Judith Shane
  • 198. ~PARTNER~ In honor of Leonwho leaves no stone unturned, for who no challenge is too great and who’s son Abi is a chip off the old block. Raphael Zucker
  • 199. ~PARTNER~ In honor of our dear friends Agi and Leon You are a flowing stream of inspiration and continuously go above and beyond for all.May you continue to be a source of strength to all those around you. And may you have lots of nachas from your beautiful family. Ari and Devorah Meisels
  • 200. ~PARTNER~ In Honor of Shmuly and Batsheva,May you continue to make us proud, and give us much nachas from your beautiful family. Mom and Dad, Yehuda andChani, Gershi and Sara, and kids.
  • 201. ~PARTNER~ Arthur and Nora Horn: You serve as exemplary role models in our community and we deeply cherish the friendship we share.Leon and Agi Goldenberg: We sincerely appreciate your unbounding and heroic efforts on behalf of Shalom. May you see an abundance of "schar lepeulasech" Yael and Sharon: Our hearts swell with pride in your amazing accomplishments and your continued growth in yiddishkeit The Berkos: your commitment to Shalom and exhaustive efforts on its behalf are a true inspiration.The Richters: we are profoundly grateful for all that you do for all of ShalomDevorah Blumberg : We are truly fortunate to have you in our midst. Thank you is not enough for all that you do! Rabbi and Elkie Gruman
  • 202. ~PARTNER~ Congratulations and best wishes to Leon Goldenberg on this well deserved honorMay Hashem grant you continued strength and hatzlachah to continue your noble endeavors with health and happiness. Boro Water Services 1624 Webster Avenue Bronx, New York 10457 718-853-5750 Your Source for Boiler Water Treatment
  • 203. ~PARTNER~ In honor of Mr. and Mrs. Leon GoldenbergThe dedication and commitment that you show to Shalom Torah Centers is truly remarkable. This massive undertaking which you took on your shoulders is certainly worthy of high praise. Undoubtedly, Klal Yisroel would have far fewerproblems is every organization was bentched withan askan such as yourself.May Hashem bentch you to have continued success in this, and all, your endeavors. Fondly, Moshe and Ava Blau
  • 204. ~PARTNER~ In honor of Blima Sara and Shloima Yehuda Leibwho, in their typical fashion, took the bull by the horns and ran with it. Susie and Saul Horowitz
  • 205. ~PARTNER~ In Honor of Rabbi Zeev RothschildBBM Chocolate Distributors Benzion Friedman Berel Fisher Yechiel Goldberger
  • 206. ~PARTNER~ In honor ofLeon GoldenbergYonasan Schenker
  • 207. ~PARTNER~ To Nora and ArthurMany years ago, there was a saying in Twin Rivers among the younger couples. “When we grow up, we want to be like the Horns.“Well we are all a little older and some of us a little wiser, but that saying is still true.Nora-Arthur you inspire all of us, as parents,as in-laws, as neighbors and as Frum Jews. Mazel Tov Janette and Arthur Frisch
  • 208. ~PARTNER~ We wish the Shalom Torah Center, Everyone involved and everyone youencompass, Good health, good luck, Bracha, Hatzlocha, Simchot, Nachat and Shalom Renee and Ezrah Dabah
  • 209. ~PARTNER~ ‫הצלחה וברכה‬S. D. Friedman and Family
  • 210. ~PARTNER~ We saluteLEON and AGI GOLDENBERG ‫נ"י‬ Famous Askanim & Philanthropists Best wishes for ‫אושר כבוד ונחת בידידות‬ Jacob I. & Channie Friedman
  • 211. ~PARTNER~ To YAEL and SHARON Thank you so much for all that you do for Shalom! The homes that you are building in Klal Yisroel should continue to serve as great Kiddushei Hashem and may you and yourwonderful families always continue to be greatsources of Nachas to Hashem, to your parents,to the Shalom family and to all of Klal Yisroel. Rabbi and Mrs. Yisroel and Judy Kellner
  • 212. ~PARTNER~ Mazel Tov to Leon Goldenberg And his Aishes Chayil Agi Goldenberg Your innumerable acts of tzedoka, chesed and selfless devotion to the Klal are luminous examples for all to emulate. May Hashem grant you and your dear andnoble wife strength, good health and continued success in all your endeavors. Mayer and Ruthy Friedman
  • 213. ~PARTNER~ In Tribute To Mr. & Mrs. Leon and Agi Goldenberg Your leadership and commitment to Klal Yisroel has earned you a place amongst the great ―Oskei b’tzarchei tzibur‖ Rabbi & Mrs. Reuven and Rochel Richter Through thick and thin you have persevered to bring us to where we are today Mr. & Mrs. Mitchell and Robin Berko Your dedication to Jewish education is an inspiration to us all Mr. & Mrs. Arthur and Nora Horn Your professionalism and good cheer have raised the level of Shalom immeasurably Sharon (Shmuel) Golubchik, Yael (Shmuel) SchwarzenbergYou are both shining examples of everything Shalom stands for along with your own great qualities Sruly & Bassie Nadoff
  • 214. ~PARTNER~ "‫"ותקם בעוד לילה‬ The Kellners join the entire Shalom Family in saluting Mrs. Devorah Blumberg whose, wisdom, devotion, patience and perseverance have made this dinner a reality.We all owe you a tremendous debt of gratitude.
