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Music for schools tour package main

  1. 1. PresentsThe first Annual “Music for Schools” Tour Hosted by: Jason Turner, C.E.O. / Founder of Your Stage Your Music, for Education Inc. www.yourstageyourmusic.comContact info: 917 968-3475, Email:
  2. 2. Mission: Your Stage Your Music, for Education Inc. will be hosting anannual Music for Schools Tour. We also will be filming an annualdocumentary on the impact of our tour and the funds raised for each schoolmusic program before and after, to see the impact it has made on thestudents, parents, principal and their communities.We are looking to solicit money for a total of 20 public, private, or charterjunior high and elementary schools annually. Each school that participateson our tour, will co-host a concert. The genres of music that will beperformed in their auditorium are Jazz, R&B, and classic Soul. The Musicfor Schools tour will take place over the course of 20 weeks, 10 straightweeks from June - August and 10 straight weeks from February - April,each performance will be held once a week for 2 1/2 hours.Schools that are chosen will be within the five boroughs of New York City,State of New Jersey and the rest of the Ti-state area. Our hope is to expandour tour nationally and then internationally to other schools. All concertswill be held within each school auditorium. Each week a concert will beheld in one of the chosen schools.The Music for Schools Tour was created to solicit funding to save, expand,maintain or create music programs for every school and also to teach musicat every educational level around the world.The need for our program: Music programs nationwide are indanger. State and local legislators are attempting to make up for fundingshortfalls in this difficult economy by cutting education budgets, which canplace school music at risk. Advocacy takes place on many fronts, andadvocates for music education need to learn to speak to different audiences,each of whom has a key contribution to make. Now’s the time to getinvolved and do our part to ensure that not only America’s students butschools around the world have access to a comprehensive, sequential musiceducation taught by exemplary music educators!
  3. 3. The United States as of 2010 has a total of 98,706 Public Schools, 67,148are elementary. Elementary schools will be the first place the musicprograms will be removed to cut cost. The Principal in each school and theBoard of Education are determined to cut their budget by any means,whether it is laying off teachers, cutting gym or music programs.Music is what expresses pure thought. Music on its own can change thevery mood of a person’s thoughts and day. A new song can play and the veryfeel of it can give you power and the feeling you can accomplish anything.Every form of music has its way of affecting us. Children at an early ageneed music programs at school to know they have a choice to be involved inthis form of creative expression and show how music creation influencepeople’s lives.Target Market: There are a total of 1,668 – 1,710 public schoolsin New York City according to NYCdepartment of education website. We are looking to save, expand, maintainor create music programs for Elementary schools 5th - 6th graders andJunior High schools 7th – 8th graders.Bronx has 409 total schools. 144 total schools with a 9th - 12th gradehigh school and 265 junior high or elementary schools.Brooklyn has 539 total schools. 157 total schools with a 9th – 12thgrade high school, and 382 junior high or elementary schools.
  4. 4. Manhattan has 318 total schools. 115 total schools with a 9th – 12thgrade high school and 203 junior high or elementary schools.Queens has 330 total schools. 84 total schools with a 9th – 12th gradehigh school and 246 junior high or elementary schools.Staten Island has 72 total schools. 14 total schools with a 9th – 12thgrade high school and 58 junior high or elementary schools.Within the 5 boroughs there are a total of 1,154 junior high or elementaryschools that may be losing their music programs. These target schoolsstudent age ranges are 5 – 13 years of age. Our main age group focus is 10 -13 years of age, which is the 5th - 8th grade.Location: Schools that are chosen will be within the five boroughs ofNew York City. All concerts with be held within each school auditorium.Each week a concert will be held in one of the chosen schools.Tour Date: Tour will be held one Saturday a week for 20 weeks. 10straight weeks from June - August and 10 straight weeks from February -April, each performance will be held once a week for 2 1/2 hours.Goals: To raise a total of $650,000 dollars. $20,000 for each schoolsmusic program. Funding raised will go toward expanding, creating,maintaining or saving each school music program. $50,000 will be splitbetween the performers. $200,000 will go towards setup and marketing ofconcerts and renting equipment.Documentary: Your Stage Your Music, for Education Inc. will behosting the first annual Music for Schools Tour. In the process of hostingthis event, we are creating a documentary of the impact it has on the school,its students and their community. We will be interviewing the principalsinvolved and explain why their school needed to raise money to save, add orexpand their music program.Documenting our work we will be able to show our impact to futureschools, parents, and sponsors to help build and expand our programs
  5. 5. goals outside the New York area and hopefully take it internationally. Alsoby creating the DVD and hosting the live event, we will be simultaneouslyexposing a variety of music to kids and their communities.The genres of music that will be performed in each school auditorium areJazz, R&B, and classic Soul. The Music for Schools tour was created to saveand teach music at every educational level.Marketing: Each school PTA or non-profit division of the school willnotify the parents that we will be hosting an event and on which date.Flyers and posters will be passed out and hung around a 10 block radius ofeach school area. We will utilize all networking platforms like Facebook,twitter and other social media. will promote eachevent on our charity event page. Also schools can sell tickets / donationthrough our online pay system. Also each school can stream concert live toour website for free or can charge a donation fee to access and watch theconcert.Funding: The tours funding will come from sponsors, advertisers, or theschools parents. All funding raised will go directly to the school’s non-profitdivision or PTA. will not receive any money from any ofthese fundraisers, unless they use our online payment service.$400,000 to be raised for 20 schools music programs.Minimum $25 per individual donation or $250 per local organizations (PTA,Newpaper)100 people donate per school $25,0001,600 total local organizations donating $250 each, equals the $400,000 requested.Sponsors: Potential sponsors are Guitar Center, Sam Ash, VH1 savethe music, ASCAP. Sponsors will fund the total of $650,000 requested.Each school will receive a total of $20,000. As for the performers will split$50,000 and $200,000 will go towards marketing, setup cost ofperformances and renting equipment as needed.Performers: 1 R&B group, 2 Jazz Band, and 1 Classic Soul Band.Each will have a half hour performance. Sponsors will pay a total of$50,000 for the performer’s services.
