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All about me
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All about me


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Published in: Education

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  • 1. AllAboutMe ♥ By: Yamile Sandoval
  • 2. My Childhood My name is Yamile Sandoval. I’m 11 years old. I was born on August 21, 1999. I was born in the city of Brownsville, TX.
  • 3. My Family I have a small family living in one house, but in total, we’re a messed up bunch. There’s probably more than fifty family members. And that’s on only one side.
  • 4. My best friend Normally, one would think, oh, my best friends are this and that and they would go on and on. But, in reality, I, only have one best friend. Her name is Norma. She’s tall and has short hair and goes to Cummings. We used to hang out all the time in elementary, until finally, sixth grade tore us apart. But I still text her and cal her and chat with her on MSN. We like a lot of the same things and have the same taste in books, music, and TV shows.
  • 5. My hobbies I have many hobbies. I like to ride my bike and reading. I also like to play video games and to get on the computer. I enjoy reading stories about my favorite cartoon couple of all time on my computer on . Once I even spent 19 hours straight on the computer reading 1 story 100,000 words long.
  • 6. My favorite Songs I have a ton of songs in my iPod and I continue to add to my collection every day. I have songs ranging from Do you like Waffles? to Dynamite to Comatose to The Beatles. I have very mixed tastes in music and actually hope that that taste never leaves me. I’m open to pretty much everything. Well, except for Justin Bieber. Since I don’t want to say the word hate, I’ll just say I dislike his songs very much.
  • 7. My favorite computer programs I like a variant of computer programs. I like gabbasoft, a virtual Rubik’s Cube simulator. I also like MP3 Rocket, a music downloading program. I also like MSN and Yahoo Messenger. The latter being because that’s the one that my BBF uses. I also like ITunes and Limewire. I enjoy listening to music there.
  • 8. My Favorite place on earth My favorite place in the whole wide world since, forever, is Albuquerque, NM. I like that place for many reasons. One of them is because some of my favorite people on earth live there. They are, my most favorite cousin Flo, my preferred Aunt Lulú, and my little niece, Lulí. I also like how the air seems thinner and how the whole city seems just like out of a movie .
  • 9. My favorite quotes My most favorite quote is “Evil beware, we have waffles” – Raven, Teen Titans. My other favorite quotes are the following: “Ooooooh, bad grammar.” – Raven Teen Titans
  • 10. My favorite season Summer. Definitely summer. I mean, we get three months off of school. You don’t have to put on a sweater to go outside. You can go swimming or to the beach. You can just relax next to the pool or tan in the sun. It’s fun, exciting, and a good break from school.
  • 11. My favorite sports My favorite sports are as follows. Martial Arts, as they’re awesome. I also like to watch soccer and kick the ball, but not a game anytime soon. I also like basketball. It’s fun.
  • 12. My favorite colors I think that it’s pretty obvious what my favorite colors are. Purple and Green. I’m also starting to like red because of special reasons, although I’m not so sure.
  • 13. My favorite book Well, I don’t have a favorite book, though I do have a prefered series of books. It’s the Gallagher Girl’s Series. It’s about a girl named Cameron Morgan, or Cammie/Cam for short. The story follows her and her three friends on adventures that lead to dangerous Covert Operations.
  • 14. My favorite place to go to My favorite place to go to in my pastime is the Carnival. Although it’s not always here, I love to go when it is here. My favorite ride, by far, is the Kamikaze. I have to go on it at least twice, or my night doesn’t feel compete.
  • 15. My favorite holiday My favorite holiday is Christmas, although Halloween comes as a close second. The reason that Christmas comes first is because of the aura that you can feel all around you. It feels just great.
  • 16. My favorite shoes My favorite shoes are converse high-tops. I like them in most every color, except pink, but I still don’t have them all. I also puma’s, the running shoes.
  • 17. My biggest fears I have a lot of fears, like the ones of being alone in the dark, and ghosts, although I think the latter is a bit dumb, I’m still scared. I don’t like to dream of people passing away, and I’m also afraid of falling from great heights.
  • 18. Thnx 4 watchin xd ♥