  • 215. ~PARTNER~ Mazel Tov Mosheon this well-deserved honor. You are a true role model to those that know you From Jeffrey Zwick & Associates, PC
  • 216. ~PARTNER~In appreciation of two dedicated couples for the work they do on behalf of Shalom Mr. and Mrs. Leon and Agi Goldenberg Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell and Robin Berko Both of whom are richly deserving of the awards being presented to themYou should have much hatzlocha in all your endeavors In honor of our dear friends on the various committees Rabbi and Mrs. Zeev Rothschild,and George, Stanley and Leslie Reider and Families whose selfless devotion to the Klal will surely be a zechus for them to have muchYiddishe nachas from their families In recognition of Rabbi and Mrs. Itche Rosenbaum, Mr. and Mrs. Moishe Taub, Rabbi and Rebbitzen Yisroel Kellner Gershon and Mimi Biegeleisen
  • 217. ~PARTNER~ Mazel Tov to all of the Honorees. Your dedication to Shalom Torah Academy and to Yiddishkeit inspires us all. May you and your familes enjoy hatzlacha in all your endeavors, and good health and happiness always. Robin and Mitchell, we are truly privileged to know you both and to call you friends. You ardently keep theheart beat of Shalom Torah alive. Thank you. Rabbi and Mrs. Richter, you endlessly pursue funding to keep Shalom Torah a viable force in the community. Thank you.Mr. and Mrs. Goldenberg, your generosity and dedication toward ShalomTorah Academy enables us to persevere through these most difficult times. Thank you. Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Horn upon Mrs. Horns retirement. Congratulations to Alumni of the Year, Sharon Golubchik and Yael Schwarzenberger. Dale and Jolie Fromm and Family
  • 218. ~PARTNER~ ‫. . כל מי שעוסקים בצרכי צבור באמונה‬ ‫הקב"ה ישלם שכרם‬ In honor and appreciation toRabbi and Mrs. Reuven Richter and toMr. and Mrs. Leon Goldenberg
  • 219. ~PARTNER~ In honor ofRabbi and Mrs. Reuven Richter Keep up your great work Chaim and Leah Sitorsky
  • 220. ~PARTNER~ In honor of our friends Robin and Mitchell Berko worthy honoreesWith tremendous respect to the dedicated individuals who invest so much into Shalom Rabbi and Mrs. Reuven Richter Mr. and Mrs. Leon Goldenberg and the other honorees And in admiration of the founders Rabbi and Mrs. Yisroel KellnerThank you to Rabbi Shimon Richter for introducing us to this wonderful institution! Best of Luck Binyomin and Hindy Newmark
  • 221. ‫~‪~PARTNER‬‬‫עמו"ש ‪To our dear Reuven and Rochy‬‬ ‫‪This is a well deserved honor‬‬‫יהי רצון שתמשיכו בעבודתכם הקדש להחזיק ולהרבות‬ ‫תורה ולימודהמתוך בריאות הנפש והגוף והרחבת‬ ‫הדעתושתזכו לרוות הרבה נחת מכל צאצאיכם‬ ‫שיחיוושתתברכו בעושר וכבוד ובכל מילי דמיטב‬‫ושתצליחו בכל מעשה ידיכםושימלא הקב"ה כל משאלות‬ ‫לבכם לטובה‬ ‫‪Love‬‬ ‫‪Shimon, Henya and family‬‬
  • 222. ~PARTNER~ In honor of Mitch and RobinWhose foresight and benevolence have made it possiblefor the sweet sounds of Hashem’s Torah to continue to resonate in our school. May Hashem bentch you with success in all yourendeavors and grant you the ability to continue being asource of support and inspiration for the Jewish nationand Torah education. May you have much nachas from your dear children and be a receipient of Hashem’s blessings and kindness all of your lives. Shimon and Henya Richter
  • 223. ~PARTNER~ In honor of our dear Reuven and Rochy ‫עמו"ש‬ We are so very proud of you. This is a well deserved honor.May ‫הקב""ה‬bentch you withcontinued ‫ברכה, הצלחה, נחת, פרנסה ברוח, געזונט‬ and ‫כל טוב‬Love, ,‫אבא, אמא, שמעון, העניא, דוד‬ ‫יעקב, לאה‬and families"
  • 224. ~PARTNER~ ‫כל מי שעוסקים בצרכי‬ ‫צבור באמונה הקב"ה ישלם שכרם‬ In honor and appreciation of Rabbi and Mrs. Reuven Richter whose selfless dedication and devotion toShalom Torah Centers is being recognized this evening with the truly deserved Chai AwardMay ‫הקב"ה‬continue to bless them with good health, nachas and prosperity . ‫לאוי"ט‬ Best wishes Alexander Zissel Ellinson
  • 225. ~PARTNER~ In tribute to Leon & Agi GoldenbergA very special couple whose goals and aspirations are howto help assist all members of Klal Yisroel, those who are in need, those who need support in their quest to help the Jewish community. Whether their assistance, time ormoney, they are the first to step up and lead. May they go M’chayil L’chayil COJO of Flatbush Rabbi Yechezkel Pikus – Executive Director Moshe Zakheim – President Zindel Zelmanovitch – Chairman-Board of Directors
  • 226. ~PARTNER~ In honor of Reuven and Rochel Richter His warm work on behalf of the Klal hasshown much Yiddishe nachas for Klal YisraelChanania and Yisroel Pomerantz
  • 227. ~PARTNER~ In honor of our dearest Reuven and Rochel ‫תחיו‬We are in awe of your kindness, generosity and hospitality. We admire your selflessness incaring and sharing. ‫בס"ד‬you should be zoche to go mechayil el chayil. Bmazal tov vhatzlacha. Love, Abba and Mommy Assouline
  • 228. ~PARTNER~ In honor of the Goldenbergs and the RichtersMr. and Mrs. Eli Goldbaum
  • 229. ~PARTNER~For Shmuly NeumanFrom Hershy Freidman and Joeli Waldman
  • 230. ~PARTNER~Mazal Tov to our wonderful sisters Sharon and Yael!Penina and Asaf and kids
  • 231. ~PARTNER~ Congratulations to Leon and Agi Goldenberg On an honor well deserved May Hashem grant you all that you need tocontinue your wonderful work for Klal Yisrael. Ephraim Nierenberg
  • 232. ~SUPPORTER~ ‫מזל טוב‬ Leon and Agi‫ ה‬should continue to give you Koichus to continue such wonderful work.Izzy and Chana Mandelbaum
  • 233. ~SUPPORTER~ Dear Leon and Agi on a well-deserved honorYanky and Rivky Kreitenberger
  • 234. ~SUPPORTER~ Chaim Simkowitz and Guardian Realty Management would like to congratulate Leon Goldenbergupon being awarded the Eitz Chaim Award.May you have much continued Hatzlacha with your important work.
