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Yls october newsletter

  1. 1. Issue 3, October 2010 IN THIS MONTHS NEWSLETTER YOUR BODY IMAGE: Cellulite Decorating: Make your guests feel welcome in your home. STYLE TIPS: The Slimming Power of vertical lines Relationships: The 5 Love Languages Coaching kids
  2. 2. What‘s new at... Rebecca, Steph and Dee are excited to have joined the Pink Book Club. This fantastic organisation is all about ―you time‖ for women, and sharing experiences, knowledge, skills, support with lots of fun and laughter—which suits us down to the ground. We hope to help branch PBC into the south west and other country areas. We encourage you all to check it out too at... We would also love you all to get modern (if you aren‘t already) and find us on FaceBook. What did we ever do without it? It is such a fantastic way to build a community.
  3. 3. Make your guests feel welcome in your home Next time you have friends or family come to stay even if it is just overnight go all out to make them feel welcome and special. These small touches will make your guests feel so welcome in your home. There is nothing nicer These days you can buy miniature toilet- than a guest walking ries at the supermarket or even get into into your home and the habit of collecting them when you into the room they will stay in nice hotels and build a collection be sleeping in to find a up so that you can use them when friends nice surprise. or family come to stay. I always like to go one step further and even put a few choccies on the bed to really top things off! “This is such a simple but effective way to make your home a sanctuary not only for you but anyone who stays.” Always leave fresh towels out on the bed along with some beautiful and simple toiletries. www.steffidesigns.com.au
  4. 4. YLS WORKSHOPS ―Loved it! Found it so interesting. It took things I thought I new about to the next level. Thank you. I can‘t wait to go and put some of it into practice.‖ - Natalie. This is one of the many fantastic testimonials we received from our recent workshop in Perth. Don‘t forget we have more workshop opportunities coming up:  October 9th-Busselton  October 23rd-Perth  November 27th-Bunbury Go to http://www.yourlifestyled.com.au/events/ for more details or phone 1800 123 484 . Your Life Styled will be coming back even bigger and better in the New Year. We have some exciting things planned so stay tuned. Dee in action at our September 11 event.
  5. 5. CELLULITE: Why can‘t we just accept it? I don‘t remember ever NOT hav- ing cellulite. As a teenager of thirteen I remember looking in the mirror at my dimpled thighs and feeling ABSOLUTELY HIDEOUS! I assumed that be- cause I had cellulite I must also be huge (Its only in the last few years I have been able to look back and see that I definitely wasn‘t huge). But I was in com- parison to the models that I was seeing in all the magazines. And they didn‘t have cellulite. Not a speck! At least not that we never saw - I don‘t know if they had photo shop or air brushing back in 1983. This picture was found on the web hi-lighting the dimples on the back of a cat-walk model‘s thighs. I am not trying to be scandal- ous, poke fun, judge or bitch. I just think women of all ages need to aware MOST OF US HAVE CELLULITE! It‘s a girl thing. It certainly makes me feel less of an ogre to know that highly paid and adored supermodels have cellulite too. It might be a bad cam- era angle—but I am sure us normal gals stare at ourselves and judge in the worst light at the worst angle and see stuff that others rarely do.
  6. 6. CELLULITE: Why can‘t we just accept it? I honestly believe the self—loathing I felt for my body at thirteen was a major catalyst for me developing an eating disorder that led me to waste years of life, precious time I will never get back, opportunities I missed because I was waiting till I was“ skinny enough” and to con- template taking my own life. Luckily for me I was able to recover. I still have the odd battle with body issues, and I definitely still have cellulite. Most importantly I have learnt that most of us will have aspects of our bodies that we will never love, but we can still love ourselves. We can learn how to minimise the bits of us we don‘t like so much and emphasise those that we love. And we must stop comparing ourselves and our bits with other women, we all come in our individual packages, all made up of good and not so good bits, and cannot be compared. It is my passion now through Your Life Styled and Goddess Impressions to spread a wave of healthy body image through women today, if I can save even one person from the depths of despair I felt when I hated my body then it will be worth it. Poor Mischa Barton copped a lot of flack in the media not long ago for these photographs showing her with cellulite on the backs of her legs and bum. I can‘t help but wonder if this constant sledging contributes to her yo-yo dieting! I don‘t know why some women get it and some don‘t—but judg- ing by Mischa (and a lot of oth- ers) it is certainly not because she is overweight. It is my hunch that it is a genetic thing, and therefore being persecuted for having it is like being persecuted for having a particular colour skin.
