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This is the template of English resume.

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Resume Template (Sample:Dylan Ko)

  1. 1. Dylan Ko Address C.P. E-mail: CAREER SUMMARY Professional abilities to make business strategy and models, contents’ roadmap, marketing strategy for online game contents. Additionally, modulating relevant resources for producing contents as a project manager. − Online board game (Poker, Gostop) service and development PM − MMORPG service, business PM − Two successful game contents and one partially successful game content − Completely experiencing all cycles : concept planning  CB  OB  business implementation JOB OBJECTIVE − Opportunities to have global experience − Higher level of working experience related with game business or a little bit career change to broaden my knowldege about digital contents and media business : e.g. IPTV, mobile commerce, next-gen contents providing − Proper salary for my abilities EDUCATION [ Triple major at Yonsei University ; March 2000 – February 2004 ] Bachelor of Business administration, Business administration  Marketing, MIS, Consumer psychology, Information technology management, New product development Bachelor of Arts, Economics  Micro economy, Macro economy, Monetary circulation, Industry organization Bachelor of Arts, Applied statistics  Multi variates anal., Regression anal., Time-series anal., Data-mining G.P.A. 4.08 / 4.30 1 high honors student, 3 highest honors student Highest honors graduate WORK EXPERIENCE [ Resume of Dylan Ko ] C.P. E-mail: 1/10
  2. 2. NHN Hangame “新맞고 (Shin-Matgo)” and other card games(Gostop and poker games) 1. Period : November 2003 – December 2004 2. Position : NHN – Hangame – GNP+TF [ Team Member ] 3. Objective  Developing killer contents to regain the 1st position in Gostop game market  Maintaining the 1st position in Poker game market and increasing customer sharing rate 4. Result  Developing killer-app. 新맞고(Shin-Matgo)  Regaining the 1st position in Gostop games by Shin-Matgo, updating other games and managing service : Increase 30% on-time-user number  Fixing the 1st position in poker games. Planning roadmap with new poker killer contents (Now being on service as Lasvegas Poker, Poker Pop) 5. Detailed Job Description  Finding new game feature that can appeal to customers  Planning and managing game event promotions  Making marketing strategy of Shin-Matgo : naming, launching marketing, promotion  Modulating development process of Shin-Matgo among web dev., game dev., design, marketing and system maintenance  Planning web site for Shin-Matgo and modulating the development of it  Caring the service of Shin-Matgo after launching : find the way of improvement by inspecting user feedback, generating new service index and periodic service reports  Patenting the technologies and business model used in Shin-Matgo  Hangame 맞고(Matgo) renewal PM : planning renewal components(game logic, design, sound, animation), managing resources and schedule  Optimizing the structure of producing/consuming monetary in games based on analysis of monetary and play pattern  Participating new community game TF, where my role is a strategic advice  Shin-Matgo seasonal update and event promotion PM : planning update feature(design, sound, animation)  Preparing the contents strategy presentation for poker games  Analysis of relevant playing pattern among all Hangame games  Designing an integrated analysis system for card games using MOLAP [ Resume of Dylan Ko ] C.P. E-mail: 2/10
  3. 3. technology  Managing security reactions for game money hacking trials : detecting symptoms  tracking with developers  cutting and restoring  Improving CS(Customer Support) process for contents and giving educations to CS call center  Total managing the process of fixing the critical bug for major Hangame games among system, development, CS, service division  Fix !!  Making manuals of know-how which are dealing with planning, development, service strategy, marketing strategy, analysis skill, CS managing for games NHN 1st MMORPG “ARCHLORD” 1. Period : January 2005 – December 2005 2. Position : NHN – ARCHLORD business Team [ Team Member ] : NHNGAMES – Game business Team – Strategy Part [ Part Leader ] 3. Objective  Successful launching and profit-making of ARCHLORD 4. Result  Making hot marketing issue and successful launching : half million subscription in a week  Even though declining of the service because of critical bugs, it gains big money comparing its user scale : successful item selling business model  over ₩ 150 million / month profit when the same time-access is 3,000 5. Detailed Job Description  Researching and inspecting MMORPG market history. Benchmarking leading games in market  Making the contents strategy using NHN core resources(search and community service of NAVER, mass user pool of Hangame)  Modulating development process among web dev., game dev. and system maintenance  Designing the multi dimensional real-time analysis tool for analyzing MMORPG user play pattern, and PM for developing it  Making ARCHLORD marketing strategy : concept planning, attentive check for specific marketing tools  Creating and publishing service reports made by detailed analysis of [ Resume of Dylan Ko ] C.P. E-mail: 3/10
