No my friend, the river ganga is not pure


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No my friend, the river ganga is not pure

  1. 1. No My Friend, The River Ganga Is Not So Pure Anymore By Pooja Baburaj
  2. 2. Due respects.. Really? • The  Ganga,  the  largest  river  in  India  with  an  extraordinary  religious importance for Hindus has been littered with waste  of possibly every shape, color and size. • Along  its  banks  are  some  of  the  world’s  oldest  inhabited  places like Varanasi and Patna. • The  highlight,  however,  remains  our  method  of  expressing  reverence  and  awe  –  discharging  an  estimated  2.9  billion  liters or more of human sewage into the Ganges daily.
  3. 3. Holy-shit and garbage• The famed rivers of Indo-Gangetic plains are turning into “sewage system“, threatening the life and health of millions of people dependent on them, warned a team of 11 environmental activists who cycled through the region covering around 1,800km in 27 days.• These activists are a part of a project called‘Yatra’ that aims to raise awareness about the need for keeping an account of India’s natural resources.
  4. 4. Padma Shri Awardee Anil P Joshi speaks• “Not one river was fit to bathe in. The water at many places resembled sewage water. Among the most polluted rivers we came across was the Yamuna in western UP, Varuna and Gandak,”
  5. 5. A GAP in Ganga Action Plan?• The Ganga Action Plan or GAP launched by Rajiv Gandhi in April 1986 in order to reduce the pollution load on the river, in unable to translate the crores of capital invested into an effective programme lead to the withdrawal of the programme in 2000.• Since then several NGOs have walked the lead in continuing the cleaning programs that were originally initiated by the government.• It isn’t just the rivers that they are worried about.• They said none of the states they travelled through had achieved even half of India’s target of 33% area under forests.
  6. 6. The Mayans are right about the earth’s destruction• We are gradually killing the existence of Mother Nature and it isn’t something to be left unnoticed.• The ominous signs have been set in live action.• These days, we step out with a shawl wrapped around us like that of a mummy in Cairo Museum just so that our skin does not shed like that of a reptile, the hair follicles does not get clogged with dirt and our lungs don’t burst with all that green-house gases that we take in.• Away from the cities and into the poles, an iceberg melts every instant, melting away part of our future life with it into the deep blue sea, into the void.
  7. 7. Earth or nothing else• Twenty years ago the news of the pollution hit headlines of all the top magazines and predicted possible death of the planet population in twenty years.• Today we are still talking about it, now more accelerated by the rapid industrialization.• Our landscapes have changed radically; the forest soil now grows commercial crops and has roads, highways and skyscrapers running over it.• Pollution is a global issue, as we often hear about it on radio and TV, generally followed by strong and convincing call for action.• It’s time that we stop switching channels and join in the effort to save our home planet – Mars isn’t ready for us as of now.
  8. 8. • Read more on Youth Ki Awaaz at