  7. 7. To airbrush or not to airbrush? I found this image of an “untouched” plus size model on the internet. The photographs that had been published apparently had the models legs looking smooth as steel. I would love to know what others think—are dimples so unsightly we have to hide them - or could we just get used to them if we saw it more often? Help other women by sharing your stories, please email your opinions and experiences about body image issues to: denise@YourLifeStyled.com.au Dee Noney is an Image Consultant who‘s passion is to not only help you create the image you want to present on the outside, but also opti- mise how you feel about yourself inside—from all aspects— includ- ing your body image. For more information go to www.goddessimpressions.com.au
  8. 8. Coaching Kids Series - Labels and Positive Communication The early years in a child’s life are critical to their development. Up until somewhere between the ages of 7 – 9, a child‘s brain is like a huge sponge and soaks up absolutely everything it sees and hears. This is also a time of creating values, which are often copied by close role models around them. Although we adore our children, and do absolutely anything to protect them, we of- ten neglect to protect them from negative environments, situations and WORDS. Children absorb all of this literally and often carry these emotions and tags through to adulthood, which then can create a whole new set of problems within itself (i.e. depression, anxiety, lack of self-worth etc.). An example of this is constantly telling your child they have learning problems. This is what they now believe and that is how it will be for them, even if they are very capable, they now carry that label. Or maybe telling them they shouldn‘t eat too much as they will get fat. This could cause eating disorders in future. Now I am not saying to pussy foot around your children – they still need to learn life lessons. But what I do encourage if they are exposed to unhealthy situations to try and give them some closure so they do not carry that baggage with them for life. Try to keep your communications with your children as positive as possible, and try not to expose them any situations that you believe may cloud their values. Jenny Towers Personal Performance Coach www.jennytowers.com
  9. 9. The Slimming Power of vertical lines Many ladies know that horizontal stripes will make then look wider (in most cases) . But did you also guess that verticals will make you look slimmer? Well they do. A long vertical line causes the eye to move up and down giv- ing the appearance of increased length. As a bonus -when you appear taller you can appear slimmer. Vertical lines also divide width, breaking it up making it appear less wide. The important thing to remember is, it is not just about stripes. Vertical lines can also be created by:  The pleats/folds in a way a garment hangs  Layering garments over the top of each other  Scarves, ties, necklaces  Creases pressed in pants  Monochromatic dressing (creates a column of one col- our which is like a solid vertical line)  Colour blocking (wearing one colour all the way up the inside - like the picture with the red jacket)  You can also do the same wearing the same colour up the outside and a contrast on the inside (for example a suit with a black skirt and jacket with a white blouse).  And of course patterns in the garment (see front page)
  10. 10. Life changes and your expectations, outlook and needs change as you grow and mature. To satisfy those evolving needs, relationships and life forces need to be continually Re-negotiated, Re-aligned and Re-ignited. Deep inside I know I need renewed direction, balance and focus. My Personal, Family & Business Life is unclear, heavy and full of fear of the unknown. I’m Frustrated, Tired and Bored”. “YES, I AM LOST.” How do I re-ignite that Enthusiasm? Sarvaga Light will change the way you think about your current reality. Using simple but effective techniques Sarvaga Light will guide you to a place of simple understanding. Safe Journey Johan Smit Sarvaga Light "Re igniting Enthusiasm for Life" www.sarvagalight.com.au Member of Institute Johan with the team at our recent Your Life Styled of Complimentary Therapists Workshop. As well as being our fantastic MC, he keeps us grounded if we get stressed and lifts us when we need it.
