Youth.SG Campus Spy 2012 Session 3: How to cover events as a blogger


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By Youth.SG Campus Spy Blogger Mentor, Darryl Kang

Published in: Technology, Education
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Youth.SG Campus Spy 2012 Session 3: How to cover events as a blogger

  1. 1. How to cover events as a blogger? (
  2. 2. Disclaimer!• This is a very broad topic• There are tons of different events out there• Everything here is based on my experience and are my opinions
  3. 3. Type of events• For Media• For Trade Partners• For Bloggers / Forumers / Influencers
  4. 4. Type of events• Product / Service launch• Exhibition / Conference• Event coverage• Press conference• Fashion show• Food tasting• One on one interview• Influencer engagement• Etc etc etc.....
  5. 5. What do you need?• A camera • DSLR • Pro Consumer • Point and shoot
  6. 6. Camera phones?• As much as possible, try not to use your camera phone only. Not even if it has 12 megapixel and shoot great photos• BUT! Camera phone is good for instant uploading of photos to Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.
  7. 7. What do you need? (Optional) (Optional)• Paper and Pen for notes taking• Voice recorder• Camera Flash or LED Lights• Namecards• Internet connetion
  8. 8. Embargo• Some events (especially product launches) might have an embargo• Take note of the date / time• Do not blog, tweet, Facebook etc before the embargo date / time• You might be required to need to sign a NDA
  9. 9. Live blogging / tweeting• Make sure you have a good internet connection• Use the official Twitter hashtag if any• Try to use a laptop or tablet if possible• Good to have someone helping you• Make sure there isn’t any embargo
  10. 10. Seating arrangement• Most events do not have specific sitting arrangements (except a few reserved seats in the front)• The company / PR agency will inform you if there is a special seating arrangement
  11. 11. Photo opportunity• Do not be afraid to go forward to take photos (even if you are using point and shoot)• Do not be shy to ask the spokesperson / models to look at your direction• Try not to block other photographers
  12. 12. Q&A session• Feel free to ask questions• Always introduce yourself first before asking• Make sure you ask the right person the right question• Make sure the answer isn’t already on the press release
  13. 13. One on one interview• Always have a voice recorder ready• Research on the company / interviewee and prepare your questions• Check with PR person on the boundaries• Keep the voice recording even after you published your blog
  14. 14. Product Demo• Feel free to ask questions and play with the demo unit• Check if it is still a prototype• Take as much photos as you want• Try not to hog the queue
  15. 15. Tips• Try to do some research before attending the event• Take photos of presentation slides for reference• Press release and facts sheet are your best friend
  16. 16. Tips• Ask the PR person about the agenda / flow of event• Try to think of a story angle during the event• Make friends with other bloggers / journalist
  17. 17. Tips• Take as much photos as possible• Do not blog about the food / drinks (unless it is a food tasting event)• Have fun at the event
  18. 18. Questions?
  19. 19. Is it a must to blog about the event?
  20. 20. How do I get invited to events?
  21. 21. BTW...• You don’t need to be invited to an event in order to cover it (But please do not gatecrash into private event)