Qcon java在企业级开发中的应用


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Qcon java在企业级开发中的应用

  1. 1. Java在企业级开发中的应用Xin Sheng Mao / 毛新生CTO, 新 兴技 术学院IBM 中国 开发中心maoxs@us.ibm.com 1
  2. 2. 主要内容• IBM 的企业级Java应用平台• 将 Web 2.0 引入 Java 平台• 支持云计算
  3. 3. 企业级Java应用的发展趋势 企业级Java应用的发展趋势: • Time to value • Business agility • Efficiency • Higher level of performance, reliability, availability, security, scalability and manageability CIO的思考: • How to meet these trends • How to adopt new technologies including SOA, web 2.0, Cloud Computing
  4. 4. IBM企业级Java应用平台技术战略 SOA Agility to Extremes • SOA for Business Users – Alignment of Business and IT by empowering the Business user with a set of rich, web-based business tools • Agility – Built-for-purpose middleware that radically improves time to value – Clouds, SaaS, REST, Scripting • Extreme Transaction Processing
  5. 5. IBM Java 企业应用平台 Business Services Supports enterprise business process and goals through businesses functional service Interaction Services Process Services Information Services Enables collaboration Manages diverse dataDevelopment between people, processes Orchestrate and automate and content in a unified Management Services business processes Services & information manner Integrated environment Manage and for design and secure creation of services, solution Enterprise Service Bus applications & assets resources Partner Services Business App Services Access Services Info Assets Apps & Build on a robust, Facilitate interactions with Connect with trading scaleable, and secure existing information and partners services environment application assets Applications servers are for building & running applications Infrastructure Services Optimizes throughput, availability and utilization
  6. 6. 全面支持 Java 技术规范和标准 Java EE 5 Jave SE 6 Feature Packs Caching Workload Management & HA 展现 Servlet 2.5 JSP 2.1 Portlet JSR 286 Security RAD JMX 1.2 SCA/SDO EJB3.0 JCA 1.5 安全工具 业务逻辑 Spring 管理 & 集成 Web Service Certified JNDI JMS 1.1 Standards Web Service Security 数据访问 JDBC 4.0 JPA Major Change Enhancement No Change• Simplification of the programming model with EJB 3.0 and JPA 1.0• Improved developer productivity with Java SE 6• Improves programmer productivity with RAD for WebSphere• Simplify the adoption of new standards with Feature Packs
  7. 7. 构建高性能、可扩展的企业应用
  8. 8. 大量企业级Java应用要求Java平台可靠和高性能On an Average Day of eBay (as of 2004) Business Growth Transactions per day 2004 2009
  9. 9. 大量企业级Java应用要求Java平台可靠和高性能(续)超过99.9%的网站可用性 WebSphere Application Server Node Node Agent• 0.1x秒响应速度及高呑吐量 Application Server Clusters• 强大的水平及垂直扩展能力, App Server Web Container EJB Container可以支持未来的业务增长 Web Server Cluster App Server DB Cluster Web Container EJB Container 对Java应用平台的要求: DB Server IBM HTTP Server Load App Data Balancer  全面支持 Java 技术规范及其标准 Server Node WebSphere Application App Server DB Server IBM HTTP Server  安全 Load Balancer Web Container EJB Container Backup App Server  高性能 Web Container EJB Container  高可靠性 Node Agent  高可用性 Deployment Manager WebSphere XD  高可扩展性 Object Cache
  10. 10. From Basic Application Server to Advanced Servers Manage CE WebSphere Virtual Enterprise Ultimate with WS VE forscalability & greater QoS &performanc central admin… WebSphere Applicatione; functional Server for zOS depth & breadth WebSphere …or, both: Application Server Choose the right Network Deployment execution environment for the job, and manageCustomer your heterogeneous Needs WebSphere environment with WS VE. Application Server WebSphere …or, migrate to WAS / ND for Application Server greater QoS & performance – – Express Migration tools & docs make migration easier… Reduced acquisition WebSphere Application Server Community costs; Edition Built on common WebSphere code Small For lightweight, departmental footprint.. applications Built on open source technology Fast deployment Capabilities High Qualities of Service
