(Youthlab Indo) Mobile Trends Indonesia: Handset & Operators Choice Among Youth 2012


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Blackberry still dominate the big cities market, but the perceptions of youth towards it change gradually. find out the what and why a mobile trends happen to the youth segment in Indonesia

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(Youthlab Indo) Mobile Trends Indonesia: Handset & Operators Choice Among Youth 2012

  1. 1. Photo courtesy of Muhammad FadilIndonesian Youthpedia Report|Handset & Operator Cards Trends 2012 Report Price: 3850 USDwww.enterthelab.com Copyright of PT Kreasi Pemuda Indonesia
  2. 2. More than 60 Million Youth in Indonesia| Insights undiscovered Youthlab is the first factory and repository of youth insight, compromised of multi-talented youths of various background, the research and consulting company helps corporations and organizations create precious connection with the fickle yet precious market segment. Through etnographic research, online tracking, creative focus group discussion, and other means, we help you create a dialogue with the youths of Indonesia in the most efficient manner. 2
  3. 3. Doctoral Candidate of Psychology, Experienced project manager for research project and consultancy, Finalist for Garuda’s Business Plan Competition, International Speaker, Indie Culture Gatekeeper, Cum Laude Bachelor, Youth Political Activist, Cartoonist, Graphic Designer, Blogger, Twitter Enthusiast, Converse Fans, Fixie Rider, Online entrepreneur, InstagramA bunch of nice young people skilled with research lover experiences & passionate on youth culture| Who we are 3
  4. 4. 3 Bubu.com Intel Blitz Megaplex AIESEC Goal.com University of Parmadina Plan Politika Merck Telkomsel KNPI Imajinasi Foundation Provoke MagazineYouthlab Clients, Subscribers, & Community Partners| TIRI It took only 2 years for Youthlab to be South Beach Queen the benchmark of Indonesian Youth UNKL347 Culture research Locally and Globally Recapital Animax World Assembly of Youth Epic Magazine Street Dirt Senayan Initiative 4
  5. 5. How It’s Done | MethodologyWe realized that to fully understand youthculture and behavior we could not expect tofind it through a few focus group discussion.Basic survey may also be a pitfall in researchif we don’t empathize and use a reversepsychology on youth. That’s why we don’t depend or focus on a singularmethodology, instead we use across transactional data and longitudinalInvestigation notes as source of insights. Page 4
  6. 6. Table of Content |Youth Marketing Report 1. Mobile brands across city 2. Indonesian youth and blackberry adoption 3. Blackberry current status and social currency 4. Operator card and youth trust 5. Nokia relevancy among the youth segment 6. Dual handset among youth (explained) 7. Rural youth handset usage 8. Mobile handset and social media usage 9. Twitter, BBM, Whatsapp and SMS 10. Iphone penetration and Instagram 11. Insights for marketing strategies in 2012 Details of content: This report include an intensive survey results with more than 1000 youth participants from Padang-Jakarta-Surabaya-Semarang-Malang. Another survey conducted with more than 1000 youth in a Big City to catch the future trend. More than 1400 minutes of etnography interviews as source of insights. Pictures from field research that describes current youth social behavior. A causal research on social media behavior involving more Than 300 youth participants.
  7. 7. What is the next steps? Catch all our Youth Trends Report out December 2012 Indonesian Youthniverse 3/4 series: 1/3 Indonesian Youth & Social Media 2012 2/3 Indonesian Female Youth Trends 2012 3/3 Handset & Operator Card Trends 2012 3/4 Indonesian Youthpedia (General trends) 2012 Call us for 2 hours of presentation of this Report, or include us in your marketing strategy elaboration Visit our web for more info www.enterthelab.com Or contact: Muhammad Faisal Faisal_sii@yahoo.com Tarafirst repository The Talita Tara.talita@gmail.com & behavioral insights of Indonesian youth cultureYouth Laboratory Indonesia www.enterthelab.com