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(Youthlab indo) Youth Indigenous Trend in Online Video
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(Youthlab indo) Youth Indigenous Trend in Online Video


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This Insight was presented in Indonesia Creative Power (PPKI 2013), focusing on the issues of Youth behavior towards the Online Video …

This Insight was presented in Indonesia Creative Power (PPKI 2013), focusing on the issues of Youth behavior towards the Online Video
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  • 1. Presented for:
  • 2. >How we do it< Youth Culture Youth Culture Informational Gap Marketing Industries We realized that to fully understand youth culture and behavior we couldn’t expect to find it through a few focus group discussion. Basic survey may also be a pitfall in research if we don’t empathize and use a reverse psychology on youth. That’s why we don’t depend or focus Youth Culture on a singular methodology, instead we use a cross transactional data and longitudinal Investigation notes as source of insights.
  • 3. 100 95.2 90 Based on Comparative Youth Survey Held by LSI & Goethe in 2011 In indonesia-Malaysia 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 3.8 0 We found several characteristic concerning Indonesia Youth unique ways of using the internet: 1. Twitter = Medium of Conversation 2. Trust YouTube rather than TV 3. More into consuming content rather than creating 4. Are more open towards exposing their private life 5. Use social media as a means of catharsis (emotional media) 6. Trust more forums than advertising for product purchase 1 Do You Think That Technology Are Important For The Young People Nowadays? Important Not Important Don't know
  • 4. Lack of Tutorial Videos in Bahasa! We could find many Hijab Tutorial or “How-To” Videos in Bahasa because it is linear to Hijab Trends and the Hijabers’ growth in Indonesia. Consuming > Creating Content
  • 5. Blurred Lines! (and values) Indonesian youth raised not solely by television but by multiple media as “Parents”
  • 6. “55% of the Indonesian Population belong to the middle class” World Bank Survey Faisal Basri/Economic Analyst taken from:
  • 7. Different definition of what’s ‘POP’! For youth living within the collectivist culture, like Java, they don’t have the burden or social pressure to follow the Current POP culture. Social Acceptance For them is as easier through embracing local wisdom and values rather than adopting modern culture. That’s why in one of our research in Solo And Yogya, we found many young people ‘Batman Jowo mentioning ’ as one pf the most viewed/most talked about video on youtube. Amazingly enough They find this particular comedic video more entertaining than watching Gangnam Style video or any other popular video on youtube. Video that is considered as a popular content among Javanese Youth from Junior High to High School: Batman Video Dubbed With Javanese Language (Batman Jowo)
  • 8. It’s a pattern of ‘indiglobalization’, where indigenous culture are attempting to globalize. This Indiglobalization movement showed us that the Indonesia youth have the aspiration to be part of the Current global culture but in the same time they want their indigenous identity and culture to be recognized. Success is measured when the indigenous culture are embraced as a global pop culture.
  • 9. Celebrity as well as Brands is still using the same old approach towards Youth which is projecting themselves as a cool brand/person. This where they made a mistake. Youth are not looking for coolness, they are looking for authenticity. That’s why, we could easily find a parody video like shown one the slide (Awan Gunawan, Jowo Style) on youtube. In this millenial era, the urban youth are searching for Difference instead of similarity. Pictures of youth doing Gangnam Style with Javanese touch Key feature that are appreciated in this authentic era are: 1. Creativity 2. Originality 3. Representing specific community or lifestyle 4. Consistency
  • 10. Alay Source: benny & mice
  • 11. Map your segment Research before Execute Understand the Psychology Level of Youth Experiment With Subliminal Method
  • 12. Youth endorse them voluntarily, through YouTube parody video by Cameo Project. Picture of Cameo Project Video Supporting the uprising candidate for Jakarta Gubernatorial Election in 2012 Started as a bunch of indie movie maker who happened to came from the same church. They support Jokowi –Ahok through social media as a form of political movement towards plurality and inclusive; an issue that the incumbent never take attention upon.
  • 13. Asmaa Mahfouz, 28 yo. An Egyptian activist and one of the founders of the April 6 Youth Movement. She has been credited by journalist and others with helping to spark mass uprising through her video blog posted one week before the start of the 2011 Egyptian revolution.
  • 14. Insights By Youth Laboratory Indonesia Youthlab is the first factory and repository of Indonesian youth insight, compromised of multi-talented youths of various background, the research and consulting company helps corporations and organizations create precious connection with the fickle yet precious market segment. We’re Here to Make that happen to you Find more about Indonesian Youth trends, data, & insights: Thank You! Contact: Twitter: @ttalitha