  • 235. ~SUPPORTER~ In honor ofLeon and Agi GoldenbergHarry and Eta Klaristenfeld
  • 236. ~SUPPORTER~ Mazel Tov on a well deserved honor.Yankie and Feige Koschitzki
  • 237. ~SUPPORTER~ In honor of my dear friend Reuven and in honor of the Berko‟s and Leon Goldenbergand all those who make Shalom what it is. Rabbi and Mrs. Eli Gewirtz
  • 238. ~SUPPORTER~ In honor ofReuven and Rochel RichterMiriam and Yanky Meisels
  • 239. ~SUPPORTER~ In honor of Rabbi Richter May you have much hatzlacha and bracha in all your endeavors.Chana and Ephraim Vashovsky
  • 240. ~SUPPORTER~ Mazal tov to all honorees Yael and Sharon Nora and ArthurWe are thrilled to be here to share this evening withall the honorees, congratulation to you, you all arevery worthy of this honor being bestowed on you tonight. We applaud and appreciate your dedication to Shalom Torah and Twin Rivers community. With love, Arusys family
  • 241. ~SUPPORTER~ To Mr.& Mrs. Hornwe salute you for your continued support, time anddedication over the years to Shalom. It was here thatwe received our introduction to what what we now hold as the foundation of our beliefs and the tenets to live by in the Jewish and secular world. Thankyou for opening your home to us over the years and providing us with a ―second home.‖ Fondly - Adam and Elliot BraunTo Yael and Sharon and the other honorees – We salute you for your unwavering effort and support to Shalom over all these years.
  • 242. ~SUPPORTER~ Mazel Tov to our dear friendsNora and Arthur, to Yael and Sharon, and to all the honorees.Nora, the impact you had on our own childrenand all the CTE children is immeasurable and could never be replaced. Your guiding influence will be sorely missed. All the best life has to offer. Fondly, Fran, Sam, Adam and Elliot Braun
  • 243. ~SUPPORTER~ Dear Nora and Arthur,May your retirement be as fulfilling as all theyears youve spent contributing to community education and raising a family. Leah Brodie
  • 244. ~SUPPORTER~ Mazal tov to all the Honorees!So sorry we can’t be with our Shalom family today. Hatzlacha and bracha in all your endeavors. Lilly and Irv Cantor
  • 245. ~SUPPORTER~Warmest Wishes, Heartfelt Thanks and a Lifetime of Gratitude! Thank you Nora, for inspiring, guiding, and leading our children. Paula & Craig Osroff
  • 246. ~SUPPORTER~ Mazal Tov to Shalom Torah Academy –May you have Bracha and Hatzlacha in educating Jewish children and strengthening their Jewishidentity. May you go from strength to strength Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Horn-- Your warmth, kindness and dedication is admirable. You are aninspiration to all your students. May you continue to succeed in your future endeavors. We are honored to be your friends. Mazal Tov to the Alumni of the Year, Mrs. Sharon Golubchik and Mrs. Yael Schwarzenberger Yasher Koach! David and Orit Goldstein
  • 247. ~SUPPORTER~ Mazel Tov to: Nora and Arthur Horn Sharon Golubchik Yael SchwarzenbergerLaura, Stephen, Sam, Ben and Ethan Maruscak
  • 248. ~SUPPORTER~ Mazel Tov to Nora and Arthur on this well deserved honor.Susan and Abe Opatut
  • 249. ~SUPPORTER~ Mazel Tov to the honorees.Thank you for your dedication and friendship to us and the entire community.Claudia and Marvin Rosenberg
  • 250. ~SUPPORTER~ Mazel Tov to our dear friends, Arthur and Nora HornYour friendship through the years has been a sourceof joy and we feel fortunate to have you in our lives.The community has benefitted from your kindness, contributions to the Shalom School and CTE and from Arthurs jokes. Kol HaKavod to Yael and Sharon. It has been a pleasure watching you grow up to be role models for our community, as well as Klal Yisroel. Yasher Koach to all the Honorees. Aviva and Raanan Shefa
  • 251. ~SUPPORTER~ Mazal Tov to a very worthy and admirablecouple who are dedicated to their community and the Jewish people. Rochelle Cyrulnik
  • 252. ~SUPPORTER~ Dear Mr. and Mrs. Horn,Congratulations on this well-deserved honor.Your efforts and impact are very far reaching.May you continue to see nachas from your own family and your extended Shalom family. All the best, Shayna and Yaakov Shlinger
  • 253. ~SUPPORTER~We are just so proud to know and grow in Torah and Mitzvos with:Nora Horn, Yael Schwarzenberger and Sharon Golubchik. Kol HaKavod!! Renee and Michael Szporn
  • 254. ~SUPPORTER~ Hillel Yeshiva High School Salutes Mrs. Nora Horn For Her Many Years of Dedication To Jewish Education. We are proud of our parent of three Hillel graduates, (Rabbi) Jesse, Judy and Rachel, for her many contributions to students, Shalom Torah and the Central Jersey community.Rabbi Howard Bald Mr. Sammy Saka Dr. Gayle KrostHead of High School President Chairperson, Board of Education
  • 255. ~SUPPORTER~