  11. 11. Key Capabilities for High Performance, High Availabilityand High Scalability (By WebSphere VE) Server Consolidation • Dynamic workload adjustment Service Level Management • Pooled resources • Prioritized workloads using service policies Application Edition Management • Interruption-free deployment of new application versions • Intelligent routing to application versions in production Health Management • Application performance monitoring • Prevent outages by taking corrective action for common server health problems Application Information Applications Resources Resources
  12. 12. 通过 SOA 支持业务敏捷性
  13. 13. Business Agility Through SOA Foundation Business Services BPM Supports enterprise business process and goals through businesses functional service Interaction Services Process Services Information Services BPELDevelopment Human Activity Enables collaboration Orchestrate and automate Manages diverse data Management Services between people, processes Service Repository business processes and content in a unified Services & information manner Integrated Business Rules environment Manage and for design and secure creation of services, solution Enterprise Service Bus applications & assets resources Partner Services Business App Services Access Services Info Assets Apps & Integrate with trading Connect Build on a robust, Web Service standards scaleable, and secure Facilitate interactions with Integrate existing information and Beyondpartners Enterprise SCA / SDO services environment Modernization application assets Infrastructure ServicesMiddleware Virtualization Optimizes throughput, availability and utilization
  14. 14. SOA Foundation:Runtime, Tools and MethodologyRational Application Developer (RAD) WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus (WESB)WebSphere Integration Developer (WID) WebSphere Message BrokerRational Testing Suite DataPower XS40 WebSphere Adapters ITCAM for SOA ITCAM for WebSphere Tivoli Access Manager (TAM) Tivoli Federated Identity Manager (TFIM) OMEGAMON WebSphere Business Modeler Rational Software Architect (RSA) WebSphere Service Registry and Repository (WSRR) Rational RequisitePro Rational Asset Manager (RAM) WebSphere Studio Asset Analyzer (WSAA) RUP for SOA (inside Rational Method Composer) Industry Models: eTOM, IAA, IFW SIMM** SOMA-ME*** CBM** SOMA** WHITE = IBM Products GS Method** ** Yellow = Methods used by Services *** Red = Tools used by Services
  15. 15. 实现简便、快速、可靠的业务改变-ILog BRMS (业务规则管理系统) Business Rule Management System Where Business Rules Typically Exist Rules are Defined, Analyzed and Maintained User Tools Documents Rules are Applications Rules + Stored and Metadata Shared Rule Repository Rules are Deployed, Processes Executed and People Monitored Rule Server
  16. 16. North AP Business Partner Technical Strategy and Enablement 集装 箱管 理业 务环境 航运物流业务的核心组成 集装箱管理业务 1、 设 备 交 接 单 管 理 (IEIR,国 内 和 香 港 ) 、 国 2、 集 装 箱 堆 存 费 管 理 (ESDS,全 球 ) 、 全 船舶 3、 集 装 箱 滞 期 费 管 理 (IDDS,全 球 ) 、 全 4、 集 装 箱 动 态 管 理 (IEIS/IEM,全 球 ) 、 全 5、 修 箱 审 批 管 理 (MNR,全 球 ) 、 全 集装箱 货物 6、 外 围 系 统 (佣 金 /支 票 等 ,CBA/SCBA/CPA/etc) 、 佣 支 © Copyright IBM Corporation 200517
  17. 17. North AP Business Partner Technical Strategy and Enablement 箱管平 台 架构 – IT概 念 视图 (产 品 映射) 概 产 展现层 网络 DMZ 箱管系统 后台系统 LDAP WSRR CSS Server Sybase JDBC 外网用户 WPS iLog Rich Client HTTP Web Services IRIS2 开放网络环境 Portal Server GZIP ESB Built-in MQ EDI XML/HTTP 内网用户 IBM MQ JDBC JDBC EB EMP DB WPS/LDAP DB Sybase DB2 © Copyright IBM Corporation 200518
  18. 18. 采用W eb 2.0技术:快速、简单地开发与部署应用
  19. 19. Web 2.0 and RESTful SOA Simple to use Simple to access AJAX JSON / XML / ATOM REST •Highly Interactive •Information exchange •Easily invoked •Browser invoked services •JavaScript Friendly •HTTP-Centric Patterns
  20. 20. Web 2.0 SupportWeb 2.0 to SOA Connectivity Ajax MessagingFor enabling connectivity from Ajax clients to For connecting Ajax clients to real-timeSOA services and other JEE assets. WebSphere updated data like stock quotes or instantExtends enterprise data to customers and Application Server Ajax Service messaging.partners through web feeds. Proxy Bus (JMS) EJBs SOA POJOs External Web Services Event-Driven Data IBM $125.25 +$2.50… MSFT $43.75 -$1.50 … Ajax Development Toolkit Based on Dojo (dojotoolkit.org) with IBM Web Feeds extensions. Reduces time to market and helps lower Ajax adoption costs. Ajax Application
