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A World Without Math 2 by Damien
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A World Without Math 2 by Damien

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school project

school project

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  • 1. A World Without Math By Damien Campeau
  • 2. IntroI am researching math; what math does, when it started, why we need it, and all about it.
  • 3. OverviewMath is important, now I know many people hate math but if we didn’t have math we wouldn’t have anything. Try to think of some thing that doesn’t use math.
  • 4. Timeline• 70,000 BCE South Africa, rocks were scratched with geometric patterns.• 1000 BCE Fractions used by the Egyptians, but only one unit fractions were used i.e. ½ 1/3 ¼• 1st century The earliest reference to square roots of negative numbers.• 1579 François Vieta used a 393,216-sided polygon to figure out the first ten digits of Pi.• 2002 Yousama Kanada and a team of 12 more compute Pi to 1241.1 billion digits using a Hitachi 64-node supercomputer.
  • 5. Worst areas• Some areas where people don’t focus on math as much as people in the U.S.A could be any where that does not have money for school or school’s that don’t have money.
  • 6. Compare and Contrast• Math in the past is the same as math now because we had to remember stuff. There different because we have more technology than is 70,000 BCE.
  • 7. Solutions• We could fix math by having the government build schools for other countries and the countries relive the debt that we owe them.
  • 8. Personal connections• I think math is fun but some times math is so boring, like when you have to do stuff you did 2 years ago. The parts of math I like are Group Theory and Topology.
  • 9. Human Impact• Math affects the human body because they will not know how to do certain things.
  • 10. Financial impact• Building schools will cost money and resources.
  • 11. Before and after• Before math
  • 12. Sources Wikipedia.org/wiki/Mathematics thebestpageintheuniverse.net roadsidelumber.com fareastgizmos.com