  • 256. ~SUPPORTER~
  • 257. ~SUPPORTER~
  • 258. ~SUPPORTER~ To the distinguished honoreesand to the future success of this school. Gennadiy Vasilevskiy
  • 259. ~SUPPORTER~ I expect the school to growqualitatively and quantitatively withDevira Greenfield at the helm of the English Department.Rabbi D. Mordechai Golshevsky
  • 260. ~SUPPORTER~White Ribbon Florist Beautify your simcha! Please call (609) 426-0222 Leib Miller
  • 261. ~SUPPORTER~We appreciated all the concern you showed for Ahuva – Enjoy your retirement! Sincerely,Andrea and David Pernikoff
  • 262. ~SUPPORTER~ Mazel Tov to Arthur and Nora Horn,you are an inspiration to Shalom, CTE and the entire Twin Rivers Community. Mazel Tov to Sharon Golubchick and Yael Schwarzenberger. The Sears’ Family
  • 263. ~SUPPORTER~ Shalom has changed our lives!We will always have a spot in our hearts for STA! Love, The Gelbers
  • 264. ~SUPPORTER~ Congratulations alwaysMay you continue ‫מחיל לחיל‬ Much ‫ שמחה, נחת‬and ‫ געזונט‬for you and AgiLove, Steve and Lorraine
  • 265. ~SUPPORTER~ In honor of Leon and Agi Goldenberg Your dedication to Mosdos Hatorahknows no bounds. May it be a zchus for you and your family With admiration, Yitzchok and Devorie Fuchs
  • 266. ~SUPPORTER~ In Honor of Leon Goldenberg Best wishes fromAllan and Gitty Glazer
  • 267. ~SUPPORTER~ In honor of Agi and Leon Goldenbergfor all you give back to the Jewish community. Mazel tov!Alvin and Barbara Greengart Mel and Phyllis Zachter
  • 268. ~SUPPORTER~ In honor ofMr. and Mrs. Leon Goldenberg who personify Torah U’GedulahBimakom Echod. May you continue spreading Torah and Chessed worldwide and be a source of inspiration for your family, friends and Klal YisroelNaftali and Naomi Weinberger
  • 269. ~SUPPORTER~In honor of Rabbi Zeev Rothschild
  • 270. ~SUPPORTER~ In honor of Leon GoldenbergA true Askan for all Torah causes. Shlome Chaimovits
  • 271. ~SUPPORTER~ In honor of Arthur and Nora Hornwho will forever be part of the Shalom family. In awe and admiration Yisroel and Judy Kellner
  • 272. ~SUPPORTER~ In Honor ofRabbi and Mrs. Reuven Richter Thank you for saving the school! Yisroel and Judy Kellner
  • 273. ‫~‪~SUPPORTER‬‬ ‫לכבוד אבינו מורינו עטרת ראשינו איש‬ ‫האשכולת רב פעלים מקבציאל‬ ‫הרב ישראל ארי קלנר‬‫המוסר נפשו בעד הצלת עם ישראל המאיר לנו‬ ‫נתיבי חיים בדרכיו הנעימים יהי רצון שיתברך‬ ‫הוא ואמותינו מורתינו מברכת ברוך אשר יקים‬ ‫את דברי התורה הזאת ושירוו רב נחת מכל‬ ‫יוצאי חלציהם‬
  • 274. ~SUPPORTER~ In honor ofRabbi Yisroel Meir Rubinfeld Thank you, Yisroel Kellner
  • 275. ~SUPPORTER~ In Honor of Leon and Agi Goldenberg andYidel and Lauren Eisenberger May You be Zoche to continue In your Avodas Hakodesh. Heshy and Devorah Freifeld
  • 276. ~SUPPORTER~Mazal Tov to Mrs. Horn and to all of the Honorees! All the Best,The Shalmiyev Family
  • 277. ~SUPPORTER~ In honor of Gayle WiltonThank you so much for your wonderful work and all your great work! Rabbi and Mrs. Yisroel Kellner
  • 278. ~SUPPORTER~Mazel Tov to Robin & Mitchell Berko on this most deserved honor. Your tireless commitment and enthusiasm saved our beloved Shalom Torah Academy of Morganville and holds hope for the future. Kol Hakovod! With much gratitude and respect, The Wegodsky Family
  • 279. ~SUPPORTER~ The Monmouth Torah Links Community wishes Mazal Tov to Robin and Mitchell Berko on tonight’s well deserved recognition.We are constantly amazed at the depth of their dedication to Shalom and the entire Jewish Community. They are an inspiration to us all.May Hashem bless them with the ability to do their amazing work for many years to come! ------------------------------------ Mazal as well to Rabbi & Mrs. Reuven Richter on tonight’s well deserved recognition. May Hakadosh Baruch Hu grant them continued beracha and hatzlacha in all their endeavors. Rabbi & Mrs. Gedalia Liebes and family Rabbi & Mrs. Yitzi Oratz and family Rabbi & Mrs. Mordechai Eisenberg and family And the entire Monmouth Torah Links family
  • 280. ~SUPPORTER~To Rabbi and Mrs. Richter may you continue to bemarbitz torah for many years to come. Shmuel and Simi Baum
  • 281. ~SUPPORTER~ Mazal Tov to our wonderful friends Nora and Arthur Horn on a well-deserved honor! Your warmth and spirit are contagious and your contributions to the shul, the community, and the school are beyond measure. It is obvious that your wonderful children arefollowing in your footsteps. You continue to be a shining example to the entire community. We are proud to call you our friends. Binyomin and Marina Mandel
  • 282. ~SUPPORTER~ In honor of my brother and his wife and their devotion to the Jewish community and Jewish education.Love, Alan and Peggy Berko