  21. 21. RESTful SOA: One of IBM WebSphere key Strategies• RESTful SOA Strategy REST enabled WebSphere Portfolio – REST enabling WebSphere Portfolio Product Description – Enable Agile Applications • ATOM/REST support pack CICS (v3.1/3.2) • sMash, Business Space • PHP support pack enabling sMash-style REST enablement – Enable Web-based Hosting Feature Pack for Web 2.0 Application Server (v6.0 and beyond) • Middle-ware as a Service Community Edition Feature Pack for Web 2.0• W ebSPhere sMash Strategy • JSON/ATOM support – Embed in products including Process Server/ Enterprise Service Bus • SCA HTTP Imports/Exports, (v6.1 and beyond) • REST enablement of platform (key CICS, WMB and Rainmaker performance indicators, Human Task Management, etc…) – Web-based Developer Tools REST development platform (Forms applications) sMash – Partner enabling REST-enabled dashboard of business Business Monitor (v6.1 and beyond) processes Service Registry and Repository (v6.1) REST exposure of resources Inbound/outbound REST support and XML Message Broker (v6.1.0.2) processing HTTP Bridge – REST APIs exposing queues/ MQ (v7.0) topics Commerce JSP tags exposing resources RESTf ully DataPow er HTTP Verbs and XSLT processing
  22. 22. Sample: Rapidly Expose Data RESTfully Enable Developers With A Simple Programmatic And HTTP Data API WebSphere sMash application Access REST resource /app/resources/ through AJAX employees.groovy ZRM.delegate() Database /app/models/ employees.json Model application data • Constrained set of APIs encourage a RESTful application architecture • Data model that maps well into Atom feeds and JSON formats • Robust framework for persistence, validation, andAccess resource data with Dojo serialization
  23. 23. Light-weight Flow in WebSphere sMash • Assemble Flow is target to compose application with the flow pattern by “wiring” activities.<process name="sortSample" persistPolicy=“off"> • <receiveGET name="rssRcv"/> model and engine Light-weight flow <feed name="YahooFeed" url="http://rss.news.yahoo.com/rss/topstories"/> <feed name="CNNFeed" url="http://rss.cnn.com/rss/cnn_topstories.rss"/> <aggregateFeeds name="aggregate"> <input value="${YahooFeed}"/> <input value="${CNNFeed}"/> </aggregateFeeds> <sortFeed name="sort" orderBy="-published"> <input value="${aggregate}"/> </sortFeed> <truncate name="truncate" number="10"> <input value="${sort}"/> </truncate> <replyGET name="rssRply"> <input value="${truncate}"/> </replyGET></process> Sample: Aggregate two feed
  24. 24. 挑战:降低IT成本、变化的工作负载、高可 用、高扩展能力、高性能 虚拟化与自动化 企业的云计算
  25. 25. An Example: The Problem customers is facing… Company’s Existing Application Topology and Utilization Cluster 1 Cluster 2 Cluster 3100% 100% 100% 50%50% 50%0% 0% 0% 20% Utilized Servers 15% Utilized Servers 10% Utilized ServersHome Equity Loans Credit Card Processing Savings / Deposit Processing Processing
  26. 26. An Example: The Problem customers is facing… Change: New promotion results in a huge increase in loan requests… Cluster 1 Cluster 2 Cluster 3100% 100% 100% 50%50% 50%0% 0% 0% 55% 75% Utilized Servers 20% Promotion results in 100% 15% Utilized Servers 10% Utilized Servers Utilized ServersEquity Loans Processing Credit Card Processing Savings / Deposit Processing Loan Processing Time: 15% over target Customer Complaints: 25% over target CSR Efficiency: 30% below target Animated
  27. 27. An Example: The Problem customers is facing… Realizes that the home loan processing application has high priority… Cluster 1 Cluster 2 Cluster 3100% 100% 100% 50%50% 50%0% 0% 0% Promotion results in 100% 55% Utilized Servers 20% 75% 15% Utilized Servers 50% 40% Utilized Servers 10% Utilized ServersEquity Loans Processing Credit Card Processing Savings / Deposit Processing Animated
