The Informer (international poetry magazine) complete contents 1966 1971


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The complete contents of the Informer (international poetry magazine) edited by Keith Armstrong and David Gill from 1966 1971.

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The Informer (international poetry magazine) complete contents 1966 1971

  1. 1. The Complete Contents of The Informer (International Poetry Magazine) 1966 - 1971
  2. 2. The Informer 1 - 9 Contents INFORMER 1 Content Details Page 2- Book reviews, Victor Delainey (James MacDonald) The Lockwood Concern by John O'Hara, Up the Down Staircase by Bel Kaufman, Last Exit to Brooklyn by Herbert Selby, The Green Bow by William Faulkner. Page 3- A Tramp by B.R Crittinden, Poem by Nigal Day, Mice by Victor Delainey (James MacDonald). Page 4- The King of the Jews by Charles Oslow-Young, Everywhere by Micheal Bullock, A Man Without Meaning by Micheal Bullock, The Rifle by Carm Mac, Have You Ever Seen by Keith Armstrong. Page 5- The Sea Battle by John Exeter. Page 6- Human War by Bruce Gavin Nicholson, I Laugh by Clive Stuart, The Lion by Rodney Coe, Asia Smokes by Rodney Coe. Page 7- Gas by Zel Toevsky, An Enemy by Zel Toevsky, A Love Poem by Alan Wheatcroft, Death by Alan Wheatcroft, The Man From Madrid by Leigh Carmicheal, Poem by Anon, Chin by Victor Delainey (James MacDonald). Page 8/9- Travelling Hopefully, a short story by Victor Delainey (James MacDonald). Page 9/10- Today's Big Problem, a political article by Brain Crittinden. Page 11- Cartoon page. INFORMER 2 Content Details Now on line at Page 2- Brenda by Edmund Tustian, Autumn by Alan Wheatcroft, The Quiet Life by Phoebe Timpson. Page 3- Little Me by Caro H., Silent Protest by Caro H., The Snow by ?, My Love by Carm. Mac, To Mice and Women by Carm. Mac, I'm Living By Myself by Alistair Wisker. Page 4- Seek...And Ye Shall Find by Nike Sebastian Duke, The Lift by Micheal Bullock, Paul by Carm. Mac, Spring by Keith Armstrong, Thoughts of Boarding School by Kaye Tea, Joy by Phoebe Timpson. Page 5- Reviews poetry books "Christ" Gavin Bantock, "Men without Evenings" David Gill, and
  3. 3. Magazines received. Page 6- The Pen by Zel Toevsky, Bells by Micheal Bullock, Page 7- Book reviews by Victor Delainey (James MacDonald), My Turn by John O'Hara, Valley of the Dolls by Jacqueline Susann, The Adventurers by Harold Robbins. Page 8- Memories After Leaving by Angelano, Poem by Micheal Newman, I paint by Paul Metler. Page 9- Obsevarions by Micheal Newman, I Am Sure by Alistair Wisker, What's The Use by Roger Wild. Page 10-Colour Schemes by Micheal Newman, Stars by Michael Bullock, I Shout For Peace by Keith Armstrong. Page 11-A March for World Peace Page 12- Reader correspondence by Y.R Noland. Page 13- The Wallet, a short story by Dirain, Page 14- The Wallet, a short story by Dirain (cont/), Viola Luizzo by Edmund Tustian. INFORMER 3 Content Details Page 3- Poem by Martin Petavel. Page 4- A Problem by Martin Petavel, Fire Burning by Michael Newman, Poem by Victor Delainey (James MacDonald). Page 5- World Problems by Michael Newman, Early Warning Station-Fylingdales by Joan Lee. Page 6/7/8- A Pearl of an Island, prose by Phoebe Timpson Page 8-In the Mindless Warmth of Summer by D.M Kendall, Port Meadow by David Gill. Page 9- Morning by Alistair Wisker, Why She Was Out by Rosemary Kent-Barber, Buttercup Spring by Rosemary Kent- Barber, Found: A Friend by Rosemary Kent Barber. Page 10-Christ Amongst The Auctioneers by Patrick Hare, Collection Awaited by Margaret Perkins. Page 11-Nocturne by Michael Newman, After Requiem by Margaret Perkins. Page 12/13/14- Mine, a short story by Patrick Hare. Page 14- The Storm (in St. Jean de Luz) by Veronica Timpson.
