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Vienna Bologna Forum Me&Hh

  1. 1. Employability driving curricular design: “Complementary curricula” at the UoV Arthur Mettinger & Herbert Hrachovec 24.11.2008
  2. 2. The role of “employability” in UoV curricula  “double function” of Bachelor degrees: - foundation for specialization at Master level - sustainable (long-term) employability for Austrian and European labour market  realization of flexible, modularized curricula that answer students’ future needs: - possibilities of “branching” inside curriculum - additional knowledge & skills through “complementary curricula” (CC)
  3. 3. Curricular structures at Bachelor level Austrian law: 180 ECTS Typology developed autonomously at University of Vienna: 180 ECTS used for one subject area only (sciences) 120-150 ECTS used for „major“ + 30-60 ECTS usable for „complementary curricula“ (humanities, social sciences, educational sciences, philosophy, …)
  4. 4. Design of CC: The curricular perspective • CC are modularized „mini-curricula“ of 15/30 ECTS • obey the same rules as all curricula at UoV: - student-centred - learning outcome oriented - go through the same quality procedures as „regular“ curricula • targeted at „non-specialized“ students • non-consecutive and consecutive • reflect the rich variety of subjects offered at the UoV • marked in DS
  5. 5. „The buffet“: the UoV‘s offer (52 CC) • academic year 2007/08: - economics, statistics, philosophy • academic year 2008/09: - „classic“ humanities & social sciences - new interdisciplinary CC (cultural studies, media, ..) • academic years 2009/10 ff: - more narrow focus on employability - discussions with stakeholders from university and the labour market
  6. 6. Choice: The students‘ perspective • free choice of CC according to interest and/or future professional interest • „Major“-curriculum may recommend CC but cannot prescribe them • offer of CC will be continually expanded in order to keep up with recent developments and demands of the labour market
  7. 7. Challenges • how can the UoV best meet the students’ needs? • how can the UoV best take the demands of the (European) labour market into account? • how can the UoV make use of CC for enhancing student mobility? • which principles should the creation of new CC be based on? • which criteria should be applied to give up CC?
  8. 8. Remarks on freedom and employment prospects Herbert Hrachovec Department of Philosophy University of Vienna
  9. 9. Outline some legal history troubles, improvements ? comparisons
  10. 10. free choice
  11. 11. even more free choice
  12. 12. freedom and future job security “Im Hinblick darauf, daß das Fach Philosophie eine Sonderstellung im Vergleich zu allen anderen Wissenschaften ein-nimmt, wurden für die freien Wahlfächer keine spezifischen Empfehlungen ausgesprochen. Den Studierenden soll dadurch auch die Möglichkeit geboten werden, im Interesse künftiger beruflicher Flexibilität Qualifikationen, die über das Fach Philosophie hinaus gehen, in freier Entscheidung zu erwerben.“
  13. 13. oops
  14. 14. BA philosophy Vienna
  15. 15. BA philosophy Graz 60 ECTS (freie) Wahlfächer
  16. 16. BA philosophy Salzburg
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