Media Dark Knight Rises Opening Sequence 9 frames analysis


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Media Dark Knight Rises Opening Sequence 9 frames analysis

  1. 1. Dark Knight Rises
  2. 2. Depth of field used to blur out background. Enigma code; Where is this? The ripped mask is significant because it shows a possible death of the main character. It is left neglected on the floor and is broken and tattered which could be suggesting it was knocked or ripped off in conflict. Focuses all attention to the forefront of the image, so to the mask Tattered and ripped piece of what appears to be paper Enigma codes; why is it there? Is there anything Written on it? If so what is on it Shows us the widely recognised mask of batman, shows us he plays a part in it. Introducces us to a side of him but does not give anything about him away Enigma codes; Who did this? What Happened to Batman? Where is Batman? Snow falling and on ground (in particular the mask). Cold in not just setting, but possibly characters? Also potentially the plot
  3. 3. Frost/ice on and around the surface. A cold environment. A possible clue to the character examining the batarang? Newspaper/headline Suggests the setting is most probably in Gotham. Makes it look less professional, probably a policeman rather than the police. Why are they working over a newspaper as a surface? Characters from batman known to live in cold environments. Penguin? Mr Freeze? Shows the batman symbol, again widely recognised. Possibly a batarang? What looks like a magnifying glass or some sort of examining plate or dish, so under scrutiny. Enigma codes; who is looking it in such detail? Why are they? Joker? Bane? Penguin? etc. Villains ? Police? Possible conflict with police? Why?
  4. 4. Enigma codes; What happened? What’s going on between police and batman? Corruption in the police? A set up? Misunderstand ing? Batman turned criminal? High contrast in the shot. Pitch black around the picture and the brightness in picture is very high Possibly used to show the contrast in characters? Climbing out of a police car. Similarly to the last slide , suggests some sort of conflict between batman and the police. Shows us the real identitiy and face of the batman, which is something charatcers in the film do not know Christian Bale, who plays the character of Bruce Wayne, the real name of the batman Gives us a recognisable face, a famous individual who will make people more likely to go watch the film. Was also the star in the previous film, playing the same role.
  5. 5. BANE. First time the villain is named. Had not been shown before Headline bane dominated. Possibly influenced by him. Holding a picture of what looks like Bruce Wayne. Enigma codes; Has he discovered batmans real identity? How did he discover it? Has he got control over batman now? How willl batman react? What will he do to overcome this? The face of Bane is shown for the first time. Armed guard behind Bane? Background, what apears to be the town hall? Now a mayor figure? Complete political control? Angle of the shot makes bane appear to be huge, even bigger than he is. Especially compared tot eh guard behind him Does he have that much control over the city?
  6. 6. Plan for an armoured car. We do not know it yet, but this is the most important vehicle in the film. Determines the outcome of the film. What is this? Some form of weapon ? Who has these plans, has it been built yet? What is being planned to use for? Why armored? Map underneath the drawings. Why is it there? Where is it a map of? Does it have relevance to the car? Are they planning to attack or defend it? When?
  7. 7. Catwoman? Harley quin? Or a heartbroken lover of bruce wayne? Old scratchedup metalic surface,looks like the type of surface from a post mortem investigation desktop etc. Female? Is this a feminine reaction? A villain whos plans batman had previously foiled? Or sent to prison? An rkham Asylum escapee? Who did this? Wjat did Batman/Bruc e Wayne do to them to them. Why is the picture cut up and ripped? Christian Bale, Bruce Wayne AkA Batman
  8. 8. Pale skin contrasting with dark background and hat which are High contrasting completely black (excluding the image stripes) Contrast put right up to the point where her skin is the same colour as the printed white stripes on her hat Why is her hat so low? Hiding from somebody? The individual who did the cutting up of the picture in the last slide? Good or Bad? Against or with batman ? Who is this? What is her relevance? Hat covering part of her face, specifically one eye, but there is no shadow cast over her head, and she is still recognizable
  9. 9. What else is new? Why plans for it? If new technology and equipment, implies a whole new bigger and Upgrades to equipment? better film. Batmobile? New version? What is this blur on the side of the image? Looks like some sort of liquid? Notes on improvements made to the model. Reproduction of the idea? Water? Developer? Also looks like photographic paper
  10. 10. What is the relevance of this to the film? Setting? Characters, Theme/Tone? Recurring theme of ice Cold, Ice, Frost? What is it signifying? TITLE of the film Cannot read last word Headline with relevance to storyline Would not normally be noticed or read, spoilers for the observant What does it say? Why did they make it illegible
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