(youthlab indo) Can Coca-Cola Do No-Wrong in South East Asia?


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South East Asian Youth have a peculiar taste when it comes to drink preferences. To understand its psychological background one should venture deeply in their social environment. here's youthlab and youthworks asia findings
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(youthlab indo) Can Coca-Cola Do No-Wrong in South East Asia?

  1. 1. Youth Marketing Insight presentation by: Can “Coca-Cola Do No-Wrong in South East Asia”? Youth Market Analysis in Indonesian & Malaysia (Drink Memorabilia Series) http://www.flickr.com/photos/denmartin/
  2. 2. http://www.flickr.com/photos/nadio/ Global market leader with a modality of 100 percent brand awareness all over the world, 25 percent of market growth in central asia on the first quarter of 2011. The key question is “could coca-cola win the indigenous youth market in South East Asia where Indonesia and Malaysia are the epicentrum of trends?”…Can they do no-wrong?
  3. 3. Indonesian Youth Insights
  4. 4. Foto-foto anak muda lagi hang out For Indonesian youth , beverages choice is not merely about basic need, it’s also a fashion expression, habits, health paradigm, and culture that is constructed from peer group norms and childhood memories. What youth drink is also combination between personal drive and behavior pattern learned from parents as role model Photo : Ita pravitasari (Facebook) Anggun Pesona Research Manager Youth laboratory Indonesia
  5. 5. From we were much younger until now, we have historical beverages. What we drink since we were kids is also what our parents and society taught us. For Indonesian youth, beverages are divided into 2 categories based on it’s culture of consuming it: 1. Individual drink 2. Collective drink. Collective drink are beverages that could only be enjoyed while in company of friends. Traditional drink like bandrek, jamu, skoteng are all ‘collective drink’, they all involve social interaction. Anggun Pesona Research Manager Youth laboratory Indonesia
  6. 6. Does Coca-Cola have a ‘Social’ flair among Indonesian Youth? Flickr : green.perspectives
  7. 7. http://www.flickr.com/photos/davaodude/ Coca-cola becomes a social drink occasionally, only at lebaran (muslim celebration) or christmas. Outside those peculiar moments. Coca-cola is rarely chosen as a ‘kongkow’/hang out drink. Adding to that, there’s an urban youth myth that said Coca-cola contained too much chemical substance that it could clean up rusty metal. Unsurprisingly this kind of issue matters big time for youth. Anggun Pesona Research Manager Youth laboratory Indonesia
  8. 8. In the neo-urban setting filled with pollution, traffic jam, overload work hours and time spent on campus, the young people are seeking a one-stop healthy living solution, as well as a product that could boost their stamina. On the other side, rumors on unhealthy product spreads quickly on social media. That’s why water became the new cultural heritage for urban youth. Anggun Pesona Research Manager Youth laboratory Indonesia
  9. 9. IndonesianYouthProfiling #1 I regularly drink mineral water and tea because of healthy issues #2 I drink soda just for my meals at fast food restaurant like McD, KFC, CFC #3 Fanta is my favorite soda drink brand, but absolutely I still fall in love with tea due to its nutrition #4 In my opinion, all of soda brand should take care in flavor variants that fit to youth taste #5 Follow youth trends to make creative marketing strategy Didit, M, 23 Banking official
  10. 10. DRINK MEMORABILIA • Chart kaya korea Bubble tea originated in Taiwan 20 years ago and become a trend among youth in Indonesia since years ago. This beverages has became a “fashion beverage” among urban and rural youth. So, the key is to do a lot of listening to youth’s aspiration, so the product represent a particular lifestyle. Anggun Pesona Research Manager Youth laboratory Indonesia
  11. 11. Could Coca-Cola Create The Same Natural Diffusion Among Indonesian Youths? Influential Fashion Bloggers
  12. 12. Coke’s only shoot to grab youths market is through fast food meal package. This ‘forced choice’ strategy contribute in keeping coke taste familiar to the Asian tongue. But since McDonald Indonesia ownership switch hands, McD change it’s meal package from soda to ‘Teh Botol’ (tea). Leaving only a little space for Coke to improve. Anggun Pesona Research Manager Youth laboratory Indonesia
  13. 13. The trends shift for coffee should also be notice, whereas coffee has turn into a youth drink. Coffee shop penetrate aggressively inside school and campus cantine, making it a major social drink during the day. Local coffee brand also put their focus on the youth market, realizing that the young people are the top pull factor for other age segment. This trend just put coke much more away from youth psychologically. Anggun Pesona Research Manager Youth laboratory Indonesia
  14. 14. Keywords for Indonesian youth beverage are; healthy, fresh, energic, and sophisticated. Those keywords have a strong attachment with these 6 different beverages which all are taken as popular choice for the young people on their daily activities. Anggun Pesona Research Manager Youth laboratory Indonesia
  15. 15. IndonesiaYouthProfiling #1 I regularly drink tea because due to its freshness #2 I seldom drink soda, because I don’t like the taste #3 Sprite is my favorite among the soda drink brands, but absolutely I still fall in love with Teh Botol #4 In my opinion, Soda brand should accompany youth in all of their events to impress them Anneke, F, 22 College student and Traditional dancer
  16. 16. Internationally coke is a youth drink, locally it’s pretty much alienated. The brand is well known but it takes more than awareness to motivate Indonesian youths to love the brand. Coca-cola is still an “individual” beverages that need a social currency flair Anggun Pesona Research Manager Youth laboratory Indonesia