  4. 4. Page 15-Time Is Slipping Through Your Hair by D.M Kendall, Trust by Phoebe Timpson, Ode To A Frog by Kaye Tea. Page 16- Beatrix Potter by David Gill, Fog By Night by Margaret Perkins. Page 17- The Algarve by Phoebe Timpson, A Few Minutes Only by Martin Pavel, Tracks by Steve Sneyd. INFORMER 4 Content Details Cover Illustration by Linda Simonds of Nottingham Art School. P3- A Hard Time We Had Of It by Mike Sebastian Duke, On An Acquaintance by Terence Heywood. P4- Vietnamese Arithmetic by Margaret Perkins, Poem by Anna Scher, Emporium 1967 by Graham Massey. P5/6/7/8 A Bird in Transit by Phoebe Timpson. P8- The First Affair by Martin Pavel, At Swanage by John Pollard, Return by K.E Walker, The Mad Loser by Guy Gladstone. P9- At the Parque Florida by Roy Bennett, Coming Across Zebras by David Gill. P10- The Sea Beyond by David Stringer. P11- Sea Fret by M. Perkins, Down The Clearway by Roger Taylor, Beautiful Wales by Melvyn J. Bevan. P12- Embryo by D.M Kendall. P13- Of Course by Martin Pavel, The Man With the Third Moon Inside His Head (Shamus, the Hermit Who Loved People) by Peter Finch. P14- Strictly Platonic by Michael Newman, Two Short Poems by Gabriel Levine, Across the Years by A.P Mc Quitty, Poem by Jean Willcox. P15- Night As a Camouflage by Nicola Wood, The Misty-Eyed Patriot by William Michael Fagan, Live a Life by Stephen Morris, Tonight by Wes Magee. P16-Letter From Russia by Irina Ivanova, Incident by Peter Baker. P17- Book and poetry reviews by Keith Armstrong. P18- Book Review (Poetry For Peace) by David Gill.
  5. 5. INFORMER 5 & 6 Content Details P3-4 Tercentennial Ode for Richard Crashaw by Terence Heywood P4- The Permitted Area by Joan Lee P5- Time For Bed by W.D Pearson, Coming and Going by Rodney Coe, Happiness by J.Clement P6- Broken Perspective by Vi Bradley. P6-7 Notes on National Service by Wes Magee P7- Remember by Veronica Kendle P8-12 The Good Seed, a short story by Phoebe Timpson P12- Noon on Tresco by Marguerite Edmonds, Backwater by David Telling P13- Refugee by Yvonne Abbatt, Grovelling for Life by Nigel Godsiffe, Where the Poem Ends by Terry Kingham, I Hear a Calling by Anna Scher P14-15 Race Riot by Roy Bennett P15 So I'll Take Flowers by R.G.T Harris-Bick-Ford P16- Nine Guineas A Week Rent by Robert Lowe, You by Peter Hoida P17-18 Darling This Is My Last Letter by G.Levine P18- Broken Bottle by John Stevens Wade, The Excavator by Miss Jennifer Birt, The Tree by Patricia Stughton P19- When the Images Don't Flow Right by Peter Finch P19-20 Betrayer of His People by Hilda Whelan P20- Soliliquy at Eventide by K.E Walker P20-21 Orders by N.S Jackson P21- Reviews by David Gill (Left Luggage by Robert Leach, Non Multa Sed Multum by Colleen MacNamara P22-27 Suumer Passed By, a short story by Hugh McKinley
  6. 6. INFORMER 7 Content Details Front cover by Angela Armstrong P4- Space Poem by Marguerite Edmonds P4-13 Red Flag by Steve Sneyd P5- Word For A Blue Rose by J.R Brownfield, In The Manner Of Chagall by Henry Kleiner P6 Murderer-s by Jacques Van Luik, Advertisements-Around & Underground by Wes Magee P7- Catharsis by Phoebe Timpson, untitled poem by Jeff Nuttall P8- Photo 1900 by Vi Bradley, Haiku by Micheal Newman P9- Bereavement by Robert Lowe, Where They Belong by Robert Ensor P10- A Slight Case of Psychosomatics by L.M Herrickson, For Poets: In Memorium on Pale Poppy Day by Clive Williams P11- Emotionally Disturbed by J. Teagle P12- Merry-Go-Round by David Gill, I Shall Write My Shabbiness In Grass by John S. Mitchell P13- Perimeters by Derek Telling, Tanka by Michael