Role Of Manager In The Organization
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Role Of Manager In The Organization






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  • I would to say that this web site is helping the student as well as professionals. Saleem Raza Bhatti.ACMI.
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  • @SaritaJoggesser , thanks for sparing your time & liking my article. In slideshare itself, you will find other articles written by me. My favourites are, 'what to do when chips are down' you must read this one. then leadership, preach what you practice are there. in case you are on linkedin , send me the invitaion on saumitra yadav, there you will find in question answers some of my thoughts. Thanks again. saumitra yadav
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    Dear Manish ,
    You can not confine role of leadership into boundries. The most suitable type of a leadership is participative. A good leader has to act differently on different situation. Sometime he has to tough & hard also. The two most important aspect of a successful manager or leader is transparancy & Honesty. More than the kind of decision making it is the quality of decision making which is more important. Timing, transparancy is very vital for decision making. If a manger is honest & transparant but his timing is not right then it will not help. If one is honest & transparant but does not act in time then it these two vital quality of mankind just goes in waste.
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  • Good article...Concise and precise...can you also pls let me know on decison making and what kind of style of decison making suits Manager the most
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Role Of Manager In The Organization Document Transcript

  • 1. Role of Manager in the Organization Most of the time the mangers in the organization are confused lot about what there role is. They are more concerned about the micro part of there responsibilities & could not concentrate more on the macro aspect of the management responsibility which he has to execute. Broadly we can divide the role of a manager into two parts. One is objective & the other one is subjective. The objective part is basically to run the business in efficient manner. Manager has to ensure that the objective goals of the organizations are achieved. The day to day business is run smoothly & to remove any obstacle which come on the way. This is what comprises the objective role of a manager & most of the time we find mangers are bogged down with this part only. The most important role of a manager is to identify, nurture & groom employees who would ultimately becomes future business leaders of the organization. Most of the managers forget this role & concentrate on running day to day business & are more concerned with increasing profitability for the organization. There is nothing wrong with the profitability factor but if an organization has to run successfully for maximum numbers of years, it has to churn out leaders all across the organization constantly. In the name of developing leaders most of the managers will take into there shelter few numbers of employee who understand better than other employees what there boss wants. He will provide all the necessary support & back up so they look good & after some time will promote them. Its human tendency to like the people who talks good about you & who praises you but if a manager wants to be a successful for longer duration, he has to understand the success of an organization depends on the shoulder of employees who has diverse skills & competencies. One type of people will not be able to get you success for a long time. He has to develop leaders all across the organization. There is another danger if you are surrounded by the people who only appreciate your work & never criticizes him, gradually they will be turning you to have a false feeling of supremacy. Ultimately you will be trapped into, I am great syndrome, which will slowly reduce your willingness to learn new things & with the passage of time will fade into oblivion. If we want not to happen this we must pay more attention to the macro part of our role as a manager & that’s all about identify, groom, and motivate employees from all spectrum of the organization into a future business leader. This can be achieved successfully by keeping aside your personal likings or disliking & judging the employee on his capacity to execute the job efficiently, his keenness & ability to learn new competencies, ability to perform in a team & his assimilation & understanding of organization culture. It’s a chain reaction; managers develop people into becoming leader who are directly working under them. They in turn develop people into leaders who are working under them & the process goes down to the lowest level of employee of the organization. How it is being ensured that the process is working? There are two methods by which organization can find out whether the leadership program is being successfully implemented. One the organization should conduct employee survey periodically from outsize agencies & second to have close tab on employees appraisal card. Both these tools will be immensely helpful to the managers to understand in which direction there organization will be heading. In the last it is his will power & sincerity will decide whether he wants to be a manager only, or for a long period to come he wants to be remembered by his peers as a true leader.
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