  • 283. ~SUPPORTER~ In Honor of Mr and Mrs. Mitchell Berko Mr. and Mrs Leon Goldenberg Rabbi and Mrs. Reuven Richter And the ENTIRE Administration of Shalom Torah CentersWe are amazed at your enthusiasm and determination to see our community continue to grow You tireless and selfless dedication is an inspiration to us. May Hashem give you all the strength to continue in yourvital work. In appreciation of Mrs. Nora Horns many years of dedication in providing Shalom Torah with a superb education. Yeshiva Tiferes Naftoli Torah Institute of Central NJ
  • 284. ~SUPPORTER~ Mazal Tov to Nora and Arthur Horn and all the Honorees. Nora, you will be missed.Thank you for providing such a great learning environment. Best Regards, Dorit, Sarah, Shoshi & Srulik Peer (all Shalom graduates)
  • 285. ~SUPPORTER~ Mazal Tov to Mrs. Horn and to the Honorees!Yakov and Svetlana Shtrakhman
  • 286. ~SUPPORTER~ In honor of Sharon GolubchikDavid and Mer Ikowicz
  • 287. ~SUPPORTER~ Best wishes to Mr. & Mrs. Leon and Agi Goldenberg Recipients of the Etz Chaim awardCongratulations on a well deserved honor! Zorach Soloff & Shimon Soloff
  • 288. ~FRIEND~ To Leon,An honest man is hard to find. Joe Thurm Menachem Thurm
  • 289. ~FRIEND~ In honor of Rabbi Reuven RichterAryeh and Nechama Ginsberg
  • 290. ~FRIEND~ Mazel Tov to a Deserving Couple!Mrs. Kate Seiden Friedman
  • 291. ~FRIEND~ Best wishes to Shalom Torah Academyand Robin and Mitchell Berko fromCousin Hal and Naomi Dorfman
  • 292. ~FRIEND~ In honor ofRabbi and Mrs. Reuven and Rochel Richter Keep up your great work!Dov and Chevy Kaufman
  • 293. ~FRIEND~ Mazel Tov to Shalom Torah Academy on your Gala Dinner.We cannot thank you enough for all that you have done for us all these years. On behalf of our family we wish you lots of hatzlacha for the futureReva and Shlomo Freud and Family
  • 294. ~FRIEND~ Mazel tov to the Berko‟s and Richter„s on their well-deserved honors.Thank you for all you have done for the Shalom Torah Family Brian Paul
  • 295. ~FRIEND~ Mazel Tov Robin and Mitchell You two are the Best!Shari and Mitchell Caspert
  • 296. ~FRIEND~ We wish to HonorRobin and Mitchell Berko Herbert and Lee Isaacs
  • 297. ~FRIEND~ Mazel Tov to Mitchell and Robin for their dedicated support of the Shalom Torah AcademyBruce and Joanne Roberts
  • 298. ~FRIEND~To Mitchell and Robin Berkofor their dedication and support of Torah institutions in our community. With our deepest gratitude and admiration Reuvein and Mona Ascher
  • 299. ~FRIEND~ Mazel Tov to our dear friends, Robin and Mitch, on this well-deserved honor!Judy and Harold Zoberg
  • 300. ~FRIEND~ In honor of our dear friends, The BerkosChaim and Ruthie Veshnefsky
  • 301. ~FRIEND~Shalom has changed our lives! We will always have a spot in our hearts for STA! Love, The Gelbers
  • 302. ~FRIEND~ Dearest Nora, The years havent decreased my respect andadmiration for all that you do and all that you are. May Hashem give your continuedstrength and health to enjoy the fruits of your exceptional and inspirational labor. With love and respect, Deena (Greenes) Weidermann
  • 303. ~FRIEND~ To our Dear Friend Yael Schwarzenberger,Mazel Tov on this well deserved Honor! MayHashem grant you and your family continuedsuccess in all of your endeavors and the ability to share your achievements with your friends and Family! The Bruckners Ricki, J.A., Koby, Aryeh and Menachem
  • 304. ~FRIEND~ Mazal Tov to Honorees Arthur and Nora Horn Yael Schwarzenberger and Sharon Golubchik on this well-deserved honor.Your friendship, support and love during mymost formidable years have had an everlasting effect on my life. Sincerely, Tziporah (Francine) Gelman
  • 305. ~FRIEND~
  • 306. ~FRIEND~ Nora and Arthur HornYael Schwarzenberger and Sharon Golubchik –all deservant, All Special.... May you all continue to inspire! The Gevertzman Family
  • 307. ~FRIEND~ Mazel Tov Yael on a beautiful honor.Gabe and Faigy Goldfeder
  • 308. ~FRIEND~Congratulations to the Horns. Robin & Shelby Goldgrab
  • 309. ~FRIEND~ In honor of Arthur & Nora Hornwho are shining stars in the Horn family constellation, and in memory of Elaine Horn Kreitner Judasin who was a stellar advocate for Jewish education. Sandy Kreitner Al & Robin Kreitner Chona & Carol Muser
  • 310. ~FRIEND~ Mazel Tov toYael (Shmuel) Schwarzenberger on her prestigious honor as Alumnus of the Year!May Hashem grant you and your family much continued success in everything you do! Lani & Baruch White
  • 311. ~FRIEND~
  • 312. ~FRIEND~ To our most beloved Robin and Mitchell,Mazal Tov for receiving the community pillar award. We allhere in Israel, are very proud and privileged, that you are the couple of our family, who are a real pillar of our family and your community.We wish you to be able to continue to be a supporting pillar,with good health and have joy from your children and from the entire family. Love, Miriam and Mordy
