Liver cancer


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Liver cancer

  1. 1. Liver Cancer By: Kaysea Freshour3 rd hour social studies
  2. 2. My issue• The issue I am researching is liver cancer. It effects children and people in many ways like, they or their family could die from liver cancer and they would be devastated.
  3. 3. Thesis Statement• We need to work harder to find a cure not just for liver cancer but for all cancer.
  4. 4. History Timeline• 400 B.C.- Hippocrates use the term “karcinos” to describe tumors.• 1846 – Anesthesia became widely available. surgery to remove tumors takes off.• 1895 – Wilhelm Conrad Roentgon invents radiation therapy.
  5. 5. Location/Map• There are a lot of people in the USA with cancer problems.
  6. 6. The Worst Cases• The worst cases of liver cancer is in the UK.
  7. 7. Comparing/Contrasting• Kids in the USA get better treatment for cancer than kids in other countries do.
  8. 8. Solutions• Don’t use tobacco• Eat healthy and diet• Maintain a healthy weight• Protect yourself from the sun• Get immunized• Avoid risky behaviors• Take Early detection seriously
  9. 9. Personal Connection• My great grandmother died from liver cancer last year
  10. 10. My Solution• I am going to start raising money for liver cancer.
  11. 11. Human Impact• It Effects people in so many ways because people die everyday from liver cancer.
  12. 12. Aid Organizations• University of Illinois• Care for Cancer Center
  13. 13. Financial Impact• The cost of cancer annually is 3.8 billion dollars
  14. 14. Before and After• A place that has improved from cancer is the USA. The USA has started to look for a cure and right know the cure is chemotherapy and surgery.
  15. 15. Miscellaneous Info.• Cancer can be formed by lymph nodes.
  16. 16. Sources•••••
  17. 17. Conclusion• We need people to find a cure and fast because 1 in every 3 people die from liver cancer everyday. The reason I want this problem to be solved is because my great grandma died from liver cancer last year. Also doctors say that my grandma genetics of cancer could pass down in the family. So I might have liver cancer when I get older. I think that this problem could be solved if doctors and scientists work really hard on find a cure. It will be longer if they don’t work hard. Most people that take chemotherapy that have liver cancer end up dying anyway. The reason is the chemotherapy has poisons in it and it just doesnt just kill the cancer but it also kills the person with the cancer.