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Short project presentation for a music festival

2008: concept+text+layout

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  1. 1. Welcome to a nice presentation about a nice Romanian festival. You’ll find out how we do it, why we do it and when we do it. Enjoy! Hello!
  2. 2. stimultan like you never saw it before
  3. 3. [essential information – what / when /where / who / why] We, the people of ORICUM. See the last two slides of this presentation for more What’s all the fuss about? details or visit us at Who’s doing it? It’s the brand new 2008 Stimultan International Edition, a music festival Romania has never witnessed before In the very center of Romania, namely Sibiu, somewhere in When & Where? late July – beginning of August.
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  6. 6. [differentiating elements] our history & expertise in dealing with Romanian youth the customizability aspect the diversity & charm well-balanced location
  7. 7. rock music
  8. 8. rap music
  9. 9. electronic music
  10. 10. scissor sisters patricegorillaz [music unites people] belle&sebastian beirut portishead n-light-n semisonic snow patrolondaftradio the flaming lips punk tv audio bullys the air ace mogwai Bentley tool pj harvey rhytm plaid nightmares of wax canada birdy namwaxfeeder newsome of marizanam joanna boards gentleman taylor travissixtoo dj shadow interpol the roots four tet tosca korn cocorosieroyksopp krs one bloc partyzero7 james mushroom bonobo the tommy tee oxide&neutrino infected cinematic orchestra stuart james kruder&dorfmeister the marley kaiser sisters scissor chiefs damian hives supergrass radiohead scissor sisters massive attack venetian snares the knife patricegorillaz mospanic! atthemusekeane belle&sebastianexploding plastic patrice belle&sebastianapparat def beastie boys scissor sisters beirut portishead sigur ros autechre disco gorillaz n-light-nsemisonic thekillers lily allen goldfrapp bassement jaxx my chemical romance patricegorillaz belle&sebastian snow patrolondaftradion-light-n coldcutwinehouse funk squad beirut portishead punk the kooks beirut hotbjork amy aphex twin the flaming lips ladytron atmosphere gangstarr tv audio bullys chip sage francis talib kweli the air ace mogwai future n-light-nsemisonic plaid nightmares of wax canada saylooptroop punk snow patrolondaftradio Bentley tool pj harvey damian rice underworld rhytm portishead tiersen starsailor clap your hands semisonic daft stereophonics yeah! 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  11. 11. [festival entertainment] Lay back and relax – it’s the chillout zone. DIY zone Nice cosy resting area. Play a game of chess or sip your favourite cocktail while reading At the Do It Yourself zone people a great book... learn to craft various stuff. Graffiti will also be present here, along with independent artists that would like to showcase their work, chillout zone regardless their field. Everything’s allowed here – freesbee, kites, boomerangs, foosball, ping-pong, random Different tents here – video games, movie screenings, tent zone arcade & internet tents for performances, water fights live blogging, informational tents of various NGOs, food&drinks free zone
  12. 12. [the communication campaign] While being bombarded with so many great musical events, young people become harder to convince and their expectations increase (when they think about the musical events they plan to attend). For detalied information on Stimultan’s communication campaign, please ask for the dedicated presentation
  13. 13. [calendar] signing stimultan the artists arena Oct – Dec 07 Late February 08 the big event communication the poll late July 08 campaign & Sept 07-Jan 08 ticket sales Mar – Jul 08 evaluation up to Sept 08
  14. 14. This presentation is almost over. Feel free to request further information regarding STIMULTAN using the contact details in the next slide. Thanks! Goodbye!
  15. 15. contact: the illustrations in this presentation are copyrighted to their respective owners. Yes, we know who they are.
  16. 16. [about us] ORICUM is a young organization with the will and power to become the spirit of a new active, intelligent, self- confident generation. The Oricum initiatives follow the idea of creating a communication platform that connects three of the most important aspects of young people's lives: urban culture, practical education and innovative entertainment. We believe that one of the most important things that young people should be aware of is their power to transform dreams into immediate realities. Maybe the world would be a little better if young people would rule it, because they are the ones not afraid to dream and imagine. And when you have that, the ways to get to the finish line are various. This is where the adults can help with their experience and knowledge. It is important to build self confidence, but also to guide and inspire. Sometimes even small barriers, like the cultural and geographic ones can help. They can make you try a bit harder, can help prepare the mental equipment for facing and solving more obstacles. Our team has created concepts, programs and events like: Filter Design Competition, Youth Summit , Mentorship , Youth Delegate, ICUBE Competition, STIMULTAN (1 and 2), Urban Quest, Peace through Sport, Arena cu Supereroi etc. Oricum was supported in its project by valuable partners such as: The United Nations Organization, British Council , The Romanian Olympic Sports Comitte, Massachusetts Institute of Technology or The Honorary Consulate of Romania at Boston. You can find out more about our projects at: