Mighty messiahs


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religion assignment

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Mighty messiahs

  1. 1. The moral object The Parents The Student The student Teach student doesn’t feel thatthat drinking is it is wrong towrong until they drink and lie toare at the right his parents aboutage to make the it because it isn’t decision for hurting him. Also, themselves to he feels that if it drink can hide it from responsibly… them it isn’t hurting them…
  2. 2. The intention The Parents The Student Teach student The intention ofwhat is right and the student is towrong and that drink at the drinking at a parties evenyoung age is not though it isappropriate or wrong but the legal and that student thinks it people can get is okay because ithurt if you don’t does not hurt drink anyone… responsibly…
  3. 3. The circumstances The Parents The Student The student is The student isattending a party attending a party where underage with his friends drinking may and underageoccur. The parents drinking is are trying to occurring. He teach the student wants to fit in andthat it is wrong to do what hisdrink at their age friends are doing so he goes along and they are with the drinking. responsible for He doesn’t see
  4. 4. “Moral” or “not moral?” The Parents The Student Moral Object: Moral Object: Moral Not MoralIntention: Moral Intention: Not Moral Circumstances: moral Circumstances: Not Moral
  5. 5. Course of election The Parents The Student Parents should Student should give the student make their own the opportunity decision onto make the right whether or not choice on their to drink based onown. They should their own lay out the thoughts not on reasons why the what their student should parents tell not be drinking them is right or and let them wrong or
  6. 6. How it should be executed The Parents The Student Student should be Parents should able to tell the be able to speak truth about all to their children situations without openly about all feeling that they issues and make will have to face an effort to strong teach them right consequences. The from wrong. If student should tell the truth and parents make it hope their parents easy for their will understand. If children to talk their parents have
  7. 7. Situation review The Parents The Student Student should Parents should change the factnot tell children that they are they can’t do lying to their something but parents because it explain to them can lead to more why it is wrong severe to drink. They consequences should be able when the truth isto give examples discovered. The of why it would student should be wrong and make the decision
  8. 8. Study questions0 I wouldn’t want them to drink at parties because someone could get hurt. I think forbidding them from doing anything only makes them what to do it more. You need to teach them right from wrong and hope that they will make the right decision when the situation occurs.0 I don’t think it is right. If something happens and the parents find out that the child has been lying to them all along the consequences could be worse.
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