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Bruges Youth Service

Bruges Youth Service






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    Bruges Youth Service Bruges Youth Service Presentation Transcript

    • Presentation: Bruges Youth Departement 2010
    • “Whatever plays in a country, let it be the children!”Loesje
    • 3-25 years old
      The Youth Departement is necessary!
      ¼ of the Bruges population are youngsters
      Inhabitants in Bruges
      ¼ has a right to support by the City
    • What is Youth Departement?
      (“de Jeugddienst”)
    • Youth Departement in Bruges:
      • Providing a service for young people between 3 and 25 years old
      • Its policy is based on the local ‘Youth Policy Plan’ (a 3 year strategy)
      • Support for youth movements and non-organised youth.
      • Produces additional activities for kids and teenagers
      • Gives information to young people (by ex. Kick Off, a spare-time guide )
      • Listens to them!
      The Youth Departement = THE place where EVERY youngster can get information about their spare time in Bruges
    • How?
    • Organogram of the Youth Departement
      ‘Municipal officer of Youth’
    • Section 1: Supporting youth movements
      (= Scouts, youth houses, socio-cultural events, etc.)
    • Section 1: Supporting youth movements
      To stimulate spare-time activity by giving all kinds of support to youth movements:
      - financially
      - logistically
      - staff (personnel)
      - information / knowledge
    • Section 1: Supporting youth movements
      • financial support for youth movements
      - Giving funds to: youth houses / ‘playground’-recreation / (cultural) youth movements
      - Assets for social-cultural projects / experimental youth organisations
      - Support when buying sustainable equipment/tools
      - Financial aid when doing education/tuiting/training
      • logistical help
      - Young people can borrow certain materials (audio-equipment, large tents,..) from us (free)
      - Service where the city provides transportation of equipment for holidays fo youth movements
      • personell / staff
      - ¾ of salary of 3 Non Profit Organisations (RCJC Entrepot/JH Thope/JH Comma)
      - Paying students for holiday-projects of the Youth Departement (“SWAP”/playground recreation,…)
      • information / knowledge
      - giving information, providing education, assistance in difficult situations/issues
    • Section 1: Supporting youth movements
      • financial support for people to participate in youth movements
      - The Youth-ACTION-cheques: a way to stimulate people with financial problems to let their children participate in youth movements.
    • Section 2: youth movements + infrastructure
    • Section 2: youth movements + infrastructure
      Financial + logistical support and providing knowledge for youth organisations when it concerns infrastructure/facilities.
    • Section 2: youth movements + infrastructure
      • financial support for building/lodging (+ city infrastructure)
      - Building, constructing buying, painting, etc. shelter and infrastructure for youth organisations
      • information and knowledge
      - Open discussion and conversation between city departements (eg. youth) and movements
      - Follow-up for important construction dossiers/files
      - Providing with information about city infrastructure
      • logistical support
      - Youth organistions can contact us for necessary repairs
    • Section 3: Space for youngsters / play area
    • Section 3: Space for youngsters / play area
      • Sufficient + useful space for young people
      • Physical and psychological space
    • Section 3: Space for youngsters / play area
      • Youth council
      - Independent
      - A council for young people from Bruges (max. 35 years old)
      - An official advisory board for the city
      - Infrastructure and informations support by the Youth Departement
      - To produce certain events (breakfast, 100-days (till graduation) party for students…)
    • Section 3: Space for youngsters / play area
      • play area
      Giving advise about:
      - to develop / maintenance of playgrounds
      - searching for new space
      - skate-/blade- en bike space
      • ‘neighbours’ project
      - people who live in the neighbourhoud keep an eye on the playgrounds (and notify us in case it is necessary)
    • Section 3: Space for youngsters / play area
      • ‘Playstreet’
      - The neigbourhood requests for a ‘playstreet’ (no cars allowed)
      - 1 day or during the whole summer (a few hours/day)
      - Purpose: to create temporty space for kids in the street (support by the Youth Departement)
    • Section 3: Space for youngsters / play area
      • graffiti
      - To offer walls/space for artists to paint freely (and legally)
      - To search for new spots
    • Section 3: Space for youngsters / play area
      • party space
      - There is a lack of party space in Bruges -> the Youth departement tries to address this problem
      - Discussion between several departements to create an enjoyable and positive partyculture
      - A policy with vision and future : conversation between different partners + attention for drug/alcohol abuse and noise nuisance (too much noise/music for people in the neigbourhood)
      - Simplification of forms + administration when it concerns parties, festival
      • participation-> a right to speak
      - Attempt to give young people as much opportunity to give their opinions/ideas as possible
    • Section 4: Activity
    • Section 4: Activity
      • basic principle
      - We support the activities of youth movements
      • lacks in the program / the current offer?
      - the Youth Departement produces own events and extra activities to complete the existing program offered by youth movements
    • Section 4: Activity
      • activities for official youth organisations:
      - The ‘day of the youth movement’ (eg. scouts…)
    • Section 4: Activity
      • activities for other kids and teenagers:
      - ‘Roefelland’: the children rule the Entrepot for one day (fire-extinguishing, ice-carving, pony-riding, circus, fun-cooking, comic book-drawing…)
      - ‘Grabbelpas/Swap’: fun activities and visits during the holidays
      - Teenspirit: activities for teenagers from a vulnerable region
      - Tapas: big 1-day event for all the youngsters at the Entrepot (music, workshops, party…)
    • Section 5: communication and information
      • to inform youngsters
      - about us = INTERN
      - about youth-related issues in general = EXTERN
    • Section 5: Communication and information
      • website
      - Flashy, youthful
      - Inform youngsters with our newsletter
      • facebook / netlog
      • reception (youth-desk)
      - Youngsters are allways welcome here for all kinds of information, forms…
      - Try to close the gap between the youth of Bruges and our Departement
      - Providing service (face to face, library with interesting information)
      • publications
      - To edit and publish own publications (vb: partyguide, SWAP/Grabbelpas-brochures, spare-time guide)
      - Providing interesting, external information to kids and teenagers
      • external communication
      - External publicity and promotion (information in schools, mailings)
      • press-relations
      • the Youth Departement frequently makes an evaluation about its own policy
      • Receiving more information about us and our Youth-Policyplan 2008-2010
      • Important data:
      Address: Bruges Youth Departement, Binnenweg 2, 8000 Brugge
      Tel:050 44 83 33
      e-mail: jeugddienst@brugge.be
    • Challenges 2011-2013!
      • volunteers (2011 – European year of volunteering)
      • A forum where we can brainstorm with local youngsters and produce new ideas in the way we interact with youngsters, what kind of activities we plan, etc.
      • youngsters who just hang around
      • partylocations
    • Any questions?