Nate pleiness 3rd social studies #2


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Nate pleiness 3rd social studies #2

  1. 1. Food prices earlier this year were the highest record in36 years, why are food prices so high? Well the realreason isnt because dumb government or president itsthat were in a high demand for certain foods. Why are wein this demand though? Well its because weather,pesticides , and crop conditions .
  2. 2. When food prices fall its usually because theres a overstock so when food prices are high theres a demand . Sothere for conclude theres a demand. So don’t blame peopleuntil you no the truth.
  3. 3. Food prices is a problemall over the world mostlyhurting Africa the worst!!
  4. 4. Does rain have to do with increasing food prices?In away yes, lackof rain someyears like thisyear will causefood prices torise because Same as apples thissmall amount! year apple crop will be poor do to early frost so high prices with apples!
  5. 5. Solutions•Sell farm irrigationcheaper get it watered •Get the foreign countries •Increase help so no more kids are dying because lack of good package size if food prices continue to rise
  6. 6. My SolutionsMy solutions are, send food tohungry kids give money to fooddrives and cans, help grow moreto increase the supply also to helppeople who the government wonthelp get food a shelter and ect..
  7. 7. Financial Impact•The financialimpact of risingfood prices arevery good forfarmers and not thebest but ok forstore. •The bad about high food prices is causing some people to go hungry or poor to keep there family alive ones that cant afford it and don’t ask for government or state help die.
  8. 8. •Long term effects on high food pricesLong term effects are peoplegoing poor, more trying togrow more food them selfs.Also people dyeing that cant .afford food
  9. 9. Aid organizations areGovernment will helpyou if you cant affordfood by giving money orby food stamps, alsokids against hunger andchurches, schools.
  10. 10. I hope that food pricesget lowered so thatpoor can eat and theeconomy improves, butI hope grain prices stayhigh for farmers. Thisis what I think shouldhappen
  11. 11. connectionThis has a connection to me because me dad runs beanharvesting crew, and city people don’t understand the realreason like all of us that live in the country. I was always toldthe real reason and new and wanted to share.
  12. 12. sourcesGoogle images Smith family farms Progressive farmer/dtn
  13. 13. END!!!!!!