YouthJuice® Uni-level Compensation Program


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YouthJuice® Uni-level Compensation Program

  1. 1. THEUNI LEVELCOMPENSATION PLANRewardingyou, our mostvaluable asset,with 9 waysto earn incomeYJ SCIENCES
  2. 2. With 9 ways to earnincome, one of the highestpercentage payouts inrelationship marketing andchecks out monthly, discoverthe power of YJ Sciences.2
  3. 3. 12DIRECT SALESRETAIL BONUSAs a Brand Partner, you will develop an important base of Personal Retail Customers.Retail Customers are those personal customers you service by purchasing YJ Sciences products at yourwholesale price, and then directly reselling those products to those Customers at your established retailprice. Your profit is the difference between the wholesale and the resale price. Note that with bulkorder discounts, you can enhance your retail profits considerably.You are in control of the sale and you keep all of the profits from your work developing this customerbase. Make sure you provide a sales receipt for each sale you make to Retail Customers.Retail Customers are those who you personally enroll in the YJ Sciences databasewho have the ability to purchase through your online website at the retail price.They may also participate in the Monthly Customer Auto Ship program where theyare rewarded with lower Customer pricing. Remember, these people are not placedin your uni-level tree; but you do earn level 1 commissions on their BV. They arecustomers receiving YJ Sciences product at a terrific price.Customers who you enroll in the YJ Sciences database receive their own Online Office so they can placeorders without your direct involvement. Brand Partners make direct sales profits when their Customersorder product from the Online Office - up to 30% on all retail orders placed.You do not need to be Active to do Direct Sales or earn Retail profits.3
  4. 4. FIRST ORDER BONUSThe First Order Bonus is paid based on the personal product orders placed by a newBrand Partner at the time of their initial enrollment date.This bonus is paid to the first four Active upline Brand Partners and follows the Placement Tree.344FIRST ORDER BONUS SCALEEnroller 2nd Upline Enroller 3rd Upline Enroller 4th Upline Enroller 20%NewBrand PartnerEnroller2ndEnroller3rdEnroller4thEnroller10%5%5%20% of First Order $ Value10% of First Order $ Value5% of First Order $ Value5% of First Order $ Value
  5. 5. FAST START BONUS455You can earn up to $100 in Fast Start Bonuses by enrolling Brand Partners withLifestyle and Executive packs.Fast Start Bonus Overrides can be earned once you achieve Silver or above based on thedifference between the Fast Start Bonus earned at your rank, and the Fast Start Bonuses earned bythose within your organization.Second Generation Fast Start Bonus Overrides can be also be earned once you achieveSilver so that you are still rewarded on the production within your team coming from Distributors atthe same or higher rank as you. BRAND PARTNER BRONZE SILVER GOLD PLATINUM DIAMONDLIFESTYLE $25 $30 $35 $40 $45 $50EXECUTIVE $50 $60 $70 $80 $90 $1002ND GENERATIONOVERRIDE +$10 +$10 +$10 +$10Initial Order Lifestyle PackFast Start BonusHypothetical Example #1If you are a Brand Partner whopurchased a Lifestyle Pack andenroll 3 people with an ExecutivePack you will earn $25 for eachfor a total of $75!Brand Partner(You)$25 x 3 = $75ExecutivePack$25ExecutivePack$25ExecutivePack$25
  6. 6. 6Initial Order Executive PackFast Start BonusHypothetical Example #2If you are a Brand Partner whopurchased a Executive Pack andenroll 3 people with an ExecutivePack you will earn $50 for eachfor a total of $150!Fast Start BonusHypothetical Example #3If you joined with an ExecutivePack and are Platinum, with aBronze in your organization whoenrolled 10 new Brand Partnerswho each joined with an ExecutivePack, you will earn a $30 FastStart Bonus Override for each $90 Platinum FSB– $60 Bronze FSB= $30 FSB Override $30x10 = $300$50 x 3 = $150Brand Partner(You)ExecutivePackExecutivePackExecutivePackExecutivePackBronzeExecutivePackExecutivePackExecutivePackExecutivePackExecutivePackExecutivePackExecutivePackExecutivePackExecutivePackPlatinum(You)10x$30=$300Fast Start BonusOverrides10X$60=$600Fast Start Bonus2$60$60$60$60$60$60$60$60$60$60$50$50$50
  7. 7. 5STAR MAKER ENROLLER POOL7Become a Star Maker - enroll with a Lifestyle or Executive Pack and reach Bronzewithin the first 30 days of becoming a Brand Partner and you can earn from theentire company’s revenue!The Star Maker’s Enroller’s Pool is special company revenue sharing incentive reserved exclusively forStar Makers. It features the foundation of the YJ Sciences’ compensation plan – The Power of 3!YJ Sciences places 2% of the total company Bonus Volume (BV) from the previous month into this revenuePool. The bonus is paid at the end of each monthly cycle and is based on the amount sales BV withinthat period.Here is how you can qualify for the Star Maker’s Enroller Pool your first month:MONTHLY ENROLLER’S POOL POINT SYSTEMBecome a Star Maker = 3 points3 Retail Customers = 3 points3 New Members = 3 points*Must total min $500QV.Each Additional $450 in QV above the first $500 = Bonus 3 pointsTo qualify in subsequent months simply enroll 3 new Active Brand Partners(min 99PQV).
