Hunger right now


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travis tyndall

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Hunger right now

  1. 1. Child hunger today… By: travis tyndall Child hunger is all around the world today
  2. 2. Child huger timeline lets stop Child huger today!!!
  3. 3. Child hunger in afriCa?• where most of the proBlems of Child hunger oCCur in afriCa is south afriCa.
  4. 4. the issue of Child hunger?• the issue of Child hunger is people are dyeing all over the world of starvation, the reason they don’t have enough food is BeCause they don’t have enough money to Buy food. lets stop Child hunger now!
  5. 5. what would you do to stop Child hunger???
  6. 6. Child hunger stops here• Don’t just sit there and watch, do something that you would want them to do for you.
  7. 7. Compare and Contrast• Kids with more money have a Better ChanCe of getting food more than Kids that are poor.• most Kids in the united states do not deal with Child hunger as muCh as Kids in afriCa.• Kids in afriCa Cant help Child hunger lets get together and stop it.
  8. 8. solution• the solution is they are sending money down there to Buy food and the u.s.a is donating food for them who needed food.
  9. 9. personal ConneCtion• the issue of Child hunger affeCts me BeCause Children all over the world of no food and we need to stop is.
  10. 10. your solution• i would liKe seeing it solved By going down with my ChurCh and ship food to Come with and feed them for a summer and Build them niCe houses for them to live in.
  11. 11. human impaCt• an issue is people are getting siCK Cause they don’t have food and they are passing away.
  12. 12. aid organizations• they Could help/solve this proBlem By sending money and food where they need help and get people down there that Can help them with sChool.
  13. 13. here are some piCtureshere are some piCtures,these are some verysad piCtures, we need tostop this as soon aspossiBle.
  14. 14. Before/after Comparison• Child hunger has improved in China By quite a Bit.• China has improved Child hunger BeCause we are trying to help them as muCh as possiBle, were sending them food.• we need to help south afriCa.
  15. 15. free ChoiCe/misCellaneous information• 1 out of every 4 Children suffer from Child hunger-Cody patterson.• they are really sKinny and don’t get muCh food, so we need to fix it as soon as possiBle- daKota KutChinsKi.
  16. 16. faCts• 925 million people do not have enough to eat.• 98% of the worlds undernourished people live in develop Countries.• 60% of worlds hunger are woman.• 1 out of 6 infants are Born with a low Birth weight in developing Countries.
  17. 17. and my sourCes are…••••
  18. 18. here are some more images
  19. 19. the end• don’t forget to try to stop this as soon as possiBle.• By: travis tyndall