  17. 17. Malaysian Youth Insights Photo: Fadli Azali (Facebook)
  18. 18. Daniel Sharkif, 21, Sungai Buloh, Selangor, Malaysia. (student) #1. I drink regular, non-carbonated drinks during lunch, usually. Things like Iced tea, Iced milk tea, lime juice, that kind of thing, you know? OCCASIONALLY I’ll have a Coke or Soda, but usually I like something iced, and non-carbonated. #2. If I had to choose, I think it’d be a tie between tea, mineral water and soda. I drink plain water every day, so it’s definitely a must. Tea is also a must-have during lepak-sessions. Soda, for me, well.. I don’t HAVE to drink it every day, but I’d definitely miss it if it were gone. It’s certainly good to have an iced Coke a couple of times a week, I guess. #3 / #4. Yeah, I love soda. I don’t drink it every day, but I definitely love it. My favorite would definitely be Pepsi. People say it tastes exactly like Coke, but I think there’s a bit of a difference. I love Pepsi! MalaysianYouthProfiling
  19. 19. #1. Whenever I’m out for lunch, I’m more of an “Iced Tea” kind of person. I don’t like carbonated drinks with meals, they’re too sticky and heavy. Anything milky also doesn’t tickle my fancy. I like something light, but heavily iced. #2. My favorite beverage of all time would have to be Ice-blended Mocha! But if I HAD to choose from the list, I’d say plain water. I know it’s not glam, but it’s healthy, and that’s very, VERY important to girls like me. Health always comes first! #3/#4. I definitely don’t believe in drinking soda on a regular basis, it’s too unhealthy. It’s too sweet. But yes, I have to admit that if consumed in regulation, it’s pretty nice. I’m not much of a soda-head, but I have to admit, F&N’s Zesty Zapple IS pretty darn tasty.  “Siti Hajar, 21, Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu Malaysia” MalaysianYouthProfiling
  20. 20. “Teh O, Teh O’ Ais, Teh Ais, Teh Tarik, Kopi O, Nescafe Tarik, Milo Ais. These drinks have become part of our lives, since we were young, little kids. They are part of our stories, and rightfully so. We love them, for sticking with us through the good and the bad. This is what we’re all about” “The Malaysian stories, are rightfully told by the Malaysian drinks” Fadli Azali Youth Specialist Youth Works Asia
  21. 21. “Milo has been a part of Malaysians’ daily lives for decades….” Flickr : Ikhlasul Amal Fadli Azali Youth Specialist Youth Works Asia
  22. 22. “I love how “Malaysian” Milo is, because it’s been around for so long. Powering athletes since like, decades ago. I think it’s simple, and effective, the way Milo markets itself. I think they’ll never lose out to brands like “Ovaltine” or Vico.” “From our “Sports Day” at school, all the way up till now, Milo has played a big role in my life. They’ve been around since I was young, and the taste is just as good as it was, nearly 20 years ago. I definitely have an emotional attachment with Milo.” MalaysianYouthProfiling “Siti Hajar, 21, Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu Malaysia”
  23. 23. Milo has been around for years, and they’ve built a solid fan-base built straight from the hard- working families of Malaysia. Since its inception decades ago, people took a sip and fell in love with it. People love Milo simply because it’s played a big part in our lives. From the Sports Day Milo Sponsor Lorry who would supply free Milo to the kids, to the hot glass of Milo that we’d sip while burning an all-nighter during the night before a major paper, Milo has been a part of our life. This is what brand-engagement is all about. Making the brand a part of the story. Part of OUR story. Fadli Azali Youth Specialist Youth Works Asia
  24. 24. “In Malaysia, Coca Cola is huge. But being well-known is not good enough” Fadli Azali Youth Specialist Youth Works Asia
  25. 25. Drink Memorabilia : From Awareness to Loyalty High Awareness High Adaptability Low Adaptability Low Awareness
  26. 26. Drink Memorabilia : From Awareness to Loyalty Kids (elementary school) Teens (Junior and Senior High School) Young adults (College) Loyalty Chart above show drinking memorabilia among youth from kids to young adult. Coca-cola just hip in teens phase
  27. 27. Both in Indonesia and Malaysia, Coca Cola is big, but not in the top of mind of majority youth. Coca-cola is historical drink for them since they were kids (elementary school) but as they grown up, coca cola and other soda are leaved by their fans Photo : Ita Pravitasari (facebook) For youth, drinking mineral water and tea is a must, while coffee is for hang out and on an special occasion Fadli Azali Youth Specialist Youth Works Asia
  28. 28. “It’s not about getting your name out there and leaving it out there. It’s about getting your name out there, and using it to bring people together, back to you. It’s about creating a bond, it’s about telling a story, or better, being part of a story” Photo : Anneke Puspa (Facebook) Fadli Azali Youth Specialist Youth Works Asia
  29. 29. 29 Request free download of this presentation: http://enterthelab.com/index.php?m=insight&s=presentation Find more about Indonesian Youth trends, data, & insights: www.enterthelab.com Contact us for a presentation of this slide Tara.talita@gmail.com faisal_sii@yahoo.com Youthlab is the first factory and repository of Indonesian youth insight, compromised of multi-talented youths of various background, the research and consulting company helps corporations and organizations create precious connection with the fickle yet precious market segment. Through etnographic research, online tracking, creative focus group discussion, and other means, we help you create a dialogue with the youths of Indonesia in the most efficient manner. We Are Here to Make that happen to you