  8. 8. We have reserved 2% of our total company Bonus Volume (BV) for our Platinum and Diamond leaders.As a qualified Platinum, you may earn points in the 1% pool, and as a qualified Diamond you mayearn points in both the 1% Platinum pool, and the 1% Diamond pool. Points are earned accordingto a scale based on the highest rank in each personally enrolled Leg.The YJ Sciences’ Plan is called a Uni-Level with Dynamic Compression. The higher the level you achieve,the more levels from which you can earn commissions. Our plan uses “dynamic compression” to allowyou to earn on sales originating down deeper within your team. A Level is determined by being anActive Brand Partner. Any Customer or Distributor volume that is not generated from an Active BrandPartner will “compress” and be counted in the volume of the Level immediately above.All Team Commissions follow the Placement Tree and are based on BV. Your Personal Customers’ orderscount towards your monthly PQV activity requirement. Commissions will be accumulated until they reacha gross amount of $55, at which time they will be paid on the next pay period. Team commissionsare paid on the Monthly Pay Cycle.LEADERSHIP POOLTEAM COMMISSIONS678BRONZE RISING STAR SILVER GOLD PLATINUM DIAMOND1 POINT 2 POINTS 5 POINTS 7 POINTS 10 POINTS 15 POINTS 1 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5%team 2 5 5 5 5 5 5commissions 3 2-5% 2-5% 5 5 5 4 2-5% 2-5% 5 5 5uni-level 5 2-5% 5 5 5w/compression 6 2-5% 5 5 5 7 5 5 5 8 5 5RankLevelBrandPartnerBronzeSilverGoldPlatinumDiamond2-4% through level8 of 1st and 2ndDiamondLeadership DepthBonus
  9. 9. The Leadership Depth BonusOnce you achieve the rank of Diamond, you will earn a 2% LDB on all the Bonus Volume (BV fromyour level 9 through infinity). When you help someone else within your organization achieve the rankof Diamond, your LDB will increase to 4% through that Diamond’s 8 Levels, and you will still earn a 2%LDB through infinite levels below. You will earn a LDB all the way through your second Diamond’s 8compressed levels in any given leg. The Leadership Depth Bonus follows the Placement Tree.9YouDiamondLEVELS LEVELSPAYOUT PAYOUTYouDiamond1 1209∞∞91011198 85% 5%2%2% 4%
  10. 10. 10MORTGAGE AND CAR PROGRAM8 When eligible Brand Partners reach Silver they become qualified to participate inthe home mortgage and car program. We not only want you healthy, we want youfeeling secure in the very place that we all dream of – the comfort of owning yourown home.Reach Silver - and earn at least $3000 income per month 3months in a row - you will earn up to $2000 a month as a mortgage or carbonus to be paid in month 4.Drive your dream car!Pay down your mortgage sooner!
  11. 11. 11Where else can you find a built-in Retirement Program that will provide a steadyincome for you and your family in as little as 3 years?With the YJ Sciences Retirement Program you will be awarded your lowest achieved Rank withinyour most recent 36 months of distributorship.This means that after only 36 months with YJ Sciences you can retire as an Active Brand Partner!As you continue to work towards your retirement you will progress according to the order of rankachieved. The faster you achieve higher ranks, the earlier you can retire!Retiring means you do not need to maintain your Active legs, GQV, or 60% Rank Criteria to bepaid! This truly is a unique and exciting opportunity to make early retirement a reality.9BUSINESS RETIREMENT PROGRAM
  12. 12. TERMS AND DEFINITIONS12Auto–Ship: – An optional convenience program thatallows Customers and Distributors to create a monthlystanding order with YJ Sciences.Active: When a Distributor has at least 99 PQV inAuto ship Sales or $200 PQV in Retail Sales per MonthEnroller/Sponsor: The Brand Partner directlyresponsible for enrolling a new Brand Partner.BV: Bonus Volume. The amount of each product salethat counts toward bonuses and commissioning.QV:PQV:GQV: Group Qualification Volume. Total QV of allActive: When a Distributor has at least 99 PQV inAuto ship Sales or $200 PQV in Retail Sales per MonthLevel : The number on which a Distributor lies in yourorganization. Anyone you sponsor is on Level 1. Anyonethey