  6. 6. Future Alliances / Partnerships:  Jazz Reach / – Established in 1994, Jazz Reach is a nationally recognized New York City- based 501(c) (3) not-for-profit organization dedicated to the promotion, performance, creation and teaching of jazz music. A partnership with Jazz Reach will not only strengthen our position but help us reach our goals to be an international brand that brings music programming to children. We can utilize Jazz Reach network of performers to play for our Music for School Tour. They have their own venue and relationships to utilize larger well known venues.  National Association for Music Education - Has worked to ensure that every student has access to a well-balanced, comprehensive, and high-quality program of music instruction taught by qualified teachers. NAfMEs activities and resources have been largely responsible for the establishment of music education as a profession, for the promotion and guidance of music study as an integral part of the school curriculum, and for the development of the National Standards for Arts Education.  Sam Ash - Educational Services is where music educators find what they need to give students the comprehensive music education they deserve. For over 60 years, weve equipped schools all over America with music supplies for the classroom, for ensembles, and for the stage. Read on to find out how can work for your school, and help put more instruments in more students hands! Plan to align ourselves with Sam Ash to see if they can donate instruments to our tour once a year or see if we can purchase instruments at a huge discount for the 20 schools participating on our tour.
  7. 7.  BAM / Brooklyn Academy of Music – With its first performance in 1861, BAM is a long- standing cultural anchor of New York, particularly Brooklyn. Uniquely situated in the tight-knit neighborhood of Fort Greene, in the heart of Downtown Brooklyn, BAM—believing a rising tide lifts all boats—understands that institution building goes hand in hand with community development. This special obligation to community is realized through BAM’s commitment to serving neighborhood constituencies; rooting itself deeply in the community; reflecting the neighborhood’s unique identity and character; and nurturing a borough teeming with local artistic talent. A central core value is our dedication to neighborhood revitalization, diversity, education, and outreach. Cultural partnerships with the community development corporation Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation; art and business initiatives with neighborhood economic development organization Myrtle Avenue Revitalization Program; and educational projects with local public housing developments and charter and public schools, underscore our commitment to community development within the sphere of the arts.
  8. 8. Sponsorship Packages & BenefitsTitle Sponsor: $150,000Exclusive naming rights, pouring rights, signage rights, and otherpromotional rights as specifically set forth herein with respect tothe "Music for Schools" Tour. On www.yourstageyourmusic.comour title sponsor also will be able to utilize their company websitebanners, Video Ads, and receive a Lyric TV channel to promoteother events and company promotions. For one of our Music forSchool Tours 10 week concert cycle the Title Sponsor will be ableto host a total of 30 concert / event on our website for free andgenerate revenue. will not collectany of our fees from these events. All sponsorships qualify as a taxwrite off.Gold level: $60,000A sponsor brand will have their logo / name placed along with theother paid sponsors brand on tickets, flyers, banners and postersSponsor will also receive company online banner placement and aLyric TV channel to promote their other events and companypromotions, on our website. All sponsorships qualify as a tax writeoff. www.yourstageyourmusic.comSchool Fund: $30,000A sponsor brand will have their logo / name placed along with theother paid school fund sponsors brand on tickets, flyers, bannersand posters. All sponsorships qualify as a tax write off.Donation: $250Each personal donation given will go towards funding a musicprogram at any school of their choice, in their community. Allsponsorships or donation qualify as a tax write off.
  9. 9. Music for Schools Tour Qualifying QuestionnaireSchool Name:Principal name:Principal Email address:Music Program: Yes or NoSchool District:Total amount of students:Music program operating budget:Schools reason for removing music program?Type of instruments students used during music program?Music for Schools Tour performance date:1
  10. 10. Agree to participate in Music for Schools Tour Documentary? Yes or NoAgree to allow us to interview various school teachers, PTA, etc.: Yes or NoSchools Non Profit name:Schools Non Profit ID#: X P r in c ip a l2