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school project

school project

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  • 1. The Deadliest of Deadly!
  • 2. Will Go In BodyWill Eat Your Body
  • 3. Doctors Medicine Specialist
  • 4. It is assumed that early human ancestorsgenerally had parasites, but until recently therewas no evidence to support this claim. Generally,the discovery of parasites in ancient humansrelies on the study of feces and other fossilizedmaterial. The earliest known parasite in a humanwas eggs of the lung fluke found in fossilizedfeces in northern Chile and is estimated to be fromaround 5900BC. There are also claims ofhookworm eggs from around 5000BC in Braziland large roundworm eggs from around 2330BCin Peru. Tapeworm eggs have also been foundpresent in Egyptian mummies dating from around2000BC, 1250BC, and 1000BC along with a wellpreserved and calcified female worm inside of amummy.
  • 5. Protozoa Roundworms Flukes Arthropods
  • 6. The Protozoa parasite are single-celled organisms. They can attackany single cell. They also duplicate themselves in your body thesame way virus or bacteria do. Theses parasites can be found in theblood and the nervous system. A well known disease cause by ablood parasite is malaria. Tuberculosis is also caused by a bloodparasite that lives in white blood cells. The different species ofProtozoa can enter you body in many different ways. They can betransmitted by insects or through water. There are also manyProtozoas that can enter your body by undercooked meat.
  • 7. These are parasitic worms that can make there way intoyour body as eggs if you eat infected or undercookedmeat. Roundworms can also be ingested by drinkinginfected water. They hatch and live in your intestinesstealing the food and nutrients. Roundworms can bewhite or pink. The most common of RoundwormsPinworms, Hookworms, and Whipworms.
  • 8. The Flukes are a type of parasitic worm that are oval shapedbut flat. Flukes can be found various organs such as liver ororgans and sometimes in the blood. The blood Flukes travelthrough different organs in the body and are especiallydangerous because they can infect the brain and spinal cord.
  • 9. This category of parasitesinclude those that areinsects. The commoninsects are fleas, lice, ticks,and mites. These parasitesinfect you by burrowing intoyour skin or sucking yourblood like lice do.
  • 10. eHow.comWikipedia.comAsk.com