sponsor would be on your Level 2, etc. All Activemembers count as a level for your Team Commissions.Frontline: A term used to reference Associates thatare Sponsored directly by you and found on Level 1 ofyour organization.UPLINE: The term “upline” refers to that portion ofeither your team that precedes you. This consists of theIndependent Distributor who is your Sponsor, and his/her Sponsor, etc.Override: Commissions or bonuses paid to a distributorfor production in their organization for which they arenot directly responsible.Second Generation:A term used to reference someone within yourorganization who is at the same Rank as you are.You are the “first” generation of that rank, they are the“Second Generation” and so on.Uni-Level Compression: A Level compresseseverything from one Active member and above toanother Active Member and above.Rank Promotion: Rank Promotions run monthly onthe last day of the month at midnight.Grace Period: When a new rank of Silver or aboveis achieved for the first time, the Member will remain atleast that rank for two months.60% Rank Criteria: No more than 65% of the totalrequired Rank Qualification volume (QV) can comeout of any 1 leg. This is just for Rank promotion andqualification.Monthly Pay Cycle: Monthly commissions andbonuses paid out on the 15th of the month that arebased on the previous month’s production.Waiting Room: All new Personally SponsoredMembers will sit in a “Waiting Room” on Level 1 andcan be repositioned within your team once anytimewithin 60 days of their enrollment date.70% RULE: Seventy percent (70%) of productsobtained from YJ Sciences must be retailed or consumedbefore reorders are made.Qualification Volume. The dollar value of eachproduct sale that counts towards your rank.Personal Qualification Volume. Totaldollar value from all personal and customerorders under your username.sales volume generated within your team.
  13. 13. Brand Partner: An Active YJ Sciences Distributor.Bronze: Remain Active, and have 2/3 ActiveLegs with a minimum of $2000 GQV/mo.Silver: Remain Active, and have 2/3 Active Legswith a minimum of $12500 GQV/mo. (60% RankCriteria applies)Gold: Remain Active, and have 3 Active Legswith a minimum of 40000 GQV/mo. (60% RankCriteria applies)Platinum: Remain Active, and have 3 Active LegsWith a minimum of $80000 GQV/mo.(60%Rank Criteria applies)Diamond: Remain Active, and have 3 ActiveLegs with a minimum of $150000 GQV/month(60% Rank Criteria applies).One Star Diamond: Help one person achieveDiamond in any one of your legs. Does not haveto be personally sponsored.Two Star Diamond: Help two people achieveDiamond, each within a separate leg.Three Star Diamond: Help three people achieveDiamond, each within a separate leg.Four Star Diamond: Help four people achievethe Rank of Diamond. The 4th Diamond canFive Star Diamond: Help five people achievethe Rank of Diamond. The 5th Ambassador canYJ Sciences will recognize Six Star Diamondsand beyond following the same pattern ofrank criteria.Royal Diamond: Help at least 1 person achieve3 Star Diamond in each of 3 separate legs.Crown Diamond: Help at least 1 person achieve5 Star Diamond in each of 3 separate legs.Global Diamond: Help 5 people achieve 5Star Diamond. The first three must be in threeTHE YJ SCIENCES CAREER PATH& RANK QUALIFICATIONS13The 4th Diamond can be anywhere within a 4th leg, or within theorganization of personal Enrollee that is placement sponsored within anyof your previously existing legs. Cannot count more than one Diamondfrom each placement tree let towards a Diamond "Star".The first three must be in three separate legs. The fourth 5 Star Diamondcan be anywhere within leg 4, and the fifth 5 Star Diamond can beanywhere within leg 5, OR they can be within the organization of apersonal Enrollee that is placement sponsored within any of yourpreviously existing legs. Cannot count more than one 5 Star Diamondfrom each Placement Tree Leg.13can be anywhere within a 5th leg, or within the organization of personalEnrollee that is placement sponsored within any of your previouslyexisting legs. Cannot count more than one Diamond from eachplacement tree leg toward a Diamond “Star.”
