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Mesivta Tiferet Torah Journal 2012
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Mesivta Tiferet Torah Journal 2012


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Published in: Education

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  • 1. In honor of Dani & Marina BorohovYour sincerity and dedication to theYeshiva’s success is truly inspiring. Rabbi Nerya Aminov Rabbi Nachum Zlotnick
  • 2. In honor of Gregory Safaniev A true personal friend. Thank you for always being there for the Yeshiva whenever the need arises. May you and your family be blessedwith all the brachot reserved for the supporters of Torah. Rabbi Nachum Zlotnick Rabbi Nerya Aminov
  • 3. In Honor of Revaz and Inga ChachanashviliYour dedication from the inception of the Yeshiva in every aspect has truly allowed the Yeshiva to flourish over the years. It could not have been accomplished without you.May Hashem bless you with the strength to continue your Avodat HaKodesh, and may you only have nachat, hatzlacha, health and happiness. Rabbi Nachum Zlotnick Rabbi Nerya Aminov
  • 4. In honor of and with tremendous appreciation to our amazing secular studies department Rabbi Messner Mr. Avner Yusupov Mr. Avram Rafailov Rabbi Brian Thau Mr. Allan Kaye Your dedication to your students is integral to the Yeshiva’s success. Rabbi Nachum Zlotnick , Rabbi Nerya Aminov Rabbi Yitzchok Young
  • 5. In honor of Rebbetzin Shira ZlotnickYour selfless devotion and extreme Mesirus Nefesh is thefuel for the Yeshiva’s success. Your tireless dedication is the backbone of the Yeshiva’s existence.
  • 6. In appreciation of Aron and Dasi FromRabbi Nachum and Shira Zlotnick
  • 7. In Honor ofRabbi Chaim Tzvi Friedman And Rabbi Uri Becker,for your dedication, and chochma in teaching and guiding our students. Rabbi Nachum Zlotnick Rabbi Nerya Aminov
  • 8. In honor of Dr. Hal Abrahamson Your lending support to the Yeshiva,and by joining the board of directors is most meaningful to us and the Yeshiva. May you be zoche to Bracha, Hatzlacha, health, success and happiness. Rabbi Nachum Zlotnick Rabbi Nerya Aminov
  • 9. In Honor ofMy ComradesAnonymous
  • 10. In Honor of Robert and Avital Yadgarovfor your continued personal friendship and for your support of the Yeshiva. Rabbi Nachum Zlotnick Rabbi Nerya Aminov
  • 11. In Honor of Rabbi Raphael MoskowitzYour dedication to each of the Talmidim’s individualneeds, and your ever present concern for them truly is an inspiration to us and the entire Yeshiva. May you have much Hatzlacha in all your future endeavors. Rabbi Nachum Zlotnick Rabbi Nerya Aminov
  • 12. In honor of our dear friends Alex and Taisa YusupovYour commitment to Torah and to the future of our youth is a true Kiddush Hashem. May you and your family beblessed with success, health, happiness and Nachat in all your endeavors. Rabbi Zlotnick Rabbi Aminov
  • 13. In recognition and appreciation to the yeshiva’s Board of Directors. Alex Yusupov, Albert Yusupov, Rafi Kariev, Dr. Hal Abrahamson,David Alishayev and Revaz Chachanashvili May we continue to be zoche to build the Yeshiva together for many years to come. Rabbi Zlotnick and Rabbi Aminov
  • 14. In Honor of Aron and Dasi From Mazal tov on this well deserved recognition. We thank you for your outstanding devotion to theYeshiva and its success. May you and your family go “M’Chayil Le’ Chayil” and have much bracha and hatzlacha in all your endeavors Rabbi Nachum Zlotnick Rabbi Nerya Aminov
  • 15. In honor of Rafi Kariyev and FamilyThank you very much for all your help and support. You are a true inspiration to us and the yeshiva. Rabbi Nerya Aminov Rabbi Nachum Zlotnick
  • 16. In honor of Gavriel and Anna Nisanov Mazel Tov on this great and well deserved honor.Your support of the Yeshiva and for the general communalneeds are a true inspiration. May you be zoche to continue to be involved with the Klal and see nachat from your family and bracha and hatzlacha in all your endeavors. Rabbi Nir Aminov Rabbi Nachum Zlotnick
  • 17. In honor of Elan and Sharona Shamsayev With sincere gratitude for your dedication for the students and the entire Mesivta.Your work on behalf of the yeshiva and community is a shinig example to your family and the Klal. Mazal Tov on a well deserved honor. Rabbi Nir Aminov Rabbi Nachum Zlotnick