  4. 4. ARCHLORD play pattern, and especially systemizing the internet gaming rooms market DB  Making critical service index and suggesting proper improvements of the content through the index  PM for online game money market(e.g. ITEMBAY) analysis : it is highly related with successful launching and maintaining of online game  Modulating ARCHLORD marketing actions  Developing a core theory for successful MMORPG item selling business model based on benchmarking games and ARCHLORD contents analysis  PM for even promotion on internet gaming rooms  Modulating cooperating business based on OSMU  PM for ARCHLORD business model implementation − Designing profit analysis tool and billing process administrating tool − Total modulating relevant development divisions (billing, web, game) − Making launching-marketing and communication strategy for payment version  Searching and interviewing proper human resources to improve analysis system Targeting Lineage user MMORPG “R2” & “ARCHLORD” 1. Period : January 2006 – December 2006 2. Position : NHNGAMES – Contents Strategy Team [ Team Leader ] 3. Objective  Making successful flow from CB(Closed Beta) to implementing business model for R2  Improving or maintaining the profit of ARCHLORD 4. Result  Unprecedented success of R2 CB  Successful OB launching  Much higher profits especially in internet gaming rooms : 170% profit comparing to normal case  Stop declining profits of ARCHLORD by introducing new item circulation 5. Detailed Job Description  Managing profits of ARCHLORD : periodic analysis of profit situations, finding new profit momentum  creating new profits  Making a manual and a check-list for successful MMORPG service and [ Resume of Dylan Ko ] C.P. E-mail: 4/10
  5. 5. business : it contains all considerations from CB to business implementation step by step  Managing R2 business with the manual and the check-list from CB to business implementation : Modulating all relevant divisions’ action (Arrange the meeting of whole company every week)  Designing and development managing of an improved play pattern analysis tool : Especially, systemizing analysis of internet gaming rooms  Preparing strategic action for internet gaming rooms that are critical for the success of R2 : field investigation (throughout the nation), sales tool planning, preparing for control of sales force  Analyzing the situation of ARCHLORD  Suggesting the way of contents update  Analyzing the play pattern of R2  Making strategic scenario  PM for designing and implementing “profits and sales analysis CRM system”  it has done a great work for strategic sales  Developing optimized business model for R2 and simulating it  PM for R2 business model implementation for individual users and internet gaming rooms  Periodic analysis of sales and profits situation of R2  Modulating the defensive process to hacking trial of R2 with NHN security team  Incubating new MMORPG project : Modulating a concept of the content and business model from an early development stage  Searching and interviewing proper human resources for analysis and strategy  Making manuals and giving education about total know-how Graduate student of Cognitive Science , Researcher 1. Period : January 2007 – June 2007 2. Position : Yonsei University Graduate School – Division of Cognitive Science ; HCI Lab. [ Researcher ] 3. Detailed Job Description  Developing the global UX(User Experience) evaluation system (with SAMSUNG) − Analyzing cellular phone users’ reviews based on Grounded Theory − Making Survey and coding the results [ Resume of Dylan Ko ] C.P. E-mail: 5/10
  6. 6. − In-depth interview with specialists of the industry and normal users  analysis of the scripts − Finding appropriate theories from bunch of papers − Extracting persuasive theory model  Preparing adviser’s PT for executives of KB bank Strategic Consulting for Contents Business 1. Period : June 2007 – 2. Position : NETIMO COMMUNICATIONS Corp. [ Temporary Contract Team Leader ; 1-day working per week ] 3. Objective  Improving business process  Improving the efficiency of workers 4. Result  Increased work efficiency  Finding new business opportunity 5. Detailed Job Description  Planning an analysis tool and a transaction DB schema for new business model  Strategic consulting for the company’s important decision makings  Refining working minds to make strategies based on data analysis  Educating high-level Excel techniques for workers NATURE & SKILLS 1. Nature  Rational and logical  Active  Creative  Deliberate and attentive  Rapid learning and reaction  Concentration  Strong responsibility  Curiosity for new one  Perfectionism for myself  Motivator with driving force and leadership  Habit to update the latest information for interesting subjects [ Resume of Dylan Ko ] C.P. E-mail: 6/10
