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Today, before releasing the film the promotion takes place initial on the films official websites, blog, media, news etc… Production firms pay plenty on creating the websites, on-line paid promotions, print advertisements, media promotion, posters which might be in millions. Here are some ways to promote your online films.
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Online movie Promotion | Web Development for Movies in London –

  1. 1. Mythri Mansion, First Floor, 4th Road, KPHB Colony, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, 500072
  2. 2. Search Engine Optimization Define the movie description properly. Use Keywords effectively in the URL, Titles etc. Include effective Keywords related to the movie Meta tags.
  3. 3. Submit URL to Search Engines Check for popular Search Engines Submit the movie URL to top 20 Search Engines in your Country/Region Keep updating the site to stay top of the search list
  4. 4. Movie Pages in Social Networking Sites Create Pages relevant to the movie and include lots of information about the movie, the cast, crew, release dates, events, RSVP etc. If the movie deals with an issue, multiple pages could be created in different social networking sites, on the issue as well as the movie. Drive traffic back to official movie site by including links in those movie pages of social networking sites.
  5. 5. Fan Clubs and Sites When the movie is much awaited one, then the fans will themselves build fan sites and clubs. Else, the marketing team can build fan clubs and promote it online. The fan sites and clubs should allow any registered member to add / edit information about the movie. Remember, empowered fans are the best marketers for the movie. One or two moderators or admins could keep a watch, so that the site or club is not spammed or junked
  6. 6. Forum Discussion Initiate discussions in online forums. Ask people to write reviews, comments etc. Track the discussions. Link back to the movie website. Put a countdown to movie release date & other related events like music launch, DVD release etc.
  7. 7. News Letters Create Newsletters with loads of information like character background, character arc, behind the scenes, achievements etc. Register with different groups in Yahoo, Google etc. and send the newsletter to all group members. Send newsletters to your friends, relatives and ask them to forward it to their circle of friends. This spreads movie awareness.
  8. 8. Write Interesting Articles Interesting articles could be written about happenings on-shoot, behind the scenes etc. Sometimes, there could be few snaps with amazing celebrity gestures. These could be used to write about the reason for gestures and related happenings. People are always keen to know about these kind of facts. This could lead to lot of discussions based on that snap or article.
  9. 9. Photo Sharing and Free Downloads Upload movie posters, banners, objects used in the movie, characters etc., in photo sharing sites like Picasa, Flickr, Fotocommunity, Imageshack, Photobucket, Istockphoto etc. Apart from photo sharing sites, movie banners, attractive desktop images, wallpapers, screensavers etc. should be made available for free download through various sites and directories.
  10. 10. Share Videos / Trailers Upload Videos / trailers in various video sharing sites like YouTube, Metacafe, Google Video, Vimeo etc. Videos could be behind the scenes, trailers, events etc.
  11. 11. Presence in Blogosphere Create blog pages in leading blog hosts like blogger, wordpress, shoutpost, etribes, weebly etc. Post articles about the cast, crew, story background and any other interesting stuff related to movie. Photos and trailers also could be added. Respond to conversations properly and keep track of the comments. Be open to feedback. Link back to the official movie site.
  12. 12. Tags in Video Sharing Sites Include requisite number of relevant keywords in the Tags, while uploading the video. Effective tags and proper description about the video will push the video to the top of the search list and hence drive lot of traffic to the video. Videos / trailers are one way of creating hype and bringing in exposure to the movie.
  13. 13. POD Casts Interview the film writer, director, producer or key actor/actress and create a good podcast using the interview. Industry experts could also talk about technology used or the social issue that is dealt in the movie, theme music etc. These podcasts could also be sponsored by the brand partners of the movie.
  14. 14. Submit to Directories Submit the podcasts to famous podcast directories like Podcast Directory, iTunes, Odeo, podcast alley, podomatic, podoscope etc. This could increase the exposure and will get more publicity. Podcasts could also be included in official site, blogs, forums etc.
  15. 15. Online Discussions A movie would include lot of research work. Articles could be written on those research and facts and figures could be provided. These articles which contains facts & figures would spark lot of discussions in forums, blogs, social networking sites etc. This will create curiosity and will serve as good word of mouth publicity for the movie.
  16. 16. Share Presentations Presentations about the story, directors, producers, significance of the movie, sensational photographs of the actors / actress which were taken for the movie etc. could be created and shared online. This will spread much faster than the documents and will bring in lot of exposure to the movie. As earlier, the presentations should be available for free download.
  17. 17. Docshare The movie related information along with background information etc. could be made into one single document or series of documents. These documents could be posted in online document share sites like Scribd,, pdf-search-engine, eBook networking, digital documents etc. It should also be available for download.An overview of complete marketing activities, film shoot, location selection, lyrics of songs etc, could be possible topics to be written on.
  18. 18. EBooks Create eBooks about the movie, past success and failures of the director, background of the actor / actress, reasons for the actor / actress to be chosen for the movie etc. could be included in the ebook. If the movie is based on a book, then the book could be digitized and could be made available online, after all legal and copyright issues are taken care of. Provide downloadable link across online communities, forums, blogs etc.
  19. 19. Respond to Comments Keep track of all online posts and discussions. Watch it regularly, update it regularly with entertaining and interesting stuff about the movie. Respond to queries of people, re- comment on the comments and make sure the discussions continue in a healthy manner. Make sure that negative comments / feedbacks are dealt with appropriately. Be polite and to the point.
  20. 20. RSS Feeds Create RSS Feeds and make it available through movie websites and other popular movie sites. Update the RSS feeds regularly with relevant information about the movie. Theaters releasing that movie, premier shows, events, celebrity visits etc. could also be given as RSS feeds.
  21. 21. Log In Movie Database Submit the movie and all relevant information to different movie databases like IMDB, bollywood archive. Creating log in the movie database along with release dates and other pertinent information will also create good exposure as people will start discussing about the movie well before the actual marketing starts. This creates a good awareness, which aids the marketing campaign later on.
  22. 22. Social Bookmarking Make sure the movie official site, blogs, forums etc. are all bookmarked socially in sites like, stumble upon, digg etc. If the movie is a much awaited one, then people bookmark it like crazy in these sites. For all other cases, its better to ask the internal marketing team to do this job up until the word starts spreading.
  23. 23. Tweet Regularly Twitter is one effective way of reaching out to audience. Start a twitter account and regularly tweet about the movie like shoot schedules, release dates, interesting incidents etc. Create a short link ( for the movie site and provide it in twitter. If used properly, tweets could become an effective word of mouth publicity for the movie.
  24. 24. Online Contest Create online contests asking simple and relevant questions about the movie, characters, incidents etc. These could be based on the articles written in the blogs, forums etc. Winners could be given tickets, merchandizing items etc. as rewards. The most important thing is that, people should be able to find the answers for these questions. So, it should be short and simple.
  25. 25. Paid Advertisements Apart from all the above mentioned stuff, paid advertisements will prove to be effective when the movie release date is closer. Ads at prominent locations in popular websites will fetch a lot of exposure to the movie. Linking back to the official site, will increase the traffic to the official site and hence more the exposure.
  26. 26. Online Polls Create polls about the movie, about the actor and other key cast / crew members and their past achievements. These polls will give interesting data to write about. Create articles about these facts and percentages and spread it around to get good publicity. If possible, opinion polls, audience liking factor and their choice of actors / actress could also be surveyed.
  27. 27.