Get Into It Applicant Webinar

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Get Into It Applicant Webinar

Get Into It Applicant Webinar

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  • 1. Special Olympics / YSA Get Into It® Grants
  • 2. Improving communities by increasing the number and the diversity of young people, ages 5-25, serving in substantive roles.
  • 3. A free, K-12 service-learning curriculum designed to promote acceptance and understanding of people’s differences and to motivate them to become advocates for and together with all people.
  • 4. Today’s Objectives
    • Overview of the grant program
    • 5. Discuss the online application
    • 6. Answer your questions!
  • Special Olympics Get Into It®Grant Program
    • Service-learning grants to help youth create programs to fight childhood obesity
    • 7. Grants of $500-$1,000
    • 8. From Spread the Word to End the Word Day to Global Youth Service Day
  • Eligibility – Who can apply?
    • Applications must be submitted by a committed group of three people: an educator and a unified pair of students
    • 9. All applicants must connect with their state Special Olympics Program to make them aware of the proposal before submission
  • Eligibility – About the Project
    • Use of the Get Into It® Service-Learning Curriculum is required
    • 10. Project must be designed and implemented by an inclusive group of students
    • 11. Goal of project should be to combat against childhood obesity
  • Eligibility – Special Days of Service
    • March 2 – Spread the Word to End the Word™ Day: an annual day of awareness about the hurtfulness of the R-Word, or the word retard(ed).
    • 12. April 15th-17th – Global Youth Service Day: an annual campaign that celebrates and mobilizes millions of youth around the world who improve their communities each day of the year through service and service-learning.
  • Timeline
    • January 19th: Application deadline
    • 13. Mid-February: Announce winners
    • 14. March 2nd: Spread the Word to End the Word Day
    • 15. April 15th-17th: Global Youth Service Day
    • 16. May 6th: Post-project Impact Report deadline
  • What is Service-Learning?
    Service-learning is an instructional method that*:
    develops critical 21st century skills;
    Is integrated intentionally into students’ academic curriculum;
    Lets students learn and develop by actively participating in meeting community needs via school-community collaboration
    Uses regular assessment to engage in data-based decision-making and continuous growth and development.
    *Get Into It Service-Learning Instructional Planning Guide
  • 17. The IPARD/C Model
  • 18. Investigation
    • Identify the “community to serve”
    • 19. Assess community needs
    • 20. Select community need
    • 21. Research issue
    • 22. Weaving in reflection
    • 23. Assess progress
  • Preparation & Planning
    • Preparation
    • 24. Develop an action plan
    • 25. Integrate instruction
    • 26. Weaving in reflection
    • 27. Assess progress
  • Action
    • Implement the action plan
    • 28. Weaving in reflection
    • 29. Assess progress
  • Reflection
    • Connect classroom learning with learning from service
    • 30. Question assumptions
    • 31. Develop deeper understanding of their roles as citizens
    • 32. Improve problem solving
  • Demonstration/Celebration
    • Demonstrate impact on community
    • 33. Demonstrate impact on self
    • 34. Celebrate accomplishments
  • Resources
    Get Into It®Curriculum
    First Responders
    Let’s Move!
  • 35. A Walk through the Application
  • 36. For more information:
    Jenni Newbury
    Curriculum & Education Resource Manager, Special Olympics
    For technical assistance with the online application contact Amanda McDonald with YSA