  • 313. ~FRIEND~ Mazal Tov to all the Honorees!Michael and Shifra Barminko
  • 314. ~FRIEND~ MAZAL TOV TO THE HONOREES.Rabbi and Mrs. Shmuel and Yehudis Bogomilsky
  • 315. ~FRIEND~ Dear Mrs. Horn,Thank you for all you have done for our children. We wish you a healthy and happy retirement. We will miss you! Fondly, Danna, Mike, Yoni and Ariella Livstone
  • 316. ~FRIEND~With deep appreciation for the wonderful mitzvot of Nora and Arthur Horn, Sharon Golubchik and Yael Schwarzenberger We Thank You for your direction to our childrens school. Sincerely, Karrie and Adam Bandel
  • 317. ~FRIEND~ Mazal Tov to Yael and SharonJust wanted to let you know how much we think of you here in Israel... And just how great we think you are. There could not be two more-deserving honorees, and it is our honor to share in all your simchas. Consider this our big, international hug! Ziva and Daniel Glanz
  • 318. ~FRIEND~ Congratulations Mrs. Horn on this honor.We know our children would not be as successful and happy as they are right now without your love anddedication. Thank you for always being there for us and our children. We will miss you so much! Lisa and Isaac Menasha
  • 319. ~FRIEND~To a true visionaryLeon Goldenberg With best wishes Nate Segal
  • 320. ~FRIEND~ In Honor of Leon GoldenbergShammai Bienenstock
  • 321. ~FRIEND~ Mazel Tov toLeon and Agi Goldenberg on this most deserved honor.Heshie & Nechie Schulhof
  • 322. ~FRIEND~ In honor of Leon & Agi GoldenbergYona Love Consulting Services NYC DOB Construction Expediting 1928 Bay Avenue - 3rd Floor Brooklyn, NY 11230718 252-9576 Mr. & Mrs. Pinchos Shine
  • 323. ~FRIEND~To Devorah BlumbergThank you for your hard work.Fondly, the Eisengarts
  • 324. ~FRIEND~In honor of Leon Goldenberg, a true friend and Askan,par excellence on an award well deserved. Benjie and Esti Epstein
  • 325. ~FRIEND~ In honor of YAEL and SHARON ‫ומתלמדי יותר מכולם‬Morah Chumie (Kellner) Greenberger
  • 327. ~FRIEND~ YAEL,It comes as no surprise to us that you are being honored by this special institution this year. Your ability to juggle being a Jewish young mother,amazing wife, successful professional and a great friend is what makes you stand out as a spectacular role model to young girls. We are proud to call you a close friend. May ‫הקב"ה‬continue bless you with ‫מזל‬ laughter, health, success and incredible friends. Wewish we could be there to dance with you……. Wearing bandanas & personalized t-shirts. Love, Jenny Isaacson, Julie Rosenberg, Pazit Cohen and Shev Green
  • 328. ~FRIEND~ To the Lakewood Office Mrs. Weiss, Mrs. King Thank You!Rabbi and Mrs. Yisroel Kellner
  • 329. ~FRIEND~ Mazel Tov toGennifer and the Berkos! Dr. Barbara Landreth
  • 330. ~FRIEND~ Dear Robin and Mitchell, I am so proud of you and all your efforts on behalf ofShalom Torah Academy and all the families that benefitfrom your hard work to keep Shalom Torah in business. and Mazel Tov to Rabbi Richter for all his hard work. And to all the honorees - congratulations! Selma Pillinger
  • 331. ~FRIEND~ Mazel Tov to Yael and to all theShmuels and Schwarzenbergers(if that name can fit on the large screen monitors) on this well deserved honor! Phillip Gross
  • 332. ~FRIEND~ Mazel Tov to my wonderful niece and nephew, Robin and Mitchell!Love, Aunt Evelyn Nathanson
  • 333. ~FRIEND~ Congratulations Reuven and RuchyYour dedication is an inspiration to us all Yehuda, Chani and Rochelli
  • 334. ~FRIEND~ In honor ofRabbi Reuven Richter Keep up the great work from your good friendAvraham David Feuer
  • 335. ~FRIEND~ Congratulations to Arthur and Nora Hornon their Community Service Award. Lillian and Harvey Horn
  • 336. ~FRIEND~ In honor of Rabbi and Mrs. Richterand Rabbi and Mrs. Kellneron all their hard work for ShalomYitzchok and Mindy Follman
  • 337. ~FRIEND~ Mazel Tov Rabbi Richter on all your accomplishments on behalf of Shalom Torah CentersDrs. Marvin and Carol Kornmehl
  • 338. ~FRIEND~ Mazal Tov Reuven on this well deserved and earned honorYou are always the best at everything you do Shalom is so lucky to have you on board Shaul Zelinger
  • 339. ~FRIEND~ In honor ofRabbi and Mrs. Reuven RichterYaakov and Chaya Sara Elazary
  • 340. ~FRIEND~ Chabad of Western Monmouth County The Gan Israel Day Camp & The Friendship Circle salute Robin & Mitchell Berko on an honor well deserved!The Berkos have been a driving force in thesuccess of Shalom Torah in our community. Mazel Tov! Rabbi Boruch & Tova Chazanow, Rabbi Avrohom & Zisi Bernstein, Rabbi Levi & Sarah Schapiro, Rabbi Levi & Chanale Wolosow, Rabbi Shmaya and Rochie Galperin, Rabbi Shmuly & Mushkie Volovick
