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Marina Barrage

  1. 1. Creating a Reservoir in the City Marina Barrage Yap Kheng Guan ● PUB ● Singapore 1
  2. 2. About Singapore 23 km 42 km Land Area 680 km2 Population 4.2 mil Average Annual 2400 mm Rainfall Water Demand 1.3 mil m3 per day (approx 300 mgd~ 550 Olympic pools) Supply of Water and 100 % Modern Sanitation Unaccounted for 5% Water 2
  3. 3. PUB : Part of Singapore’s MEWR Family To deliver and sustain a clean and healthy environment and water resources for all in Singapore. To ensure a sustainable To ensure an efficient, quality environment in adequate and sustainable Singapore supply of water 3
  4. 4. Integrating the Water Loop : Water for All PUB manages the complete water cycle From sourcing, collection, purification and supply of drinking water, to treatment of used water and turning it into NEWater, drainage of storm water Rain Sea le Use Indirect Potab Direct Non- Potable Use 4
  5. 5. 5
  6. 6. National Tap – Local Catchment Largest catchment – 1/6 of Singapore or 10,000 ha 6
  7. 7. Creating a Reservoir in the City Sports Marin Hub a Marina Barra Centre Marina ge East IR Gardens by BFC the Bay Marina Barrage Straits of Marina South Singapore Marina Barrage Pier 7
  8. 8. The 3 Objectives of Marina Barrage Water supply basin turned into freshwater reservoir Flood control Lifestyle attraction in our city no more high tides, stabilised water levels vibrant freshwater lake, full of life in water and on land, in downtown Singapore 8
  9. 9. The Marina Barrage sea reservoir Drainage Pumping Visitor Centre Crest Gates Station 9 no, each 240 CMS, 6 pumps 26.8m wide + 1 stand-by 9
  10. 10. Flood Control City High Tide City High Tide Freshwater reservoir Crest gate City Low Tide City Pumps High Tide 10
  11. 11. Raw Water Pumping Station Intake Structure + Fountain Pumping Station 11
  12. 12. Marina Barrage - Marina Construction in progress Reservoir Sea MARINA CHANNEL SEA Construction of drainage Construction of barrage at pumping station at Marina Marina East South 12
  13. 13. architectural • Facility designed to be non-obtrusive, attractive and able to blend in the prime location while still being cost effective • Drainage Pump Station designed to integrate with long term plans for Marina South area 13
  14. 14. Drainage Pumping Station from Marina East 14
  15. 15. New Lifestyle Attraction at Downtown Marina Barrage 15
  16. 16. Sustainable water management 4 National Taps 3P Approach Local catchment Imported water (Johor) NEWater “Conserve Water” Desalinated water “Value Our Water” “Enjoy Our Waters” “Water for All” “Conserve, Value, Enjoy” 16
  17. 17. 3P approach to achieve sustainability 3P’s approach to engage our 3P partners to keep our water catchments & waterways clean & build a relationship with water * People, Private, Public 17
  18. 18. Active Engagement of 3P Partners encourage our partners to collectively take ownership in caring for our water resources “Our Waters” programme well-received with 31 adopters to-date from schools, grassroots, NGOs, private entities * People, Private, Public 18
  19. 19. Lower Upper Peirce how litters affect our Peirce Reservoir Reservoir Ang Mo Kio New Town waterways… Bishan MacRitchie New Town Reservoir Turf City Kg Ubi Ind. Est Singapore Botanic Gardens Kallang Basin Queenstown New Town Marina Bay 19
  20. 20. Active Engagement of 3P Partners Engaging and supporting volunteer groups like Waterways Watch Society (WWS) Water Wally, PUB’s mascot, reaches out to schools Water Detective Programme NEWater Visitor Centre, media stories etc 20
  21. 21. Visitor Centre 21
  22. 22. The Blue Map of Singapore 22
  23. 23. Active, Beautiful & Clean (ABC) Waters Programme ABC Waters Programme is about: • Making the most of our reservoirs and waterways – Beyond function. – Active, full of life & activities, beautiful & clean. • Building people-water relationship – Connect people with the water. – A sense of ownership. • Providing new community space for communal bonding. – Park connectors. – Water activities. • Improving water quality – Landscaping / Water features • Value Creation – Improve quality of life – Enhance land value 23
  24. 24. Active, Beautiful & Clean (ABC) Waters Programme Early attempts : Aesthetic / environmental treatment of waterways - Iconic / Tourist areas - Residential / Industrial areas - Integration with parks Singapore River - Preservation of nature - Covering up of certain waterways Sungei Sembawang Temasek Polytechnic Sungei Api Api Bukit Panjang pond 24
  25. 25. Active, Beautiful & Clean (ABC) Waters Programme Implementing ABC Waters Programme: • Watershed Managers to look into water bodies Water Plaza at the Park - Bishan systematically & to draw up master plans. • Activating people & communities to participate in water activities (windsurfing, dragonboating, canoeing) • Work with public agencies & the private sector to harness the full potential of our waterways. • Harnessing technologies to improve water Alexandra Hospital @ Yishun Pond quality (e.g recirculation, WSUD, wetlands) Two Tier Concept - Alexandra Canal Working with public agencies & private sectors – Alexandra Hospital @ Yishun Pond 25
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  31. 31. Singapore’s Reservoir in the City 31