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Sci 241 week 1 assignment - healthy eating plan
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Sci 241 week 1 assignment - healthy eating plan




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Sci 241 week 1 assignment - healthy eating plan Document Transcript

  • 1. My Nutrition Plan 1Running head: MY NUTRITION PLANMy Nutrition PlanIn APA style(Your Name)(Your School)
  • 2. My Nutrition Plan 2AbstractHaving adequate nutrition is crucial in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. With thehelp of the Food Pyramid, I have learned what exactly I should be eating in orderto live the healthiest life I can. There are many things I can change about my diet,and knowing what those changes are is the first step in leading a healthier life.
  • 3. My Nutrition Plan 3It is no question that nutrition is a very important part of a healthy lifestyle.Like many people my age, I could definitely make better choices in the foods Iconsume. The first step to eating healthier is to figure out what you are eatingnow, how it benefits you, and what you can do to change it for the better.My current eating habits are far from perfect. I try to eat some healthyfoods everyday, but it is faster and easier to go with the quick, unhealthy route.Generally, I tend to go long periods without eating. This is not good for mymetabolism and energy. I know I should try to eat several small meals during theday. Also, I sometimes find myself skipping breakfast. This is a crucial mistake ina healthy lifestyle. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, as they say. Itkick starts your metabolism and gives you the energy you need to start the dayoff right.The foods I eat are not always the healthiest choices. Many times I findmyself in a rush and I need to find something quick to eat. This may be instantnoodles, pizza, or fast food. I try to limit myself on eating these types of foods,but they are cheap and easy. I tend to eat fast food about two or three times perweek.
  • 4. My Nutrition Plan 4I do usually drink quite a bit of water throughout the day. They say eightcups is the rule of thumb, and I think I generally make it to that point. I usually sipon water throughout the day and try to drink some water along with my meals.Soda pop is said to be one of the worst things to drink. I will admit, I tend todrink soda almost everyday. I limit myself to one can, although I know I shouldnot really drink any at all.I aim to eat fruits and vegetables every day. I usually eat salads four or fivetimes a week. Also, I try to snack on healthy foods such as carrots, apples, orbananas. I could eat more fruits and vegetables daily, but I think I eat a decentamount for the most part.As for grains, most of my intake comes from simple carbohydrates. Foodslike pasta, pizza, white bread, and others make up the core of my diet. I’velearned the importance of whole grains and have been trying to implement theminto my diet.Milk is a staple in my diet. I like to drink skim milk and eat cheese indifferent varieties. I think I get more than enough calcium from my dairy intake.I am a true carnivore. I enjoy eating both red meats like steak andhamburgers as well chicken and fish. I don’t like eating beans all that often, but Ido eat a decent amount of lean meats.
  • 5. My Nutrition Plan 5My food pyramid results were typical for a person my age with my activity. Ihave some work to do in order to meet all of my requirements. For grains, I amsupposed to eat 10 ounces per day. At least half of this should come from wholegrains.For vegetables, I should aim for three and a half cups per day. Everyweek, I should try to eat three cups of dark greens, two and a half of orangevegetables, three and a half cups of dry beans and peas, seven cups of starchyvegetables, and eight and a half cups of other vegetables. I thought that I ateplenty of vegetables, but looking at the weekly goal, I should try to vary myvegetable intake.I should be eating a little bit less fruit compared to vegetables, about twoand half cups per day. I don’t eat fruit every single day, so I’ll have to work onthis.As for meat and beans, my aim is seven ounces per day. I should stayaway from red meats, and try to eat lean, low-fat meat and poultry, as well asmore fish, beans, peas, nuts, and seeds.My dairy recommendation is three cups per day. I think I consume moredairy products than required. I should cut down on cheese and other high-fatdairy products.
  • 6. My Nutrition Plan 6Lastly, I should be aiming for eight teaspoons of oil per day. Also, I shouldlimit my extra calories to 425.I plan on making some necessary changes in my diet. For starters, I willcut out all the excess calories I consume from soda and candy. This will be ahard but crucial step in aiming for a healthier lifestyle. In addition, I will trade inmy simple carbohydrates for whole grains. Whole grains contain more nutritionalvalue and are easier for the body to digest. Additionally, I’ll try to cut back oneating fatty, red meats, and focus more on lean meat and poultry. Maybe I canstart eating Egg Beaters rather than real eggs. Also, I’ll try eating some nuts,seeds, and beans to get some of my protein. As for dairy, I’ll cut back on high-fatcheeses, and drink skim milk. In addition, I will try to consume more fruits andvegetables everyday.The six classes of nutrients are water, protein, carbohydrate, fat, vitamins,and minerals.I generally drink enough water daily to fulfill my requirement. I like to keepmyself hydrated as well as eat foods that are rich in water such as fruits andvegetables. Water is the most critical nutrient. It helps maintain temperature,lubricate joints, flush out chemicals, and maintain eletrolytes.
  • 7. My Nutrition Plan 7Protein is an essential part of a healthy diet. It contains amino acids andhelps level hormones and antibodies. The foods I eat which help my proteinintake are meats, poultry, and fish. I will have to start implementing nuts, seeds,and beans in order to get a healthy variety of protein in my diet.Carbohydrate is the second most important nutrient. They are the easiestsource of energy for your body to break down. I tend to eat enoughcarbohydrates in the form of breads, pastas, and starchy vegetables. In order tolive a healthy lifestyle, I will have to start eating more whole grains such as wholewheat bread. There are a lot of products that now contain whole grains, so itshould be easier to increase my whole grain intake.Fat is important in the diet, but not in excess. It gives the body energy andheat. There are also fatty acids that are essential in human development. Inorder to limit myself from too much fat, I’ll have to cut out greasy foods such ashamburgers and pizza. Instead, I should try to get healthier fats such as oliveoils.Vitamins are also very important. Deficiencies in vitamins can lead todisease. They function in metabolism and enzyme reaction, among other things.There are a lot of different vitamins, and several foods contain them or arefortified with them. I usually eat cereal, which is fortified with vitamins. I also eat
  • 8. My Nutrition Plan 8fruits and vegetables, which are rich in vitamins as well. In addition, I take amulti-vitamin everyday, just to make sure I am getting enough.The last nutrient is minerals. They help to transport oxygen in the body andare important in protein synthesis. These are also found in a variety of foods. Iget a lot of minerals such as Iron from meats and vegetables.Some of the foods I eat that are especially good include vegetables andfruits. I eat spinach quite often. Spinach is filled with iron and vitamin A. It’s adark, leafy green and is great for the immune system.I also like to eat bananas. These are rich in potassium and help maintainthe body’s electrolytes. Other fruits I eat regularly include apples, oranges, andgrapes. These all are very rich in vitamins and minerals.Fish is also a nutritional food. Salmon, tilapia, cod, they all contain omega-3 fatty acids and are a good source of protein.In contrast, there are some foods that serve barely any nutritional value.One of the worst in my diet is soda. Soda contains significant amounts of sugar.Soda also depleats the body of water and calcium. I should cut soda out of mydiet all together.
  • 9. My Nutrition Plan 9In conclusion, the food pyramid guide has helped me learn more aboutdietary requirements and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Hopefully, with this newinformation I can practice what I know and eat healthier. Knowledge is power,and now I have the power to change what I put into my body and make itbeneficial to my health.
  • 10. My Nutrition Plan 10ReferencesUnited States Department Of Agriculture (2008).My Pyramid. The Center forNutrition Policy and Promotion. Retrieved on August 3rd2008 fromhttp://www.mypyramid.gov/global_nav/about.html