  • 341. ~FRIEND~ In honor of our dear friends Reuven and Rochel Richterwhose sterling example of character, giving and selflessness are transmitted to thethousands of children in the Shalom Torah Centers network of schools. May your continue to see much nachas and success With admiration, Asher and Bassie Rottenstreich
  • 342. ~FRIEND~ Mazel Tov Robin and MitchellWe are proud of your accomplishments! Iris and Al Lazarus
  • 343. ~FRIEND~ Compliments of:Mr. and Mrs. Norman Forgash
  • 344. ~FRIEND~ Compliments of:Mr. Jonathan Neiss
  • 345. ~FRIEND~ Compliments of:Mr. and Mrs. Morris Bienenfeld
  • 346. ~FRIEND~ In honor ofRabbi and Mrs. Reuven and Rochel Richterthis award is an understatement of your truevalue to all the people whose lives you touch Shimmy and Dobi Baum
  • 347. ~FRIEND~ In honor of Itche Rosenbaum Chazak V‟ematz!Eliezer Aron Gottlieb
  • 348. ~FRIEND~ Dear Mr. and Mrs. Horn, Thank you for all of your hard work, which made Shalom such a wonderful and specialschool. As a chapter closes in your life, and a new one starts for you, may your years be filled with all the things you are looking foward to! All the Best Wishes, The Abramov Family
  • 349. ~FRIEND~ Mazel Tov to Mr. & Mrs. Leon Goldenberg on this well-deserved honor.Yasher Koach to Rabbi Chaim MordcheGoldenberg for all of your hard work on behalf of Shalom Torah Centers. Yanky & Shira Brenner
  • 350. ~FRIEND~ In Honor of Yael Schwarzenberger a true Baalat Chesed who embodies Torah values of modesty, kindness to others, anddedication to community, friends and family. She is an inspiration and role model to all who know her. From her friends,Leora and Joshua Waxman and Family
  • 351. ~FRIEND~ It is my absolute pleasure and honor to have the friendship of Mitchell and Robin Berkofor 35 years — indeed deserving of the Community Pillar Award. Mazal Tov! Donna Shadovitz
  • 352. ~FRIEND~ My Daughter Devorah,You work so hard. May Hashem bless you, Stacy, and my beautiful grandchildrenfor all your efforts on behalf of the Jewish people. Love, Mom
  • 353. ~FRIEND~ Mazal Tov to the Horns Ethel Greif, Alan and Rochelle Epstein, Richard and Elaine Goldberg Mazal Tov Alumnus of the YearSharon Golubchik on this well deserved honor Ben and Dishy Schiffman In honor of Michal and Avners children! Diane Biblow, Gail Namm
  • 354. ~FRIEND~ In Honor ofLeon and Agi Goldenberg Mark Weissman
  • 355. In honor of Avner and Michals Children -- Mazal Tov! Gail Namm -- Mazel Tov to the Shmuel Girls! Leroy and Risa Doris -- Shidduchim are made in Heaven AND in Shalom TorahAcademy. Rabbi Freedman matched the Horns and Hoffmans for a lifelong friendship filled with respect, admiration, and love. All our best wishes to the Horns and Shalom Torah Academy. Love, Judi and Alan Hoffman
  • 356. Words cannot express our deep felt sense of ‫ הכרתהטוב‬to a very special couple, Leon & Agi Goldenberg. Leon has lowered his shoulder to accept the responsibility of Shalom Torah Academy. Where others have chosen toabandon, Leon has chosen to accept. Where others have chosen to neglect, Leon has chosen to respond. Hundres of Jewish children are learning Torah and practicing Yiddishekit because Leon understands the priorities of life. We stand in awe of this unique individual and his wife andfamily for their sincere dedicaiton to the continuation of Torah values throughout the world. May ‫ הקבה‬grant this precious family with abundant .‫גזונט, פרנסה, וידישענחת‬ Yaakov & Yu Yu Freedman
  • 357. Every blade of grass has its angel that bends over it and whispers, "Grow, grow." (from the Talmud) To enter this building and hear the voices of our children davening each day is validation of all of your efforts. Without your leadership, your backing, your spirit and your guidance we would not have had the successful year that we had here at Shalom Torah Academy. We would not have had an academy at all. Without your dedication and hard work, our "blades of grass" would havehad to look elsewhere for their Jewish education. How sad that would have been. Our deepest thanks go out to Mrs. and Mrs. Robin and Mitchell Berko, Mr. and Mrs. Leon Goldenberg, and Rabbi and Mrs. Reuven Richter. Robert and Risa Gold
  • 358. A Tribute toNora and Arthur Hornby Shalom teachers and Students
  • 359. A TRIBUTE TO MRS. HORN To mark your retirement Wed like to tell you how we feel; Our heartfelt appreciation Is deeply felt and real. Youre a really great principal Thats what we all say And as a Thank You for all youve done Were giving you an A On second thought thats not enough For helping all of us. So you get this THANK YOU, As well as this A PLUS No, thats not enough either For the principal that you are You get this Thank You, an A+ As well as this GOLD STARENJOY MANY WONDERFUL YEARS OF RETIREMENT!
