Presentation to the Community on CBE Progress - August 2010

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  • 1. Community Presentation Community Resources August 11, 2010 Community Resources 1 Project Status
  • 2. Purpose of Meeting Present progress of Center for Business & Education (CBE) development Link to Visioning results Communicate with community Opportunity for questions, comments Community Resources 2 Project Status
  • 3. Agenda Introduction to Community Resources Center for Business & Education (CBE) Public Processes Current Status Next Steps Mixed Commerce Zoning Uses Questions and Comments Community Resources 3 Project Status
  • 4. Intro to Community Resources Mission: Attract, retain, and expand businesses in the Yellow Springs & Miami Township region Focus on commercial, educational, office, professional, and manufacturing Introduce members: Lisa Abel, Megan Bachman, David Boyer, Mark Crockett, Matthew Derr, Michael Fishbein, Rick Kristenson, Roi Qualls, Jerry Sutton, Kathryn Van der Heiden, Karl Zalar, Judith Hempfling (ex officio), Sarah Wildman (ex officio) Community Resources 4 Project Status
  • 5. Accomplishments Surveys Cost of living Business retention Hospitality study Land & funding for CBE Annexation & zoning for CBE Retention of Antioch University Midwest New website: Community Resources 5 Project Status
  • 6. Tie to Visioning Results CR works on planned and intentional economic development Focus is to increase local tax base CBE helps to increase potential business properties Plan to attract entities that provide living wage employment Community Resources 6 Project Status
  • 7. CBE: Public Processes Cooperative Economic Development Agreement (CEDA) approval – for commercial development, not housing or retail Economic development revolving loan fund & other grants Annexation of CBE land to Village Zoning of CBE – mixed commerce Federal grant process & award Village authority for infrastructure project Community Resources 7 Project Status
  • 8. CBE Funding CF grant 5% DDC grant 9% Local grant 10% Federal grant EDRLF 60% 16%
  • 9. CBE: Current Status OH DoT Project protocol Design Phase 1 completed Design alternatives Preliminary design of roads & utilities Rough estimate of costs & timing Design Phase 2 started End result will be detailed engineering drawings for construction bid package Community Resources 9 Project Status
  • 10. Phase 1 Design Community Resources 10 Project Status
  • 11. CBE: Next Steps & Timeline Starting Phase 2 design Detailed design plans for roads & utilities Outcome: plans for construction Completion: estimated end of 2010-early 2011 Construction phase: most of 2011 Filling the CBE Selecting development partner now More focused marketing in 2010-11 Community Resources 11 Project Status
  • 12. Mixed Commerce Zoning Prohibited Uses (ref zoning chapter 1259) Activities tending to create direct consumer traffic Retail stores, banks, barber shop, grocery, hardware, clothing, drug store, laundry services, gas station, theatre, auto repair, bowling alley Living spaces, permanent or temporary: Houses, apartments, nursing homes, motels Community Resources 12 Project Status
  • 13. Prohibited Uses Funeral parlors Trucking facilities Warehouses Heavy manufacturing Agriculture Amusement parks & facilities Community Resources 13 Project Status
  • 14. Conditionally Permitted Uses Limited warehousing or storage of items made onsite Day care centers primarily serving children of employees working onsite Wireless service facilities (ref chap 1280) Wholesale businesses (ref 1260.04 b or d) Retail only when accessory to primary use (e.g., AUM bookstore) Community Resources 14 Project Status
  • 15. Permitted Uses Data processing, software development Professionals & services (attorneys, accountants, insurance, financial advisors) R & D, engineering, design Light manufacturing (printing, electronics, assembly, food processing) Telemarketing Community Resources 15 Project Status
  • 16. Permitted Uses Library Municipal buildings Fire, ambulance, and police stations Educational & training institutions (but not K- 12 with playgrounds Headquarters for various institutions Community Resources 16 Project Status
  • 17. Questions? Comments? Community Resources 17 Project Status