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HerStory is India's first media platform that scripts the narratives of women shaping a new economy. HerStory aims to celebrate, rejoice, inspire and drive every woman to be the most awesome version …

HerStory is India's first media platform that scripts the narratives of women shaping a new economy. HerStory aims to celebrate, rejoice, inspire and drive every woman to be the most awesome version of what she can be. In this deck, we bring to you a quick recap of the year 2013.

HerStory is a YourStory Media initiative. Contact us on her@yourstory.com

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  • 1. 2013 Review HerStory in Quotes Stories of women shaping a new economy - A YourStory.com initiative
  • 2. In my first job, I was the only woman on the factory floor. Uma Rani, SVP, SAP
  • 3. I always have my close mentors who act as my personal board of directors. Sukla Chandra, GM, GE Global Research Bangalore
  • 4. Every time I am confronted with a problem I tell myself I have to think of it as an opportunity. Ambiga Dhiraj, MuSigma
  • 5. In the long run, short-term breaks and sabbaticals don’t matter at all. Aruna Jayanthi, CEO, Capgemini
  • 6. Be self-critical, be aware of your strengths and weaknesses, play to your strengths. Lula Mohanty, VP, IBM India
  • 7. Be aggressive about your career goals. Prasanna Anireddy, Director Engineering, Progress Software
  • 8. You can get to the top by being who you are. Finance Veteran Gita Nayyar
  • 9. Don’t forget your roots. Sheenam Ohrie, VP, SAP
  • 10. Women need to help other women. Sangita Singh, SVP, Wipro
  • 11. Do not follow the herd. Sejal Shah Gulati, President, TAS
  • 12. Looking back, you will regret the opportunities you did not take. Liz Centoni, VP, Cisco
  • 13. I love a good challenge. Zarina Screwvala, co-founder, UTV
  • 14. I believe in the potential of India and my own potential. Neha Kirpal, Founder, India Art Fair
  • 15. Women, stop feeling guilty, set a course and go after it. Nandita Das, Actress
  • 16. Women can’t do finance is a myth. Srikripa Srinivasan, CFO, EMC India
  • 17. I have this naive belief that everything is possible. Ann Rosenberg, Head of SAP Global University Alliances
  • 18. Stop feeling guilty about dreaming big. Debjani Ghosh, MD, South Asia, Intel
  • 19. You are the choices you make, be confident of your choices and move ahead. Mitika Kulshreshtha, Head of Marketing, VeriSign India
  • 20. One thing that clearly got me where I am is discipline. Ritu Madbhavi, DraftFCB Ulka Advertising
  • 21. Change is what keeps me going. Anu Vaidyanathan, Indian Triathlete
  • 22. If you are ambitious, you will feel alone. Accept that. Yeshasvini Ramaswamy, MD, E2E People Practices
  • 23. Women need to stop playing by the rules made by men. Anu Parthasarathy, Headhunter
  • 24. I am 66 and still jump out of my bed every morning thinking of my work. Laila Tyabji, Dastkar
  • 25. Be the best version of yourself, everyday. Chandra Gopalan, India Director, Contours
  • 26. You can achieve success by being who you are. Babita Jaishankar, Makeover Consultant
  • 27. Don’t try to do everything yourself, seek help. Aarti Mohan, Sattva Media
  • 28. Learn to be independent. Garima Satija, PoshVine
  • 29. You are the person who holds your destiny in your hands. Anita Nair, Author
  • 30. Arts are incredibly important to our lives. Arts make us human. Sameera Iyengar, Junoon
  • 31. I believe there is no alternative to hard work. Not just in sports but in all facets of life. Saina Nehwal, India’s Ace Badminton Player
  • 32. Women should play competitive sports. Winning is a habit. Kiran Bedi, India’s First Woman IPS Officer
  • 33. We shall bring to you stories of many more pioneers in 2014! Stay tuned! Contact - her@yourstory.com her.yourstory.com