  • 360. In tribute to a consummate educator and exemplary leader Mrs. Nora HornWhose clear guidance, wise advice, and unparalleled devotion have left a lasting impact on hundreds of students. In your every interaction, you personified your most cherished ideals: To treat every person with utmost respect and compassion; To view each student as a world unto himself; To accomplish every task with alacrity and enthusiasm; To balance authority with gentleness and caring; To do what‟s right, no matter how hard it may be; To strive for excellence, both academically and personally. Your patience and love sustained us each and every day, and enabled us tochannel those gifts to our students. You taught us by example to give the most we had to give, and to be the very best we could be.At the close of a career of boundless dedication, we want you to know that you are beloved by us all. Shalom will truly miss you. Leeba Berger, Hudi Fine Perel Gibber, Nechama Perlman Estie Simchowitz, Nechamie Slatus Deena Wiedermann
  • 361. Dear Nora, It has been a real honor and pleasure to have worked with you. Thank you for your years of dedication and hard work at Shalom Torah Academy.We hope you and your husband enjoy your retirement. You will be greatly missed! Sincerely, Barbara and Brian Lynn
  • 362. Mazal Tov to the very deserving honorees. Tizku lmitzvot,From the Moore Family
  • 363. Thank you Mrs. Horn for always being available to help every step of the way. With love, Ronit Ahdout, Judy Rosenblum,Joan Gutkin, Shaina Leah Koppenheim, Julie Elkayam, Suri Glatzer, Rivka Feder, Esther Malka Selengut, Malky Gorelick, Elisheva Richter, Sharon David and Elisheva Diskind
  • 364. With much appreciation toMrs. Horn for being the glue that holds our school together. Love, Bryna Zions, Racheli Teichman, Chana Ita Yanofsky, Malky Liebb, Nechama Hirsch, Leah Okowtia, Menachem Chinn and Yisroel Meir Merkin
  • 365. With eternal gratitude,we thank you Mrs. Horn, for being our educational leader, mentor and friend.You will be missed but never forgotten. Diane Schauman, Roberta Green, Barbara Lynn, Devorah Wilschanski, Lisa Baron, Miriam Sussman, Brian Lynn and Dave Tropp
  • 366. Mrs. Horn- you are the best! From Kiddie College We love you, Mrs. Horn! From Pre-Nursery Mrs. Horn- We will miss you! From Nursery Mrs. Horn don‟t go away, we want you to stay! Love the KindergartenThank you Mrs. Horn for organizing such wonderful trips. Love, the First gradeThank you Mrs. Horn for preparing such great activities. Love, the Second grade Thank you Mrs. Horn for being so nice and kind. Love, the Third grade Thank you Mrs. Horn for all the amazing prizes. Love, the Fourth grade Mrs. Horn, we loved all the great programs you created to bring learning to life! Love, 5th grade
  • 367. To our Esteemed and Beloved Principal Mrs. Horn, We stand before you in awe and admiration being privy to only a fraction of the monumental accomplishments you have achieved with your commitment to elevating Shalom to the highest standards of excellence.The wonderful care you invest in each of your students, as well as the respect and courtesy you displayto all your staff, continue to amaze and impress us. As we watch you put heart and soul into ensuring the growth and success of each of your students, we can only hope to one day resemble the incredibly selfless individual you have proven yourself to be. Working alongside you, and being witness to your unflagging enthusiasm and constant good spirits has been an inspiration to us all. You are a Principal who has shared with us from your vast professional knowledge and experience with humility and patience. You have modeled what it means to be truly genuine and sensitive inhuman relationships. You have encouraged within us a passion for growth and ability to learn fromall. We will forever cherish the memories of our years with you. Thank you for teaching by example. In the merit of your many good deeds, your tireless acts of kindness and unsurpassed dedication and devotion, may you be blessed with good health, happiness and peace of mind. We remain forever indebted. Yours truly, The Staff at Shalom Torah
  • 368. With great admiration, we would like to extend our warmest wishes to the honorees:Mr. and Mrs. Berko, Mr. and Mrs. Goldenberg, and Rabbi and Mrs. Richter,with tremendous appreciation for all that they give and do for Shalom Torah Academy, of Western Monmouth County.May you be granted much success in all of your personal and community efforts. Mazel Tov, The General Studies Staff of Shalom Torah Academy, Western Monmouth County
  • 369. In recognition of tonight’s Guests of HonorWe want to thank the following honorees for their commitment and dedication to Shalom Torah Academy. Mr. and Mrs. Berko, Rabbi and Mrs. Richter, and Mr. and Mrs. Goldenberg! May you continue to be an inspiration to the entire Jewish community!All of you are a shining example of what is great, in our community. You serve as role models for Shalom Torah Academy. May you enjoy a life of good health, success, and happiness. May Hashem continue to grant you the strength to persevere, the ability toachieve, and the will to share all of your successes with the Shalom Torah Family! Mazal Tov! Stacie Hamdi, Meira Grinman, Caren Mandelbaum, Dara Enny Allison Rook, Susan Leibowitz, Rhona Miller, Shuly Amsel , Megan Mastropeiro
  • 370. In appreciation of Nora and Arthur Hornfor your non-stop efforts and dedication for our shul, community, and most of all, for Shalom. Joan and Sandy Gutkin
  • 371. The Judaic Studies Staff of Shalom Torah Academy would like to acknowledge the continuous efforts of our indefatigable guests of honor: Mr. and Mrs. Berko Rabbi and Mrs. Reuven Richter Mr. and Mrs. Leon Goldenberg On behalf of our school.Your incredible dedication and devotion should be a source of Bracha to you and your families. ―Kol Mi Sheoskim Bitzarchei Tzibur Be’Emunah HaKadosh Boruch Hu Yeshalem Secharam‖ Miss. Greenman, Miss. Reiner, Miss. Shatzkes Miss. Shereshefsky, Mrs. Bennatar, Mrs. Bloch Mrs. Grossman, Mrs. Janowski, Mrs. Leiter Mrs. Reiner, Mrs. Sorotzkin, Mrs. Teichman