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Coptic Church Matrimony in English

Coptic Church Matrimony in English

Published in: Education, Spiritual, Technology
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  • 69. The END
  • 70. EpOorocoptic Hymns
    EpOoroentétiHirini: moinan
    en Tekhirini: semninan en Tek
    hirini: ka nennovinanevol.
    Gorevol en nigagi: entéti
    Ekklisia: Ari sovt Eros: en Nes
    Emmanoo-il pen Nooti: khen ten
    meetitinoo: khenep o-ooenté
    PefYot: nem pi PnevmaEthowab.
    Etefesmooerontiren: entef
    toovo en nenheet: enteftalcho
    en nishoni: enténenpsishinem
    nen soma.
    Ten oo-oshtEmmok O Pi
    Khristos: nemPekYot en
    Aghathos: nem Pi PnevmaEthowab,
    je Akeeaksotiemmon.
    O King of Peace, give us Your peace,
    establish for us Your peace, and forgive us
    our sins.
    Disperse the enemies of the Church.
    Fortify Her that She may not be shaken
    Emmanuel, our God is now in our midst,
    in the glory of His Father, and the Holy
    May He bless us all, purify our hearts and
    heal the sicknesses of our souls and bodies.
    We worship You, O Christ, with Your
    Good Father and the Holy Spirit, for You
  • 71. Deacons:
    Shéré pi ma-en-shelet: et selsol
    khenoo-tho en reeti: enté pi
    NymphiosEmmee: Et afhotpéti
    EthrenhosErok: nemPekYot
    en Aghathos: nem pi Pnevma
    Eth-owab: je Akeeaksoti
    emmon. (Nainan.)
    Hail to the bride-chamber adorned with
    many sorts, of the True Bridegroom, Who
    has joined (Himself to) humanity.
    That we may praise You, with Your Good
    Father and the Holy Spirit, for You have
    come and saved us. (Have mercy on us.)
  • 72. Deacons:
    Ti estoleeemepnevmatikon: av
    tihiotfemMikha-eel: owoh pi gok
    emmargaritees: avmeeremMikhaeel
    Ti estolee en oo-sophrosynee: av
    tees ejenpaishelet: owoh pi eklom
    entétheleel: avteefejentefaphé.
    Kataefreeti et afgos: enjé David pi
    hymnotos: je “Oo-o-oonemoo-taio:
    akteetoo en oo-eklom.”
    Aker-shorperof: khen pi esmoo
    entéTek met-ekhristos: Ak go en ooeklom:
    AferetinEmmok: en oo-onkhEp
    Chois: owohakteefnafefowei:
    enté pi eneh: Amen.
    With a spiritual garment, [Archangel] Michael was
    clothed, and with a girdle of pearls, [Archangel]
    Michael was girt.
    With the garment of chastity, this bridegroom is
    clothed, and the crown of gladness is set upon his
    As David the king and psalmist has said, “Glory and
    honor have You given for a crown upon him.”
    You have overtaken him with the blessing of Your
    goodness. You have set [upon him] a crown of
    precious stones.
    He asked life of You, O Lord, and You have given
    him the length of days forever. Amen
    Pi PnevmaemParakliton: Fiet
    afeeejenniApostolos: khen
    epshai en tiPentikosti: afsaji
    khenhanmeesh en las.
    As shopi et avgokevol: enjéni
    ého-ooentétiPentikosti: en av
    thoo-eettiroohioma: enjé pi
    Meet Esnav en Apostolos.
    Pi PnevmaemParakliton: et af
    ee é-peseetevolkhen et fe: Af
    forshejenefowaiefowai: af
    sajikhenhanmeesh en las.
    As shopienjéoo-nishti en hoti:
    oo-esmi as shopievolkhen et fe:
    as mah pi ma en avshi en khitf:
    enjéniMathitisenté Pi
    Owohavoo-onhoo-er-o-oo: em
    efreeti en han-las en ekrom: ev
    A Pi Pnevma Eth-owab: mahni
    Meet EsnavemMathitis: afsaji
    khenhan-meesh en las: kataef
    owahsahniem pi PnevmaEthowab
    The Spirit, the Paraclete, Who came upon
    the Apostles, on the feast of Pentecost, and
    they spoke in diverse tongues.
    It came to pass, when the days of Pentecost
    were fulfilled, the Twelve Apostles were all
    gathered together.
    When the Spirit, the Paraclete, came down
    from heaven, He spread [Himself] upon
    each one [of them], and they spoke in
    diverse tongues.
    And there came a great fear, and a sound
    came from heaven, and it filled the place
    where the Disciples of Christ were.
    And there appeared to them the likeness of
    tongues of fire, divided upon each one of
    the honoured Disciples.
    The Holy Spirit filled the Twelve Disciples,
    and they spoke in diverse tongues
    according to the command of the Holy
  • 74. Agios O Thé-os: AgiosEesshiros:
    O ekParthenoogennethees:
    Agios O Thé-os: AgiosEesshiros:
    AgiosAthanatos: O
    stavrotheesdiimas: eleison
    Holy God, Holy Mighty, Holy Immortal,
    Who was born of the Virgin, have mercy
    upon us.
