Digi gate technology (thailand) co joydd


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Digi gate technology (thailand) co joydd

  1. 1. DigiGate Measuring SolutionsIntroduction toDigiGate Technology 2012 DigiGate Measuring Solutions WWW.DIGIGATE.CO.TH
  2. 2. DigiGate Measuring Solutions DigiGate Technology • Thailand was founded in 2003 • To be a reputable company in providing total measuring solutions to the automobile and manufacturing industries through professionalism, teamwork and value added services • Offices in SingaporeWWW.DIGIGATE.CO.TH
  3. 3. 1. 3D Scanning Service• Our application engineers use 3D scanner every day with many kind of scanning job. They have a detailed knowledge of our advanced scanners and operate them to their maximum potential. This way, Digigate provides its to the customer who are looking for short time lime and high quality scanning project.• 3D scanning of objects of any size ,any detail, colour, texture (even shiny materials)• 3D archiving• Preparation for prototyping (with/out colour)•
  4. 4. D Scanning Service
  5. 5. 2. Reverse Engineering Service• If you need to generate 3D CAD models from existing objects, whether to determine the original design intent, to modernize manufacturing processes or to design a new part to fit to a legacy part, for instance.• 3
  6. 6. Dig a Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd. iG te ( )R v rseEn in e gSe ice ee g e rin rva dO t u d t in rmt n n up t aa fo aio Wt wtP ch u ita a e p a Application Engineer / Trainer OUR DUTY is Satisfy Your Need mobile: +66-8-1666-9065 fax: +66-2-582-2054 Digigate Hotline:+66-8-7598-1331
  7. 7. Reverse Engineering1.
  8. 8. Reverse Engineering High Quality Reverse Engineering CAD Surface High Quality and Highly Smooth Surface CADComplete CAD data CAD Feed back error from original scan data CAD
  9. 9. Reverse Engineering2.
  10. 10. Reverse Engineering Work flow Points Cloud Polygon Data Nurb Surface Class A Surface DataPoint XYZ and Cross Mesh output Surface output Surface or Solidsection output Support Some High Support Standard OutputSupport Only Reverse End CAD Software High Quality CADEngineering Software CAD Software, Class A 3D Printer
  11. 11. Our Reverse Engineering Comprehensive tools Symmetry Analysis Thickness Analysis Surface Quality Surface Quality Zebra AnalysisNeon light reflection Accuracy Analysis Analysis
  12. 12. Solutionix 3D Optical Scanner
  13. 13. Quality Inspection Service 1 Portable CMM Measuring Service Our metrologists work onsite to measure parts, identify errors andsuggest correction solutions for that measuring part.
  14. 14. 3D Scan Comprehensive probing and scanning functions deliverpowerful, combined measuring tools and very fastinspection. 3D deviation colour mapping is very fast toidentify the error
  15. 15. Portable CMM Measuring Service
  16. 16. Portable CMM Measuring Service
  17. 17. DigiGate Measuring SolutionsCorporate Social Responsibility -CSP WWW.DIGIGATE.CO.TH
  18. 18. Our Strengths DigiGate Measuring SolutionsDigiGate Customer Acceptance• More than100 customers in Thailand• Worldwide customer acceptance NISSIN WWW.DIGIGATE.CO.TH
  19. 19. DigiGate Thank youWWW.DIGIGATE.CO.TH