  11. 11. ―Love doesn‘t erase the past, but it has the ability to make the future different‖ What happens to love after the ‗honeymoon‘? In Gary Chapman’s book, The 5 Love Languages, he speaks about how speaking the language of our partner is im- perative to a successful relationship. He states that couples who understand each other‘s love language hold a priceless advantage in the quest for love that lasts a life- time – they know how to effectively and consistently make each other feel truly and deeply loved. So what are the 5 Love Languages? I speak about this, and other topics exten- sively in my programs and it is a very simple and effective concept to learn. I want to share with you briefly here what these love languages are, and how understanding them can effectively increase the chances of a positive outcome for your relation- ship. The first love language is Words of Affirmation. Verbal compliments or spoken ap- preciation are powerful communicators of love to some. What would happen in a re- lationship if there was only words of criticism and negativity? Your partner wouldn‘t feel very loved if they constantly heard those words. What if you spoke words of af- firmation regularly? What if you used encouraging words and empowering lan- guage? What would that evoke in your partner? They would begin to feel good about themselves, they would feel empowered and they would feel loved and appreciated, and their ‗love tank‘ will be filled. The second love language is Quality Time. Quality Time is giving someone your undivided attention. It doesn‘t mean sitting on the couch watching a TV show together. It means sitting down, TV off, facing your partner and giving each other your undivided attention. Taking the time to really listen to what your partner is saying, and communicating with them, will enhance and fulfill them and will in turn nourish your relationship. When you sit down with your partner and give each other your undivided attention, you are effectively giving & receiving love. It can be a powerful communicator of love.
  12. 12. The third love language is Receiving Gifts. Gifts are visual symbols of love. Most wedding ceremonies include the giving and receiving of rings. These are symbols of never ending love and unity. This symbol has emotional value. Visual symbols of love are more important to some people than to others. If receiving gifts is your pri- mary love language you will cherish receiving special gifts and you will attach the emotion of love to the gift. To the person whose primary love language is receiving gifts, generally, the cost of the gift will not matter. It‘s the meaning you associate to the giving of the gift that is important to you. The fourth love language is Acts of Service. This is meant by doing things for others that you know they would like you to do. Acts such as cooking a meal, vacuuming the floor, cleaning the car or paying the bills are all acts of service. They require thought, planning, time, effort and energy. If these acts of service are done with a positive spirit they are expressions of love. The last love language is Physical Touch. Physical Touch is a powerful vehicle for communicating love. For some people, physical touch is their primary love lan- guage. Without it, they feel unloved. With it, they feel secure in the love of their partner. This also applies to babies – they require physical touch to thrive, and to feel loved and taken care of. Touching your partner as you walk through the room takes only a moment, but to the person who holds Physical Touch as their primary love language, it means the world. Touching each other when you leave the house, or ar- rive home may involve only a brief kiss or hug, but it will speak volumes to your partner. The question now arises – Do you know what your primary ‗Love Language‘ is? How do you discover your love language, and that of your partner? It is essential if you are to keep their emotional ‗love tank‘ full. For further information on this topic, we have extensive pro- grams that cover in concise detail the above, and a lot more re- garding communication & relationships. Contact me on 1800 123 484 if you would like some clarity on the above informa- tion.
  13. 13. How‘s your love life? Why Did You Fall in Love? Whether it was love at first sight or the slow simmer of friendship into true love, the early days of your relationship may hold the key to your present-day intimacy. Spending some time remembering why you first fell in love can be a good way to restore some perspective (and spark) to your relationship. Start by revisiting some of your early memories - you may have even saved some letters, cards or photos from those first holidays and special occasions together. Re- reading them can get you back into the state of mind that you were in when every- thing was new and exciting. Old photos work, too, for conjuring up memories and surprising yourself with moments and little nuances you had long forgotten. You can keep your discoveries to yourself as a source of private appreciation, or you can share them with your partner. Sometimes it's fun to reminisce together and re- weave the bonds of affection that connected you in the first place. Remember the time we did this...? Or the moment you both knew it was right...? Focusing on those positive memories may be the key to shifting things from neutral back into oh so hot and steamy! Fai Kur is not only a qualified Sexual Health Therapist, she can also host a sex toy party that is fantastic fun. Get to know her at an up- coming Your Life Styled event when she is one of our special guest speakers or contact her at fai-kur@hotmail.com or 0412147917