  • 18. M A S T E R T R I B U T E Greetings from RC Law Group PCRevaz Chachanashvili Law Group PC 108-18 72nd Avenue, 2nd Floor Forest Hills, NY 11375 718-997-8255 F: 718-997-1599
  • 19. M A S T E R T R I B U T E In honor of a wonderful partner Rabbi Nachum ZlotnickMazel Tov on another amazing year in MTT. Your accomplishments and dedication towards the Yeshiva is the backbone of its success. May you continue to be zoche in Avodas Haborei and Klal Yisroel. Rabbi Nir Aminov
  • 20. M A S T E R T R I B U T E Congratulations to Mesivta Tiferet Torah on another great year!Shira Zlotnick ccc-slp m.s. ccc-slp C : 917-854-3040 e:
  • 21. P A T R O N In honor of Mark KoyenovFor your consistent devotionand friendship to the yeshiva Rabbi Nir AminovRabbi Nachum Zlotnick
  • 22. F R I E N DDear Rabbi Aminov & Rabbi Zlotnick of,rfan hv,u ofrfa wv okah ktrah heukt wv ,tn vnhkaMay you see the fruits of your labor in this world and the next. May your students continue to Shine! Sincerely, David & Orly Simai David Elazar Simai M.D. 660 Central Avenue Cedarhurst, NY 11516 (516) 374-2228
  • 23. C H A I D E D I C A T I O N We would like to congratulate, Rabbi & Mrs. Nachum Zlotnick Rabbi & Mrs. Nir Aminov Revaz & Inga Chachanashvili The HonoreesThe entire Mesivta Tiferet Torah Staff and Students On all the great accomplishment that we have experienced this past year. Thank you for all your efforts. Our kids are the future. The school should continue to grow and prosper. Best wishes to all. Larisa & Gregory Safaniev
  • 24. S U P P O R T E R In honor of our dear friend Revaz Chachanashvilifor his hard work and devotion to Mesivta Tiferet Torah Tziku LMitzvot! Alex & Taisa
  • 25. F U L LIn Honor of the wonderful honorees and a special yasher koah to the Roshei Yeshiva. Benjy and Ilana Rosenbluth
  • 26. F U L L Mazal Tov toElan and Sharona Shamsayev We wish you more spiritual and material success From your freinds Eli and Bracha Sofiev
  • 27. F U L L To Our Dearest Parents Gavriel and Anna Nisanov Mazal Tov on this occasion We wish you only happiness We have much to learn from you fromyour hachnasat orchim to your generosityWe are great full for all that you do for us, Love always Baruch, Kcenia, Ari, Margalit, Adina, and Yaakov Khiyayev
  • 28. F U L L Mesivta Tiferet Torah has become a cornerstone of Kew Gardens, producing talmidim of great character. It is no surprise that their success lies in the hard work of Rabbi Aminov and the personal relationships ofstudents that is cultivated by Rabbi Zlotnick. Mark & Tovah Koyenov
  • 29. F U L L To our dear parents, Congratulations!We are so proud of everything you have accomplished in your lives. If not for your bravery wewould not be here in America and be able to be shomermitzvoth and torah. Thank you for being our inspiration and our rock! We can always count on you. Love you always, Rafael ,Ella, Kayla, Yedeida, David, Yosef, Neimah Kariyev
  • 30. F U L L Dearest Mom and Pop, CONGRATULATIONS! We firstly would like to thank Hashem for giving us such wonderful young loving parents. Thank you for the good advice you always give us when we need it.You are great role models and we have a lot to learn from you.We hope that you always see nachat from all of your children. Thank you, love Aliza and Shmuel Nisanov
  • 31. F U L LYasher Koach to all the Rebbeim at MTT for all their hard work.Sina and Taly Menashehoff
  • 32. F U L L In honor of Rabbi Aminov and Rabbi ZlotnickFor the great work they do and forbeing such Mentchlich neighbors.Rosenblums Supermarket
  • 33. F U L LIn every community there are people who not only have dreams and ideas but also make their dreams in to a reality. These people help build a cornerstone for the community for future generations to build upon. In our community, Elan and his wife Sharona have been exactly that. They are not people who only have dreams for themselves buthave true dreams and aspirations for the community as a whole. It is time we as a community recognize their sacrifice and dedication to our community. Thank you and Mazel Tov Elan and Sharona Shamsayev from Shachar and Eliana Nisanov