  28. 28. Resource Virtualization & Optimization Maximizes utilization and improves responsiveness! Cluster 1 Cluster 2 Cluster 3 One Resource Pool 100% 50% 0% 55%* Utilized Servers Claims Processing Gold Account Management Silver Billing Application Bronze Customer Support Gold Underwriting Silver * Hypothetical, for illustrative purposes only
  29. 29. Middleware as a Service - WebSphere Virtualization Application Driven Application Driven Application Driven Application Centric Virtualization & Provision Scalable SLA DynamicWebSphere Virtual Capacity Planning Scheduling TransactionEnterprise (WVE) Processing High Availability & Resource Optimization Application PrioritizationWebSphere eXtreme Scalability Scale (WXS) Monitoring & Reporting WebSphere Products Virtual Images: Create, Configure, Dispense, Capacity Management and Storage WebSphere Rainmaker Server/Storage Centric Virtualization & Provision Server Farm 1 Server Farm 2 Server Farm N Servers Servers Servers Servers Servers Servers Servers Servers Servers
  30. 30. WebSphere Virtual Enterprise 应用案例 - OsakaGasS e c u ri y S y ste m fo r O G & O G G ro u p t ste W E B S e rve rs W e b A ppli ati n S e rve rs c o ppli ati Solution: D atabase N ode #1 1. Add WVE between Web O G -TAM for I -C ard C W A S Servers W AS 4 C l uster Server and WAS D atabase Server #1 2. Health Control Results: JVM JV MU sers w i I -C ard th C Pain Points: O G -TAM JV M 3. Operational Reporting •200 Enterprise Apps well controlled in •Many Apps in a few JVMs D atabase Server #2 Shared Common APervers •Runtime Visualization W eb S Servers P ortalServers ( A S5) W for O G /O G GG eneralU sers •Autonomic Control visualize/understand each •Cannot Shared A P Servers •No Change Apps behavior to Existing SystemsS e c u ri y S ys te m fo r S e rv i e C h ai t yst c n W AS6 C luster C TG JV MM JV M M JV JVM ・・ ・ A P -1 D B Server JVM JV •Higher Availability Achieved SC -TA M W eb •Not all Apps are well-behaved Servers for S C Stagi A P Servers ng D atabase N ode #2 W AS6 C l uster C TGIn te rn e t U s e rs JV MJVM JV MJV M JV M JVM ・・ ・ W eb Servers for Internet A P -1 Server JV M M ai nfram e
  31. 31. WebSphere eXtreme ScaleRealizing high performance, scalable for data-intensive applications New York San Francisco London Shanghai It can be used as a platform for building It can be used as a form of powerful XTP/Data Grid applications. in memory database to manage application state It can be used as a very (and it scales to 1000’s of powerful cache that servers). This is scales from simple in- sometimes referred to as process topologies to Distributed Application powerful distributed State Management. topologies.
  32. 32. WebSphere eXtreme Scale 应用案例:ESPN • WXS @ ESPN • ESPN.com moved to W XS • User profile management and cache • 10x improvement in response time ESPN server Before 450,000 logged in Sports Fans 13,000 Page Views / Sec WXS serving 130,000 Req/Sec Heading to 1 Million After MS SQL Server 10 Dual Quad Core Intel Sun 6.1 JVM WebSphere Extreme Scale
  33. 33. The Next An engine with overall and major tune-up • Utilizing OSGi technologies, build compose-able Application Server • Purpose-built servers (e.g. Web) • Yielding: Right sized; memory, footprint, admin, maintenance
  34. 34. 学习资源推荐•WebSphere 应用服务器的常见问题及解答(WAS FAQ)•WebSphere Application Server V7.0 中的新增功能•WebSphere Application Server V7 的系统管理•使用 RAD V7.5 和 WAS V7.0 构建 Java EE 应用程序•WebSphere Application Server V7.0 中的 Web Services 安全策略及配置 更 多 技 术 资 源 , 请 访 问 WebSphere Application Server V7 专 题•专家访谈:WebSphere sMash 的新增功能•在 WebSphere sMash 中集成 Java 和 PHP•将 WebSphere sMash 的强大功能与 Adobe Flex 相结合•借助 Project Zero 在 Web 2.0 领域创建 RESTful IBM Lotus Domino 应用程序 更 多 技 术 资 源 , 请 访 问 WebSphere sMash 产 品 专 题•Podcast:Scott Ambler 谈敏捷开发•recomm2: 多媒体课堂:利用 Rational 产品支持全球分布式开发及敏捷开发 更 多 技 术 资 源 , IBM Rational 敏 捷 开 发 工 具 包Web 2.0 入门、企业 2.0、社会计算以及与 REST、Mashup、Feed、RIA、Ajax、PHP、ROR、Project Zero 等热门技术相关的文章、教程和其它资源 更 多 技 术 资 源 , 请 访 问 Web 2.0 技 术 资 源 中 心
  35. 35. IBM developerWorks: 专注基 于开放 式标 准和跨 平台开 发领域的先进技术