Newman P14-20 The Soft Touch, a short story by Martina Kendall P21- Filed Universe by Hugh McKinley, untitled prose by C. Cullingford P22-24 The Five Hundred And Fifty First Jataka by Peter Finch P25- "BlakeBugsMe" by Anna Scher, Five Winds Of Sense by Veronica Kendle, Poem by John Clement P26-27 Reviews by Bruce Ross-Smith (Return To Consciousness by C.L Riley, The Inward Eye by Cynthia Fuller P27- Proletarian Novel by Bruce Connors P28- Poetry reviews by David Gill and Keith Armstrong P32- Blue Raga by Barry Edgar Picher, Feather by Geraint Jarman
  7. 7. INFORMER 8 Content Details Now on line at magazine-no-8-1968 P5-6 Break Ice For The Wild Swan, article by Hugh McKinley P7-11 Poems by Ondra Lysohorsky (translated by Hugh McKinley) The Sun, On Lysohorsa, Town On The Black Sea, In The Quarry, The House, The Tree, The Tuner P11 A Slav Poet, article by Boris Pasternak P12-18 Poems by Ondra Lysohorsky (translated by Lydia Pasternak Slater) Vegetable Market In Ostrava, Ponds of Hrusov, Venetian Bridges, Beethoven In The Desert, Summer, Room In Tashkent, DragonFly In Autumn, By The Open Window, In The Ukraine (For Alexander Dowzhenko), Mahatma Gandhi, Poetry (For Charles Baudelaire) Holderlin P19-25 Poems by Ondra Lysohorsky (translated by Ewald Osers) Universe And History, Rhymes?, Early Spring, Dawn, John Huss, Swallow In Poitiers, Ballad Of Jan Pallach, Student And Heretic P26-27 Review by David Gill (The White Hind by David Morrison) P27- Night Has Fallen by Georg Coombs, OMNES by John Fleming, Plea by Wanda Allen Moore, Answer To An Invitation by Lydia Pasternak Slater P28- Message To An Unborn Infant by Martin Booth P29-33 Review by R.G (Junior poems, Stroud Festival 1968, Eastern Lovesong And Other Poems by Violet Bowen, Living Poetry by Claire May Overy, World Aflame by Billy Graham) P35- Evergreen, Message and Sierre Madre by Iain Sinclair, Fruit Salad by Lydia Pasternak Slater
  8. 8. INFORMER 9 Content Details P6-8 John Woolman's Poem by Nicholas Cottis P8- Shells by Colin Murrah P9-Private Eye by D.O Pitches P10- The Drunken Beggar by Peter Robins, The Kitten by R. Corbett P12- And They Waited For The Moon by J.Hangle P13- Wild Roses by Ondra Lysohorsky (translated by Ewald Osers) P14- Spray by Ondra Lysohorsky (translated by Ewald Osers) P15- Song (1) and Song (2) By David Chaloner P16- Ebb Tide by Nic Cottis P17-29 The Driver, a short story by Patrick Hare P31- (untitled) by Deidre Farrell P33- Warneford: October '68 by Deidre Farrell P34- Twelve by David John Ward P35-37 Concrete poetry by dsh Memorial For Ken Cox, Coxbox-1, Coxbox-2, Coxbox-3 P38- Bank Holiday Haiku by Roger Garfitt P40- Salmon Leap by Roy Bennett, Calling God by Guy Gladstone P42- Long Lonely Road by Nigel Gray P43- Questions by David Callard P44- Bubble by Christopher Code P45- Unannounced by Stephen Morris, Running Man by Peter Hoida P46- Naked Fog by Barry Edgar Picher P47- Poem For Ken Cox by Barry Fitton P48- Crossroads by Geraint Jarman, Landscape:12 by George Dowden P49- Party Game by Steve Sneyd, The Future of Britain by Steve Sneyd
  9. 9. P50- The Caterpillar And The Worm by Edward Lucie-Smith, The Slug by Edward Lucie-Smith P51- Maybe It's Because It's December by Steve Wilby P52- Wanted by R.G Gregory, The Fission Ballard by George Binns P53- Minds Musical Matchbox by Roy Exley P54- Concrete poetry by Amelia Etlinger (ee.cummings) and Keith Armstrong (Wombwow) P55- Concrete poem by Bob Cobbing (Beethoven Today) P57-60 Reviews by R.G (Love Poetry and Nature Poetry and Gardens Within: an Anthology of Modern Love Poetry)