  • 34. F U L L To Nachum & Shira, May Hashem continue to grantyou the strength to continue in your wonderful work. Dovid & Meira Zlotnick
  • 35. F U L L In Honor of Rabbi Nachum Zlotnick and Rabbi Nerya Aminov May you continue to have much Hatzlacha in yourunbelievable Avodat HaKodesh and Mesirat Nefesh. Chaim & Chanita Goldberger
  • 36. F U L LIn honor of my dear brother and esteemed mentor the Rosh Yeshiva and his Rebbetzin. May you continue to be an inspiration to us and the entire Klal. Shayzee and Shana Rosa Zlotnick
  • 37. F U L L We wish you continuedHatzlacha in your Avodas Hakodesh Abba and Mom
  • 38. F U L L In honor of Rabbi and Mrs. Zlotnick For all their incredible work on behalf of Klal Yisroel.Yechiel and Libby Zlotnick
  • 39. F U L L We would like to wholeheartedly congratulate Elan and SharonaShamsayev upon reaching such a special moment in theirlife. Their dedication to the community and to the growth of Torah is genuinely appreciated by us all. Mazal Tov and may you go from hayil to hayil and continue to be an example for us all. Mishael and Nava Kohan
  • 40. F U L LCongratulations to Elan and Sharona we are proud of you, keep up the good work in changing our community may you continue greater heights in the near future. Yehuda and Elana Aronov
  • 41. F U L LIn honor of Rabbi and Rebbitzin Zlotnickyour tireless dedication on behalf of Klal Yisroel is a inspiration to us all. Rabbi & Mrs. Avrohom Richmond
  • 42. F U L L Mazal Tov to our dear brother and sister-in-law Aron & Dasi From on this well deserved honor.May Hashem grant you good health and happiness and many years to continue to be an inspiration to others. With love and best wishes, Dvorah & Yisroel Jackie & Noam Ahuva & Davi Elana & Avi
  • 43. F U L L Mazal Tov to our dear friends Aron and Dasi From on this well-deserved honor. When we think of the Froms the word "awe" comes to mind. We are in awe of the quiet, selfless manner in which you perform countless hours of chessed for our community. We are in awe of how you are wonderful parents to your beautifulchildren. You teach them by example how a Torah-true Jew lives hislife.But most of all we are in awe that you are here tonight. Not that you are receiving this well deserved award (thats a no-brainer),but that you (and we mean Dasi) are actually physically here tonight(we assume you actually showed up) . Now that is truly "awesome"! We are lucky to have you as such good friends. You are an inspiration to us all. Josh and Aviva Brody
  • 44. F U L LAron – as friends we can attest that you are a truly deserving honoree,Reliability and honesty – in you these traits we see,Overworked professional – yet you balance dedication to family and friends so flawlessly,Never swaying in your commitment to the values you cherish so dearly.Dasi – you’re an inspiration to your friends so dear,A devoted mother to your children to whom you show such care,Social work talents in benefit of the entire community you share,Insightful and informative – you always provide a listening ear.Friends are like family – it’s been our motto all along,Relationships that we cherish – we will keep them oh so strong,On this momentous occasion in tribute to you we join in song,May Hashem grant you both the strength to continue your amazing work your entire life long. Your ‘family’ of friends, Moshe and Tova Bollag, Boruch and Aviva Eisenberg Yeruchum and Esther Goldfeder, Motty and Miriam Hellman Ellie and Esther Katz, Yechiel and Shoshana Salzberg Moshe and Leah Schreiber, Eli and Chaya Shapiro
  • 45. F U L L With Best WishesJosh & Mrs. Brody
  • 46. F U L L Compliments ofR Burtram Moskowitz
  • 47. F U L LMazel Tov on this evening’s Honorees, Much Bracha V’Hatzlachah to Mesivta Tiferet Torah. Mr. & Mrs. Yosef Bondi
  • 48. F U L LDear Rabbi Zlotnick Hatzlochah Rabbakeep up the amazing work in Avodas hahodesh.Shia & Penina Neuberg
  • 49. F U L L In Honor of Aron & Dasi FromFor all their tireless dedication on behalf of our community. Elie & Chavi Lowy
  • 50. F U L L To Our Dear Family, Dasi & Aron From Mazel Tov on your well deserved honor!May your family, friends and entire community follow in your footsteps to help perpetuate the amazing work you do for the Yeshiva Tiferet Torah!! We love you!! Chaya & Jonathan Kaplowitz & Yitzi, Gayli, Michal