  7. 7.  Enjoying various communications  Enjoying problem solving  Enjoying multi-tasking  Enjoying various kinds of games on various platforms since 10 years old 2. Basic Skills [ Planning ]  Data structure  Work process flow  Specific action plan  Objectivity oriented application  OLAP cube design  CRM system design [ Data Analysis ]  Regression analysis  Time-series data pattern analysis  Multivariate data analysis  Processing with categorical data  Data-mining and extract critical factors  Mass storage log data analysis  Multidimensional data analysis with OLAP [ Using Tool ]  MS Excel : Macro, DB, Pivot, Lookup, Table and Index, Finding solution  MS Word, MS PowerPoint : High-level user  Cognos PowerPlay : Cube design and analysis  SPSS  Arc : Specialized tool for regression analysis  MINITAB  Visual Basic : Programming with Excel [ Communication ]  Persuasion  Negotiation  Presentation  Interview  Reporting  Team building  Education 3. Applied High-level Skills [ Resume of Dylan Ko ] C.P. E-mail: 7/10
  8. 8. [ Making Strategy ]  Extract relevant information from various facts as maximum as possible  Balancing between quantity information and quality information  Development of new index revealing situation effectively  Making strategy based on data analysis  Skill as an all-round project manager for development, service, marketing and business model of contents  Supporting given strategy with specific action plan [ Product Planning and Development Managing ]  Sense about contents  Understanding about development process  Scheduling and resource management  Planning and management after launching of contents  The best source of information is… customer [ Marketing ]  Sense about design and text  Understanding about consumer recognition and reaction  Concept for objective oriented marketing not for just showing  Marketing result analysis  Skill as an all-round project manager from making strategy to managing promotion 4. Affluent Human Network  Very competent developers who are working in Korea, USA, JAPAN, CHINA on various fields : Web, DB, System, Billing, Security, Game Development  Many team leaders or company owners who are responsible for off-line sales, marketing, promotion, etc.  University(SNU, Yonsei) alumni who are working on professional fields such as law firms, accounting firms, consulting firms and stock firms  Professors who have excellent career in the fields such as business administration, applied statistics, marketing, cognitive science and history ※ References are available upon request ADDITIONAL INFORMATION 1. Patent Application List [ International Patent ]  Name : INTERNET GAME SERVICE SYSTEM USING CHARACTERS HAVING ARTIFICIAL SENSITIVITY AND METHOD THEREOF [ Resume of Dylan Ko ] C.P. E-mail: 8/10
  9. 9.  Pub. No./ Date : 2005124618 / 2005.12.29  Appl. No./ Date: KR20050000997 / 2005.04.07 [ Domestic Patent ]  INTERNET GAME SERVICE SYSTEM USING CHARACTERS HAVING ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE AND METHOD THEREOF (Appl. No. 1020040023328 ; Reg. No. 1005431090000)  INTERNET GAME SERVICE SYSTEM USING CHARACTERS HAVING ARTIFICIAL SENSITIVITY AND METHOD THEREOF (Appl. No. 1020040023735 ; Reg. No. 1004715970000)  GAME SERVICE SYSTEM USING INTERNET AND METHOD THEREOF (Appl. No. 1020040027125)  MESSAGE SUPPLY SYSTEM FOR GAME CLIENT (Appl. No. 1020040074629)  INTERNET GAME SERVICE SYSTEM USING CHALLENGEABLE CHARACTERS AND METHOD THEREOF (Appl. No. 1020040036311)  INTERNET GAME SERVICE SYSTEM USING PERSONALIZED CHARACTERS AND METHOD THEREOF (Appl. No. 1020040033467)  INTERNET GAME SERVICE SYSTEM BEING ABLE TO MODIFY GAME SPACE FEATURE AND METHOD THEREOF (Appl. No. 1020040042548) ※ Above all patents are made by Dylan Ko alone or with some developer, but the rights of them belong to NHN corporation. 2. Writing Activity  Book Name : 제2차 디지털 전쟁 – 소니의 플레이스테이션 2 ( The Second Digital War – Sony’s Playstation 2 )  Publisher : 씨엔씨미디어 (C&C Media)  Pub. Date: Mar. 15, 2000  Introduction : Analyzing successful factors of SONY and PLAYSTATION series based on various information and resources that I have gathered for years. Especially, this book deals with the change of characters in contents market and contents themselves, Sony’s marketing strategy, Sony’s contents producing strategy and the forecasting new era of PLAYSTATION 2 3. School Activities [ Resume of Dylan Ko ] C.P. E-mail: 9/10
  10. 10.  Student representative of elementary, middle and high school  Director of high school festival focused on scientific events (Because the school was for talented students in science)  Representative of 20th members in Seoul National University Choir (1996) - Actually, I was majoring an electronic engineering in Seoul National University from March 1996 to June 1999 before I entered Yonsei University. However, I dropped out the school because the curriculum was not appropriate for my aptitude. Interestingly, the experience of SNU including studies about engineering has been really helpful for my job career and I strongly believe that it will be the same for future career.  4 years full scholarship with monthly living support money from “민초장학 재단 (Mincho encouragement of learning foundation)” (2000 – 2003)  1st representative of graduates of Mincho encouragement of learning foundation  Giving a special lecture for Yonsei statistic-majoring students after graduation 4. Rewards and Evaluation from Past Career  Vacation to Thailand for success of 新맞고(Shin-Matgo) (Team reward)  Spot incentive per every half year in NHN corporation (Individual reward)  Incentive for patent application  Average of total term evaluation scores is ‘A’ in NHN corporation (S-A-B- C-D level) [ Resume of Dylan Ko ] C.P. E-mail: 10/10