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General presentation of the Oricum Association, emailable :)

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April 2008 version: concept+text+layout

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  1. 1. __welcome) mission+vision&values) directions of activity) past projects) ongoing projects) future projects) partners) contact)
  2. 2. __mission+vision) Mision: Vision: We aim to transform Inspiring young people Romanian education by to be creative and making it more creative, innovative! innovative and practical, while fostering proactivity among our target audience - youngsters aged 15-25. Values: Our main areas of keeping it fun  expertise are creative trust  industries, science and responsibility  technology, culture and thinking out of the box  sports. simplicity 
  3. 3. __directions) 1 creative industries sport We believe the innate We believe that any creativity of young Romanians developed society can be harnessed towards has a strong sport transforming Romania in the culture attached most competitive country in because besides the region in the field of being healthy for your creative industries: music, body sports can be a architecture, advertising, great way of creating design, film. leadership, conflict management, We organize competitions and bringing people other projects in the field of together, encouraging creative industries and we are competitiveness and lobbying for a better public fun! policy in this area.
  4. 4. __directions) 2 An educational system that works well allows a country and its young people to develop to the best of their potential. At this point Romania has to understand what kind of educational system it needs and it has to get people involved in making this change take place. Our aim is to bring young people together with representative of authorities, companies, mass-media and the civil society to generate constructive arguments and solutions. In the mean this we create educational projects that serve as role model programmes for the system since we bring a new, creative and fresh approach. At this point we think there's too much theory in the formal education system and want to shift just a little bit to some non-formal, learning by doing system – making education fun and efficient for a change. education science&technology Science and technology is another area that can transform Romania in a regional hub for innovation. Our projects in this field also aim at educating young innovators in science and technology to become better entrepreneurs and to sell their ideas more creatively!
  5. 5. __past projects) 1 The ICUBE Competition is a national entrepreneurial competition targeted at University students that aims to identify and help finance the most innovative and marketable business ideas. ICUBE teaches students that having an idea, no matter its value, is not enough. Taking part in ICUBE, students will be given valuable feedback on their innovative projects; they will learn how to sell them and how to think efficiently – all these from technology professionals. ORICUM has sucessfully handled the 2006&2007 editions of ICUBE, and the ICUBE Association is now fully in charge of the ICUBE Competition. ICUBE Competition Find out more from the official website www.icube.ro
  6. 6. __past projects) 2 We have celebrated International Peace Day and Sports through an event, unique both in Romania and the world. The Sports Festival was the first sports fair in Romania where the Olympic Sports Federations were invited to present themselves and convince people to play the sport they represent. The fair was divided into three areas: the childhood arena, the Olympic sports arena, and the urban arena. We have promoted conflict resolution by channeling energy towards sports. Peace through Sports Find out more from the official website www.paceprinsport.ro
  7. 7. __past projects) 3 The project is a follow-up to “Youth Delegate at the United Nations” and aims at stimulating the public participation of Romanian youngsters. Through a country-wide caravan in April and May 2008 we held educational conferences and workshops in 5 major Romanian cities. The main educational themes we touched are youth participation in decision-making, youth-led development, political leadership and civic involvement. 500 youngsters aged 15-25 were the direct beneficiaries of the conferences and trainings, and about 5000 more are aware of the project thanks to the online communication platform and awareness raising campaign Partners: Romania Youth Council, Pro-Democracy Association, United Nations Information Center Sponsors: Open Society Institute (Soros Foundation), Balkan Trust for Democracy (German Marshall Fund of the United States) Voice of a Generation
  8. 8. __ongoing projects) 1 Youth Summit - 2007: Youth Summit - 2008: Focusing on education in Youth Summit is a 2007, Youth Summit aims at combined effort from all being the most important parts involved to identify meeting dedicated to young and solve the most Romanians. important problems faced by young Romanians Youth Summit is the space in which decision-makers (state authorities, companies, civil society & media) and young people meet in order to freely discuss the actual state of the young Romanian individual. Youth Summit Find out more from the official website www.youthsummit.ro
  9. 9. __ongoing projects) 2 A platform where young people are be tutored by professionals in order to understand their future careers early on. The website is hosting companies and organizations from different areas whose mentors showcase what it means to work for them and offer young people a chance to interact live with their employees. We plan on expanding the initial concept by carrying out a more complex platform that is to be launched in the autumn of 2008. The new flexible platform will have lots of new features that will turn it into an unique e-learning tool. Mentorship Find out more on www.mentorship.ro
