Headache of the boss


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Headache of the boss

  1. 1. Headache of the Boss Meet Mr. and Mrs. Fraud
  2. 2. INTRODUCTIONDear Ladies & Gentlemen,I’d like to introduce to you Mr. & Mrs. Fraud, former employeesof the well-known and reliable Company with outstandingreferences from their previous bosses.Mr. & Mrs. Fraud are very intelligent and good looking, well-educated and have a strong ability to work. Isn’t it impressivethat they will find a new executive jobs in a minute? No, it isn’t.Will our Boss (or Board of Directors) have a headache because ofthem? With no doubt!Let’s pretend that the minute has passed and follow Mr. & Mrs.Fraud up in their first days at work.
  3. 3. DAY ONE – “TEAM WORK”During his first day at work Mr. Fraud showed that he is verycompetitive and has a deep knowledge of the market.MR. FRAUD: “Wow! You haven’t yet hire “BEST EVER SEENCONSTRUCTION COMPANY” LTD to do this job for you? Don’t youknow that this company is a market leader with best prices andhighest quality services? Poor losers, let me help you in solvingthis problem!”And only Mrs. Fraud knows that the “BEST EVER SEENCONSTRUCTION COMPANY” LTD is owned by Mr. Fraud elderbrother. Will she tell us? No, she won’t, because Mr. Fraud’srebate in cash will be 7% of future contract (no taxes, of cause)What’s our Boss? He doesn’t know, he is happy.
  4. 4. DAY TWO – “RESTAURANT BILL & CORRUPTION”Haven’t you heard that 85% of Russian companies pay back totheir corporate or governmental customers so called “otkat”?Our Boss has and he is not as strong to fight against corruption.Keep it secret but our Boss pays 10% back to every customer.Today the Client called our Boss and said that he needs 20% backin cash for every contract or he will go to competitor.BOSS TO MR.FRAUD: Please, take the client to the restaurant anttry to solve this situation. Here you are 300$ for the bill.MR.FRAUD: Ok, Boss. You the Boss.
  5. 5. DAY TWO – “RESTAURANT BILL & CORRUPTION”This evening Mr .Fraud meets the Client in the restaurant.Mr.FRAUD: Dear Client, you know that during recession it issimply impossible to pay you back 20% in cash. Let’s say it is 14%and you’ll have my deepest gratitude and support?The CLIENT: Ok, 14% is a good start. Let’s fix 14% for the next 1000 000$ contracts and please, don’t worry about the bill, I’llpay.
  6. 6. DAY TWO – “RESTAURANT BILL & CORRUPTION”Next morning at the meetingMR.FRAUD: Yesterday I met the Client in the restaurant and weagreed that for the next 1 000 000$ contracts he is ready to askfor 17,5% bribe, not 20%. For sure, I had to buy the mostexpensive vine and starlet, but the Client and the deal worththese expenses.BOSS: Oh, don’t worry, dear Fraud. I’ll add 200$ to cover yourexpenses and moreover you may count on a big bonus thismonth. I dream that all my employees will one day work as goodas you.
  7. 7. DAY TWO – “RESTAURANT BILL & CORRUPTION”It was a good day for Mr.Fraud. He’ll have additional 25 000$pretended to be paid back to the Client and for sure, 500$ for representation costs. And what’s the Boss? He is worried about decrease in profit of the Company and is going to face the Board of Directors (or shareholders) hearing.
  8. 8. DAY THREE – “LET ME TAKE CARE OF YOUR CLIENTS”MR.FRAUD is a best employee of the(week/month/year/century) and our Boss decided to give himadditional power in client relations field.BOSS: MR.Fraud, I’d like to give our main clients under yourcontrol. Would you please take care about these 2M$ contractsfrom our Client. These contracts are very important and we willbe in deep trouble if the Client will refuse.MR.FRAUD: Ok, Boss. You the Boss.
  9. 9. DAY THREE – “LET ME TAKE CARE OF YOUR CLIENTS”MRS.FRAUD (haven’t you forgotten about her?) owns a smallcompany STAR LTD. Just a case she will need a bank account toaccept payment.This evening Mr .Fraud meets the ClientMR.FRAUD: Dear Client, I can’t lie to you, our company is onthe edge of bankruptcy. I can’t recommend you signing thiscontract because we can’t guarantee that it will be fulfilled.What about STAR LTD? It is a small company under mycontrol and I’m ready to accept all the risks of the contractjust to make sure that my best client won’t lose his money.
  10. 10. DAY THREE – “LET ME TAKE CARE OF YOUR CLIENTS”Next morning at the meetingMR.FRAUD: It is a disaster! The Client has found a newcontractor STAR LTD! I already contact them and they areready to hire us as a sub-contractor, but the price will be1,5M$. Who will get 0,5M$ profit? Yes, Mrs .Fraud. Who will be fired? Mr Fraud? No, the Boss.
  11. 11. THE ENDUnless we will stand against Mr. & Mrs. Fraud they can steal ourmoney, our brand and even our identity.According to official data 18% of employees are involved infraudulent schemes.Don’t forget to call your Fraudbusters – Staf-Allience SecurityGroup before the dusk of the 3rd day.