(youthlab indo) Panelists Profile - The 2nd Young Ideas Salon


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(youthlab indo) Panelists Profile - The 2nd Young Ideas Salon

  1. 1. The Panelists Profile<br />
  2. 2.
  3. 3. Keynote Speaker<br />After 5 years of strategic consulting in both the US and China, John Solomon founded company–Enovate–in Shanghai which focuses on insights and strategy within the Chinese youth market. John works with multinational and Asia based companies looking to expand in the growing China market. <br />John’s core strengths are youth insights and trends, qualitative research, creative offline and online campaigns, and youth focused strategies.  John is a talented speaker and as the chair of YRP ASIA he has his finger on the pulse of youth trends across all of Asia that will offer conference attendees a one-of-a-kind experience in marketing with Asian youth.<br />John Solomon<br />Doctoral candidate of psychology.<br />He developed the first research firm specializing<br />on the youth segment in Indonesia called Youth Laboratory Indonesia. Faisal explore and developed<br />new ways of inquiring insights and engagement with<br />the Indonesian young people. Besides facilitating brands<br />bridge the gap with this peculiar market, Faisal also <br />conceptualized youth social movement for NGO, one of them is the first youth anti-corruption movement online called Mudagakorup.<br />Muhammad Faisal<br />
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  5. 5. James Indra Winawan<br />Grad School of PrasetyaMulya Business School '99<br />Lecturer in Marketing & Entrepreneurship PPM Manajemen<br /> Expert in:<br />Integrated Marketing Communication, <br />Service Marketing, Customer Relationship Management, Entrepreneurship, <br />Retail Management.   <br />
  6. 6. SyafiqBasriMarketing and PR of Paramadina University<br />Communication practitioner with more than nine (9) years experience as journalist (in Australia and Indonesia), and more than five (5) years in media and external relations functions; Dealt with various communication programs and media relations in UNICEF and AusAID, Syafiq has developed his skills in several focus areas such as basic education, health, child protection, gender equality and advocacy; His national and international management and leadership experience (spanning from media and communication management, health to education sectors) made him able to juggle between various tasks to achieve organization goals in the most efficient and effective manners. Currently working as Director for Marketing & Public Relations in ParamadinaUniversity his practice in journalism and his experience in teaching communication subjects have broaden his views on socio-political, economic and development trends and issues; Enriched with masters degree in journalism from UTS Australia, he has demonstrated ability in developing and implementing communication strategies where he showed his abilities in dealing with various issues and crisis situations in tight deadlines.<br />
  7. 7. Graduate from Journalistic, likes to assemble the music software.<br />He’s a writer and reporter for Provoke! Magazine. <br />He also a song-writer for Everybody Loves Irene since 2001. <br />He made music for advertisement jingle, movie and many more. One of the movies is RumahDara (2009)<br />YudhiArfaniWriter of Provoke! Magazine<br />
  8. 8. Bullitt Sesariza founded PT.LogikaInteraktif in 2007. Prior to that, he has taken a leading role in the biggest game developer in Indonesia: Matahari Studios.<br />Bullitt was one of the first employees at Matahari Studios in 1999, He soon was responsible for all art outsourcing project, including some AAA hit title such as Need for Speed series (PS2,Xbox,PC). He later went on to become the Producer and eventually Head of Studio. Under his leadership, the team has worked on over 10 Game projects including best selling international arcade title : Dino Duel.<br />With his decade of experience in creative, technical, and management. His decision to establish his own company was a natural progression. <br />Currently, Bullitt increasing his skill and experiences to act as a partner on several interactive business for the niche market. One his success story is Activity Box, Which now a leading company in adverdgaming industry. During his works, Bullitt also continue lecturing in Bina Nusantara university.<br />Bullitt SesarizaOwner of A-Box Games<br />
  9. 9. ArifinWindarmanOwner of UNKL347<br />Owner of UNKL347. After 13th years, now UNKL347 is a 7-part project that holds not only a clothing line, but also skateboarding up to interior household stuff. Founded by art school music junkie in 1996, these represent trademark of UNKL347 personal perspective, lifestyle and attitude. Affter 13th years, now UNKL347 is a 7-part project that holds not only a clothing line, but also skateboarding up to interior household stuff. Founded by art school music junkie in 1996, these represent trademark of UNKL347 personal perspective, lifestyle and attitude.<br />
  10. 10. ArdoArdhanaFounder ofStill Loving Youth<br />ArdoArdhana, founder of STILL LOVING YOUTH (SLY) a multi-format album of LIFE; music, movie/video, fashion, and art. SLY forms a new breed of magazine which isn't afraid to challenge its readers by exploring new boundaries. Principal of s.c.a.n.d.a.l Studio, a Bandung based communication design studio, and Director of Else-Press, a small publisher that concentrate publishing sub-culture local content. <br />Advisor for several local web-zines, creative events, and local youth movement. Guest lecturer for several Indonesian University. He have been very active encouraging emerging local talents to get published.<br />
  11. 11.
  12. 12. DewiHanafiannouncer of Trax FM<br /> Graduating with a bachelor degree in Psychology from Universitas Indonesia, Dewi found her interest in other fields that might not have an outright corresponding concerns to her educational background, but successfully fulfilled her passion in life. That is, to become a radio announcer. Since 2008, she’s been working in one of the well-known youth radio station in Jakarta, TRAX FM. <br />Dewihosts a regular show called SKULDESAK that aired on Monday to Friday, from 2 to 4 pm. Targeting mainly for high school students and undergraduates, she has become familiar with youth trends and has a knack for connecting with them. Her work in the broadcast media has led her to another opportunity that enriched her experience in public speaking, a chance to be a freelance Master of Ceremony. Dewi has hosted different type of shows, from product launchings, anniversaries, to seminars and workshops. And this working experience has broadened her mind in understanding youth marketing as well. <br />
  13. 13. “I really believe that youth in Indonesia has the power to lead and bring a better future for Indonesia by making a practice of positive environment”<br />FirnandoBuenayreSiraitVP External Relations AIESEC in Indonesia<br />I grew up in various environments, where I learned a lot about difference which we all are facing every day. It makes me always want to challenge myself in exploring myself, connecting to my surroundings to learn more, and share ideas to people.<br />Currently, after graduated from Economic Management UNPAD, I'm challenging myself to lead an organization with a global scope called AIESEC, where having responsibility in building relationship with corporation in Indonesia.<br />Previously, I led AIESEC in Bandung city, where we all strive in creating and providing life changing experience abroad to more than 100 students.<br />
  14. 14. PoppieAirilSeniorDesigner<br /> <br />“Sukacitawan” and 'lo-fi-esque' who claimed himself as 'a non meat-eating environmentalist'. <br />Advertising school gave him an implication in his ‘pop-psychedelia’ work of arts. Collage, Outline illustration and the art of typography are his specialty as a senior designer of Provoke! Magazine<br />Had experience as a speaker and judges in design competition and workshop. <br />His hobby is to collect all the product packaging especially the local one<br />He also like to collect the Indonesian oldie’ movies<br />