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Yoli Exposes The Scary Truth About Health Drinks, Sports Drinks and Many Popular Beverages
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Yoli Exposes The Scary Truth About Health Drinks, Sports Drinks and Many Popular Beverages

Published Yoli exposes the SCARY TRUTH about the contents of today's most popular beverages and how you can benefit and make money from Yoli. … Yoli exposes the SCARY TRUTH about the contents of today's most popular beverages and how you can benefit and make money from Yoli.

Watch the slide show presentation and visit our website at: for more info about Yoli products and the Yoli business opportunity or call Arvel Shults at 910-574-6592.

Published in Career , Health & Medicine , Business
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  • 1. “The SCARY TRUTH About Beverages!”
  • 2. People Love Yoli
    • WOW Technology
    • 3. Tastes Delicious
    • 4. Priced right for the masses
    • 5. Help people get healthy
    • 6. Help people get wealthy
    • 7. Saving the environment
    • 8. Save Lives
    • 9. Ground Floor Opportunity
    • 10. Simple, powerful training
  • 11. The Yoli Mission
    Change lives
    Introduce a product with a WOW Factor
    Not another “Me Too” (Juice, Pill, Lotion)
    Follow the Henry Ford Principle
    Recognizing the beverage trends
    Exposing the truth about beverages
  • 12. Identify Huge Emerging Trend
    Multi-Billion Dollar Liquid Beverage Industry
  • 13. Liquid Products #1 Priority:
    Shelf Life!
    Less Waste +
    No Bacterial Growth
    = More Income Potential
  • 14. 99% of all beverages …
    Hot Fill
    Pasteurization (Between161°and280°F)
    Aseptic Processing(Between195°and295°F)
  • 15. Question?
    What happens to the nutritional value in these beverages when they’re boiled?
  • 16. Pasteurization Kills
    Lori Lipinski, Certified Nutritional Consultant
    Kills the friendly bacteria, greatly diminishes the nutrient content
    Substantial loss of vitamins A, C, D and E
    Up to 80% percent less effective after pasteurization
    B vitamins completely destroyed
    Destroys beneficial enzymes, antibodies and hormones
  • 17. Preservatives
    Artificial Colors
    Artificial Flavors
    Artificial Sweeteners
    Sodium Benzoate
    “May be harmful if swallowed.”
    “If swallowed, call a physician immediately.”
  • 18. Sugar Epidemic
    #1 Contributor to Nation Wide Obesity Epidemic
    Americans Consume Over 150 Pounds of Sugar per year.
    Linked to heart attacks, kidney disease, diabetes, obesity, etc.
    Our children are consuming more and more every year.
    Average beverage contains 40 -80 grams of sugar
  • 19. Thirty 5-LB Bags Annually
    * Avg American consumes 150 lbs.
  • 20.
  • 21. Artificial Sweeteners
  • 22. Energy Drinks
    Caffeine or Taurine
    Banned in dozens of countries
    Class action lawsuits
    Caffeine, the new Tobacco
  • 23. Vitamin Deterioration
    Vitamins lose potency in Sitting Water
    Nutrition Killers: Liquid Suspension, UV Rays & Light, Temperature Fluctuation, Chemicals, Time, Acid
  • 24. How can we produce a healthy alternative to all of the SuperJuices, Energy Drinks, Sports Drinks and Functional Beverages?
    No Hot Fill or Pasteurization
    No Sugar or Artificial Sweeteners
    No Caffeine or Harmful Stimulants
    No Highly Acidic Fillers or Chemicals
    No Artificial Colors or Flavors
    No Preservatives
  • 25. The Secret to the BEST Nutrition
    Take the nutrition at the peak of ripeness and freeze dry into powder.
    Vitamins & Minerals totally in tact
    Freshest Ingredients
    Living Enzymes
    Best Shelf Life
  • 26. Yoli BlastCap™
  • 27. Yoli BlastCap™
  • 28. Yoli BlastCap™
    • 100% Natural Color & Flavoring
    • 29. High ORAC Values
    • 30. Zero Glycemic Index
    • 31. Specialty ingredients
    • 32. Many more blasts to come
    • 33. BlastCap™ Technology
    • 34. Live Active Ingredients
    • 35. 100% Natural Formulations
    • 36. AlkaPlex Patented Formula
    • 37. No Sugar: use Herbal Sweetener (Stevia Reb-A)
  • 38. Truth Health Blast Ingredients
    Vitamins & Minerals
    • 100% Vitamin C & Zinc
    • 39. 25% - 50% of over 17 others
    Proprietary Blend
    • Alkaplex (ph enhancer)
    • 40. Oxyphyte White Tea Extract (Anti-Oxidant)
    • 41. Goji 40% Ellagic Acid (Anti-Oxidant)
    • 42. Acai 4:1 Extract (Anti-Oxidant)
    • 43. Pomegranate Juice Powder (Anti-Oxidant)
    • 44. GABA (Calming)
    • 45. Resveratrol (Healthy nutrient in red wine)
    • 46. Beta 1,3 d-glucans (Immune Booster)
    • 47. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to
    diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
  • 48. Resveratrol
  • 50. Future Products
    Truth, Fun, Passion, Pure, Share
    AlkaBlast™ with AlkaPlex™
    SuperFruit Blast Line: Mangosteen, Acai, Goji, Noni, Pomegranate, Amalaki, etc.
    GreensBlast, nourishing Greens Drink
    Performance Blast Line for Athletes
    Protein/Meal Replacement Line
    Baby Bottle Blasts
    Specialty Blasts
  • 51. Typical MLM Pricing VS. Yoli
    Bottle of Juice (25-32 oz.) $25 - $40
    Vitamin/Mineral Pills $35 - $100
    Skin Care Systems $100 - $270
    Protein Powders $30 - $80
    Yoli Truth Blast (20oz.) $3.99
    Yoli Blast Cap $2.50
  • 52. Yoli Green “Team Up To Clean UP”
    In the United States alone every MINUTE - 2,000,000 highly polluting Plastic Bottles are used and dumped
  • 53. Future Nalgene Branded Bottles
    * Examples only - BPA FREE - Coming Soon
  • 54. Summer VIP Friends & Family Campaign
    Timing & Positioning Are Everything
    • Yoli Samples will be available very soon
    • 55. Runs through the entire summer
    • 56. Yoli Pre-Launches in the Fall of 2009
    • 57. Yoli officially Launches in January 2010
  • 58. Learn MORE About YOLI Products and MORE…