  • 51. F U L L Mazel Tov to our dear friends Aron & Dasi From on this well deserved honor.Benzion & Devora Litwin
  • 52. F U L L Mazel Tov to our dear cousins Elan & Sharona Shamsayev for this well deserved honor. May you see lots of nachas from your children and all of Klal Yisrael. Rabbi Shlomo and Ora NisanovKehilat Sephardim of Ahavat Achim
  • 53. F U L L Mazel tov on receiving this well deserved honor. We wish you continued success in all your endeavorsand may your children continue to learn by your example. Mazel tov Chana and Jordan Kaplowitz
  • 54. F U L L Congratulations to Elan and Sharona, the honor is well deserved!Your dedication to the Torah is a shining example for our community, may you always continue on this path. On behalf of Kahal Ohr HaTorah,I wish you both much success in strengthening Torah and Yirat Shamayim amongst Klal Yisrael. Chazak VeEmatz! R Rafael Zavulunov & Members of Kahal Ohr HaTorah
  • 55. F U L L Congratulations Elan and Sharona. We would like to thank you for establishing such a great shul with such a warmenviroment and for the learning programs as well. Mazal Tov. Barry and Aliza
  • 56. F U L L In Honor of our dear friends Aron & Dasi FromCongratulations on this well deserved honor! Your tirelessdedication to helping those around you is truly inspiring. We are so proud to be your friends. With love, Menachem & Chayitty
  • 57. F U L L Dearest Elan and Sharonawe are so proud of your hard work and contributions to the community. May Hashem bless you with the strength and ability to continue doing the great work you are doing and much more. Love Emma and Abba
  • 58. F U L L In honor of our dear cousins Gavriel & Anna NisanovMazel Tov and much bracha in all your endeavors. May you continue to be a contributing factor to the youth of Torah and all of Klal Yisrael. Thank you for all that you do. Rabbi Shlomo and Ora Nisanov Kehilat Sephardim of Ahavat Achim
  • 59. Mazel tov to Mr. & Mrs. Arom From on your recognition.You should be proud of your selfless efforts in helping both individuals and the klal.You should continue in your efforts and be asource of nachas to your family and friends. Yosef & Chani Finestone -----------Congrats to Dasi & Aron on the worthy honor, Mazel Tov Heshy & Liba Neuman
  • 60. Mazel Tov to the Honorees Gavriel & Anna Nisanov Elan & Sharona Shamsayev we are pround of you all Isak & Miryam Nisanov ----------- Mazel Tov to Aron & Dasi FromA well deserved tribute to an extraordinary couple for your continuous dedication to Torah, Chesed and to your commitment to Klal Yisroel. We are so proud of your achievements. Love, Mommy & Daddy
  • 61. In honor of Aron & Dasi From Tzvi & Goldie Bloom ----------- Mazel Tov to Aron and Dasi Fromon a well deserved honor!Yehuda and Yehudis Yovits
  • 62. Chasak Baruch to Rabbi Aminov and Rabbi Zlotnickon another successful year! May the yeshiva continue to grow. Avi & Ettie Avezov ----------- In honor of Mesivta Tiferet Torah Yaakov and Chany Smith
  • 63. Mazel Tov to Mazel Tov to Aron & Dasi From Aron & Dasi From on this much deserved honor.on this well deserved honor! Thank you for being such a May you & your family wonderful baalei Chessed and inspiring role models for Klal continue to be a source of Yisroel. May Hashem grant youinspiration to your friends & great success in everything that you community! do! Dudi & Jenny Rokach Pnina & Simcha Wurtzel ----------- ----------- In honor of Dasi & Aron From Shira & Nachum Zlotnick Compliments of Rafael Zakinon Debbie & Ari Dienstag & Family
  • 64. Hatzlacha Rabba Kira & Evan Schuckman Mazel Tov to Aron & Dasi From on their well deserved honor Shaya & Yocheved Berger Congratulations to Aron & Dasi From on their receipt of the Etz Chaim Award. Continue the wonderful work! Love, Uncle David, Aunt Sarah & Family In honor of my Dear Childen Dasi & Aron, my pride in youraccomplishments knows no bounds. Mazel Tov on this well deserved kavod. Thank you for the nachas that you are giving me. Mommy Eliezer Krohn Chaim & Rochel Yachnes
  • 65. Hi guys! Keep up the good work :) BentzyMazel Tov to our dear friends Aron & Dasi From on this well deserved honor. Benzion & Devora Litwin In honor of the Yeshiva and Honorees Stan & Brenda Goldstein