  14. 14. YJ Sciences Bonus and Rank CriteriaRanks Brand Partner Bronze (B) Silver (S) Gold (G) Platinum(P) Diamond (D)Qualifications Must be Active:99 PQV in A/SSales or $200PQV in RetailSales per MonthRemain Active2/3 Active Legs$2000 GQV/mo.Remain Active2/3 Active Legs$12500 GQV/mo.(60% RankCriteria)Remain Active3 Active Legs$40000 GQV/mo.(60% RankCriteria)Remain Active3 Active Legs$8000 GQV/mo.(60% RankCriteria)Remain Active3 Active Legs$150000 GQV/mo(60% RankCriteria)Fast StartBonusesLifestyle orExecutive PackPurchase to Qualify$499 $25 $30 $35 $40 $45 $50$900 $50 $60 $70 $80 $90 $100Generational Override +$10 +$10 +$10 +$10TeamCommissionsUnilevelwithCompressionLvl 1 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5%Lvl 2 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5%Lvl 3 2% - 5% 2% - 5% 5% 5% 5%Lvl 4 2% - 5% 2% - 5% 5% 5% 5%Lvl 5 2% - 5% 5% 5% 5%Lvl 6 2% - 5% 5% 5% 5%Lvl 7 5% 5% 5%Lvl 8 5% 5%Leadership DepthBonusStar MakersReach Bronze infirst 30 days toQualify for thisbonusCar and Mortgage Program (see full document for details)Reach Silver, and earn $3000 per month 3 months in a row, earn up to$2000 a month as a Mortgage or Car bonus, with qualifying months paid with monthwith month 4.LeaderShip PoolEarn a % of Total Company Revenueby earnings points in P and D pools2% of previous Months company wide BV. Platinums earn points in a 1% pool,Diamonds earn points in both the 1% Platinum pool AND the 1% Diamond Pool.Points earned based on scale based on highest rank in each personally enrolled leg.Qualification based on Paid Rank, Bonuses paid on Monthly Pay Cycle.Time Limited PromotionExtra Bonus for achieving AMB andHelping Others do same.Max Bonus $1,000,000 ends Dec 31, 2013D$25,000Paid over 12 months18 months to qualify3 Star D$100,000Paid over 12 months18 months to qualify5 Star D$250,000Paid over 18months24months to qualifyBlack D$500,000Paid over 24months36months to qualifyRoyal B D$1,000,000Paid over 24months36months to qualifyFirst Order BonusEarn this Bonus on NewMembers First productOrdersEnroller 20%2nd Upline Enroller 10%3rd Upline Enroller 5%4th Upline Enroller 5%Paid out on personal product orderplaced by new member at time ofenrollment and is paid to first fourActive upline Members. PersonalProduct purchased by members afterinitial enrollment will count to wardRetail and Team Commissions.Bonuses follows Enroller tree. Mustbe “Active” to earn the bonus. Bonus“Rolls Up” to first “Active” enroller.Bonuses paid monthly.Star Makers Monthly Enroller’s PoolBecome a rising Star and Earn a % of YJ Sciences’ Total Company Revenue BVBecome a Rising Star = 3 pts. Each Additional $450 in QV over first$500 = Bonus 3 pts.!3 Retail Customers = 3 pts.3 New Members = 3 pts. *Must total min. $500 QV.2% BV from previous months company wide sales placed into EnrollersPool. All production must fall in same month to qualify. Pay cycle endsmidnight PST last day of each month. Bonus varies each month basedon sales BV and how many qualified. Bonus available to “Active”members who enrolled with minimum Executive or Lifestyle pack andachieves at least director within first 30 days to become a rising star.Retail BonusEarn up to 30% on all retailOrders place through yourwebsite or sold personallyat suggested retail price.You will be awarded your lowestachieved Rank within your mostrecent 36 months of distributorship.You will never drop below that Rankas long as your remain ActiveRetirement PlanQV - Qualification Volume. The dollar value of eachproduct sale that counts towards your rank.BV- Bonus Volume. Amount of each product salevolume that counts towards bonuses and commissions.GQV- Group Qualification Volume. Total dollar value ofall sales volume generated within your team.Level - All "Active" members count as a level for yourTeam CommissionsUnilevel Compression: A "Level" compresses everythingfrom one Active Member and above to another ActiveMember and above.Level- All "Active" members count as a level for your TeamCommissions.Rank Promotion - Rank Promotions run monthly on thelast day of the month at midnight.Grace Period - When a new rank of Silver or above isachieved for the first time, the Member will remain at leastthat Rank for two months.60% Rank Criteria: No more than 60% of the than required Rank Qualificationvolume(QV) can come out of any 1 leg. This is just for Rank promotion andQualification.Waiting Room: All new personally Sponsored Members will sitin a "waiting room" on Level 1 and can be repositioned withinyour team once anytime wihtin 60 days of their enrollmentdate.2-4% through level8 of 1st and 2ndDiamondPQV- Personal Qualification Volume. Total dollar value from allpersonal and customer orders under your username.
  15. 15. YJ Sciences Inc. makes every effort to accurately represent its products and portray the income opportunity. Earning and income state-ments made by the company are estimates of what is possible within the Compensation Program. There is no guarantee that you willmake these levels of income and you accept the risk that the earnings differ from one individual to another. Any income potential figuresshould not be considered a guarantee or projection of your actual earnings. Any representation or guarantee of earnings would bemisleading. Success is achievable only from consistent sales results, which require hard work, diligence and leadership. Your successwill depend upon how effectively you exercise these qualities. For more information, please contact the individual who shared the YJSciences opportunity with you. It is anticipated that compensation likely to be received by typical participants after their first year will bebetween $1,000 and $2,000 | 877.681.4696 |