How to Customize Your YouTube Channel
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How to Customize Your YouTube Channel






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How to Customize Your YouTube Channel How to Customize Your YouTube Channel Document Transcript

  • How to Customize Your YouTube ChannelYouTube TipsLearn All About YouTubeThe channel is the page which is viewable by the public and containsYour profile information, videos, favorites, etc. To view and edit your own channel, first sign intoyour account and click your username (which is displayed at the top-right of any page).Once You`re into your channel page, look below the search bar, and you’ll see a grey EditChannel section where you can make changes and edits to your channel. Click the Settings,Themes and Colors or Modules button to edit those aspects of your channel.When you click on one of the buttons, the window will expand and you’ll be able to makechanges to your channel from there.On your channel page, look below the search bar. You’ll see a grey Edit Channel section. Clickon this section to start editing your channel.To start edit your channel’s settings, click the Settings button. You’ll then be able to view andedit the information associated with your channel: Your channel’s title and Channel type Tags (let You help other users find your channel in search) Do not forget to click the Save Changes button (in the lower right hand corner of the window) to save and apply all the updates you just made. Themes and ColorsTo start edit your channel background and color theme, click the Themes and Colors button.The window will expand and you’ll see certain color theme options. You can select one of thesethemes for your channel, or create your own theme. 1/4
  • By clicking on one of the color themes, the background of your channel will change to show youa preview of how your channel will look if you select that them.If you like that theme, and want to have it displayed on your channel, click the Save Changesbutton to update your channel.If you don’t like the theme you’re seeing in preview, simply click on the cancel button, or clickon another theme to change the channel background. Customizing your channel background and theme:If You want to customize your channel background and theme, just Click “show advancedoptions” (located below the standard color themes).The window will expand and show you a variety of ways to create your own background theme.Customize it by selecting different colors for the various aspects of your channel.Click the browse button, and find an image from your computer that you’d like to use as yourchannel’s background. Select the image.The image will appear centered on your channel page. You’ll be able to see a preview of this.If you’d like to repeat the image across your channel’s background, click and select the RepeatBackground box.Click the Save Changes button to update your channel with these changes.Tip -Adjusting background image file size: One annoying thing about YouTube backgroundimages is that they’re constrained to 256 KB, which means if you have a high resolution image,you’re out of luck unless you’re able to compress the file size with a photo editor. If all of thissounds foreign, not to worry.An easy way to downsize your image is to use an online photo editor like Picnik. Simply uploador access your online images from Flickr or Facebook, and click the “Save and Share” tab.You’ll notice that you can select from a few different photo formats (try JPG), and then use thesliding bar to compress the image file size below 256 KB. Click to save your photo, and now allyou need to do is upload it to YouTube (Edit Channel -> Themes and Colors -> show advancedoptions). How to Create YouTube Backgrounds? 2/4
  • If you are the creative type, you can build a custom background for your YouTube channel infew easy steps.- Maximize the browser screen and press Ctrl-0 to remove zoom, if any. Then hit F11 to hide allthe menu bars and the scrollbars.- Press Print-Screen to take a screen capture of the maximized YouTube channel page andthen paste this image from the clipboard into Photoshop or GIMP or Paint.NET or any otherimage editing program.-That becomes your starting template. You know where the different elements of the page willappear so you can tweak the design accordingly. Want to Download ready YouTube Themes?They are some really good sites where you can download YouTube themes for free. Somethemes may use custom font names and color schemes so you’ll have to key-in those RGBvalues manually.1. – The site has an excellent collection of YouTube templates neatlyarranged in categories and you can download most of these templates for free. If you are aYouTube partner, MyTubeDesign has channel designs for you as well.2. – This is another useful site with a good collection of YouTube layouts. UnlikeMyTubeDesign, all designs on the YTLayouts website are free for download. The site also has acollection of Photoshop tutorials in case you want to do them on your own.3. – They do have some good templates for your YouTube channel butmake sure you avoid the ones that require you to fill some sort of surveys before showing thedownload links. Having trouble adding a new theme to your channel?If you’re having trouble adding a new theme to your channel, it could be because you’vereached the maximum number of customized themes. You can only save 10 themes for yourchannel at a given time. In order to create a new custom theme for your channel, please deletesome of your themes. Once you’ve deleted a few themes, you’ll be able to create a newcustom theme for your channel again. ModulesIn order to edit the modules/boxes which are displayed on your channel, click the Modulesbutton. The window will then expand to display various options.Select the modules that you’d like to display on your channel. The modules include: 3/4
  • Comments Friends Subscribers Subscriptions Recent Activity If you’d like to show one of these modules on your channel, click and select that option. Then click the Save Changes button to update your channel. If you do not want to show one of these modules on your channel page, click and unselect the box next to that module option (so that the box is blank). Then click the Save Changes button to update your channel and hide that module. Move your channel modules: In order to change the order in which your modules appear on your channel: Locate the module on your channel page. In the right hand corner of the module you’ll see several white circular buttons with arrows on them. Click on the buttons to move the module in question up, down, or across the channel page. Highlight videos and playlists You can choose to display and highlight videos on your channel. You can choose to display: 1. All (playlists, uploads, and favorites). 2. Just Uploads 3. Just Playlists 4. Just Favorites To customize which videos you display on your channel, click on one of the four options (located to the right of the yellow Subscribe button at the top of the channel page). Your channel will automatically update to reflect your selection.©2012 YouTube Tips 4/4Powered by TCPDF (