    Holy God, Holy Mighty, Holy Immortal,
    Who was crucified for us, have mercy on us
  • 75. Agios O Thé-os: AgiosEesshiros:
    AgiosAthanatos: O
    anastasek ton nekron: ke
    DoxaPatrikeEio: keAgio
    Pnevmati: kenynke a-ee: ke
    eestoos é-onas ton é-onon:
    AgiaTrias: eleisonimas
    Holy God, Holy Mighty, Holy Immortal,
    Who rose from the dead and ascended into
    the heavens, have mercy on us.
    Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to
    and to the Holy Spirit, both now, and
    always, and unto the ages of ages. Amen.
    O Holy Trinity, have mercy on us.
  • 76. “Ta hiriniAnok: thi et aichitshiten
    Pa Yot: Anokti go emmosnemoten:
    Ni oro-ootirooentéepkahi:
    semoshikhenpeoo-oini: owohni
    ethnos khenpephiri: O Maria eth
    Solomon mootiero: khen pi Go enté
    ni Go: je “Ta soniowohtaeshpheri:
    ta polis emmeeYerosaleem.”
    “My own peace, which I have received from My
    Father, I leave unto you, now and forever.”
    All the kings of the earth walk in your light, and the
    nations in your brightness, O Mary, the Mother of
    Solomon calls you in the Song of Songs, “My sister
    and my spouse, my true city Jerusalem.”
  • 77. Emperer-povsh en tidiathiki: thi et
    Aksemnitsnemnenyoti: Abra-am
    nemIsaak: nemYakob: Pi Isra-eel
    pe eth-owabentak.
    Pi angelosentépaiého-oo: et heel
    é-epchisinempaihymnos: ari pen
    mev-eekha et-hi emepChois: Entef
    ka nennovinanevol.
    Teroo-oiniéhotéefree: enthopeep
    sa en tianatoli: éréniethmee
    gooshtevolkhagof: khenoo-oonof
    Forget not Your covenant, Which You have established
    with our fathers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, Thy saints.
    O angel of this day, flying up high with this hymn,
    remember us before the Lord, that he may forgive us our
    You are brighter than the sun, you are the sunrise, towards
    which the righteous, look with joy and rejoicing.
  • 78. 78
    Hail to Mary, the queen; the vine which has not
    decayed, and no one had cultivated, and in it
    was found the Cluster of Life.
    The Son of God in truth was incarnate of the
    Virgin. She brought Him forth; He saved us
    and forgave us our sins.
    You have found grace, O Bride! Many have
    spoken of your honour, for the Word (Logos) of
    God came and was incarnate of you.
    Which woman on earth became Mother of God
    save you? For you, an earthly woman had
    become a mother to the Creator.
    Many women attained honors and obtained the
    kingdom, but they have not achieved your
    honour, O fairest among women.
    You are the exalted tower in which was found
    the precious stone; to wit, Emanuel, Who came
    and dwelt in your womb.
    Let us honour the virginity of the blameless
    Bride, the pure, the all-holy Theotokos Mary.
    You are exalted above the heavens and more
    honoured than earth and all the creation in it,
    for you became a mother to the Creator.
    You are in truth the true pure bride-chamber of
    Christ; the Bridegroom according to the
    prophetic sayings.
    Intercede on our behalf, O Lady of us all the
    Mother of God, Mary the Mother of Jesus
    Christ, that He may forgive us our sins.
    Shéré Maria tioorotivo en
    aloli: en at er-khello: thi-etéem
    peoo-oier-oo-oieros: avjem
    pi EsmahentéepOnkh en khits.
    Parthenos: As misiEmmofAf
    sotiemmon: af ka nennovinan
    Aréjemoo-ehmot O tai Shelet:
    Hanmeeshavsaji é-petaio je a
    pi Logos entéEfYot: eeafechi
    sarx en khits.
    Nem en es-himi et hijen pi kahi:
    as er-MavemEfNootieveel
    ero: je enthooo-es-himi en rem
    en kahiareermavem pi Efsont.
    A oo-meesh en es-himi chi taio:
    avshashni é-ti met-ooro: alla
    empooeshfoh é-petaiothi
    Enthogharpe pi pyrgos
    etchosi: et avjem pi anamee en
    khitf: étéfaipeEmmanoo-eel:
    et Afeeafshopikhen ten eji.
    Marentaio en et parthenia: en
    tiShelet en at-kakiatikatharos:
    em pan-agiatiThé-otokos
    Aréchisiehoté et fe: tetayoot
    ehotéepkahi: nemsontniven
    été en khits: je areermavem pi
    Enthogharalithos pi ma-enshelet
    en katharos: enté Pi
    Khristos pi Nymphios: katani
    Ari presvevin é-ehriegon: O ten
    chois en nib tirentiThé-otokos:
    Maria eth Mav en Isos Pi
    Khristos: Entef ka nennovinan