  10. 10. __ongoing projects) 3 Launched in the spring of 2007, Filter is an annual design competition (graphic, industrial, auto, web and freestyle design) targeted at young people; it aims to become a platform through which the young designer can test his abilities and get noticed by potential employers. The platform is thought to get young designers as well as teachers from design faculties involved and companies who want to hire a designer, promoting good design in the whole process. Filter Design Competition Find out more from the official website www.filterdesign.ro
  11. 11. __ongoing projects) 4 Through the project we have initiated in 2007, Romania became the first country in South Eastern Europe to establish an institutionalized annual selection of youth representatives at the United Nations. In partnership with major stakeholders in Romanian society (most important civil society organizations, the Presidency, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) we have selected two young leaders that represented Romanian youth at the United Nations, where negotiated youth-related policies and resolutions, and lobbied for increased participation of youth in decision-making in the most important political arena of the world. The UN Youth Delegate Competition will be held each year. Youth Delegate at the United Nations Find out more from the official website http://youthdelegate.oricum.ro
  12. 12. __ongoing projects) 5 The Youth Action through Sport project is a British Council initiative in the whole South Eastern Europe with the main objective of the project is to empower young people to manage and operate transnational projects which are build on values like personal excellence, cultural exchange, international understanding, sport as education, mass participation and fair play. Be Your own Hero (Arena cu Supereroi) was the Romanian project, organized by the British Council Romania in partnership with the Oricum Organization in 2007. The championship was meant to engage young people to participate in sport activities by organizing events in their own neighborhood. The project was aimed at countering the negative views of sport by showing young people that sport can be fun and entertaining. The project also strived for using sport as a Find out more from the official website social inclusion and education method. www.arenacusupereroi.ro Be Your Own Hero!
  13. 13. __ongoing projects) 6 Future Shorts is one of the leading and most innovative short film labels. Since 2003, Future Shorts has created a rapidly expanding network that allows filmmakers the opportunity to have their work seen on the largest theatrical platform worldwide. Future Shorts is recognised by filmmakers, the industry and press alike as the cutting-edge short film label. Future Shorts is a worldwide monthly film festival as well as a distributor, sales agent, consultancy service and DVD label. Together with Feeder.ro and Robert Crangasu we have founded Future Shorts Romania (under the supervision of the UK division), which plans on rapidly expanding the concept of cultural nights (screening+after-party) each month in major cities around Romania, starting with Bucharest and Timisoara. We also hope to include quality Romanian short movies in the Future Shorts international Find out more from the official website circuit. www.futureshorts.ro Future Shorts Romania
  14. 14. __future projects) 1 The first science fair for all high school students in Bucharest. The Science Fair gives high-school students the opportunity to learn about science in a practical and fun way. Passion in action. Theory in practice. Teamwork. Teams of three coordinated by a mentor have to create and present a practical application in any of the following categories: A. biological & ecological sciences B. chemical, physical and mathematical sciences C. Technology ICUBE Science Fair is going to become a practical and functional good practice model for scientific education in Romania by offering the know-how for creating replica science fairs in all Romanian high-schools. Science Fair
  15. 15. __future projects) 2 The main objective of INSITUM is to organize the first public space innovation competition for students in architecture and arts in Romania that will have a tangible outcome in Bucharest. The purpose of INSITUM is to implement valuable, harmonious and innovative projects in public space design with the help of responsible companies and city authorities while educating young people in the spirit of "learning by doing". The winner of INSITUM competition with the help of our partners will be given the opportunity to design a public space of about 100 square meters in the center of Bucharest. Insitum
  16. 16. __future projects) 3 The project will foster the development of youth-led interethnic partnerships and community development projects. 40 youngsters with leadership and multiplier potential aged 16 – 25, of Romanian and non-Romanian ethnic origin will gain knowledge in social entrepreneurship and intercultural dialogue during an interactive, inspirational and innovative training camp. 2000 other interested youngsters will be exposed to the resource-packed website that will accompany the project. During a project incubator, participants will develop projects together, in multiethnic teams originating in the same geographical area. The best project proposal will receive start-up funding and all others will be counselled and monitored. Partners: The Media Monitoring Agency, The Department of Interethnic Relations (Romanian Government) Sponsors: Youth in Action (European Union Youth Program) Together for Social Change
  17. 17. __partners) companii/organizatii/media
  18. 18. __contact) Corina Murafa President of the ORICUM Association for Education +40 722 370 852 corina@oricum.ro Răzvan Crişan Sales ORICUM +40 727 719 303 razvan@oricum.ro The team ORICUM +40 31 100 89 32 team@oricum.ro