Features of Passenger Taxi Mobile Application by Your Cab Manager (YCM)


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Want to design your taxi mobile application for your taxi business? Here is the solution. We are Your Cab manager, mobile taxi app development services provider in India. Call us on +91 815 3939 409 or email us sales@yourcabmanager.com

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Features of Passenger Taxi Mobile Application by Your Cab Manager (YCM)

  1. 1. FeaturesOf Passenger Taxi Mobile Application by Your Cab Manager (YCM)
  2. 2. Your Cab Manager offers a best online cab/taxi booking system and mobile taxi app development services for our clients in all over the world. Mobile taxi application is beneficial for both drivers and passengers. YCM’s (Your Cab Manager) experienced mobile taxi app developers developed best mobile application which has all the features useful for any taxi business. A mobile application developed by us facilitates passengers with multi featured interface and also supports in Android and iPhone devices.
  3. 3. This application available for passengers who are registered with the system and also guest users can sign up with the application. In this presentation, welisted all features of taxi mobile application developed by YourCab Manager.
  4. 4. SplashScreen • First screen of the passenger taxi application is Splash Screen. When passenger open an application, this screen will be the first screen. 1.
  5. 5. Login2. • Passenger will be able to login to the app using their email Id and password. • This page will also have a dropdown to select from the two user types: personal user and business user.
  6. 6. Sign Up • Passenger will be able to sign up with the system by clicking on the sign up button. • There will be two options for user type selection: Personal Users and Business Users. 3.
  7. 7. • Personal users are the registered users of the system who can avail the benefits such as: • Special Discount • Booking History • Profile • Track Drivers • Offers Email Notification 4.Personal Users
  8. 8. • Business users are the registered users of the system who can be the companies who can avail the benefits such as: • Monthly Invoices • Booking History • Recurring Booking • Discount • Profile 4.Business Users
  9. 9. HomeScreen4. • Home Screen will have map and selection of pickup and drop-off location. • Also you will be able to select the vehicle based on the no. of passenger and the luggage capacity.
  10. 10. • The map will show the current location of the passenger using GPS location of the device. • By selecting the pickup and the drop-off locations, now the screen will show the route on the map. 4. Select Pickup & Drop-off Location
  11. 11. • By selecting on car, this app will show the list of cars in popup window. • The list have car image, car type, no. of passenger and luggage details. 4.Select Vehicle
  12. 12. BookNow • After selecting pickup, drop-off location and car, passenger will be able to select date and time of the journey as well as journey type, Single or Return. • By clicking on “Book now”, passenger will be redirected to confirm booking screen. 5.
  13. 13. Confirm Booking6. • After pressing “Booking Now” button, app will show options to submit the flight details if pickup location is an Airport. • This screen will have option for payment method: Cash and Payment Gateway
  14. 14. Complete Booking • After successful payment the passenger will be able to view the summary of the booking on this screen. • This screen have also option for social sharing. 7.
  15. 15. Menu8. • Passenger will be able to view the menu options by clicking on the menu drawer on left corner of the screen. • With the help of menu option user will be able to access all functions of the app like New Booking, My Bookings, Profile and Logout.
  16. 16. My Booking • My Booking screen will show all bookings history doneby passenger. • This list will show summary like Booking ID, Journey Date and Time,Pickupand Drop-offlocations. • By clicking on the booking, user will be able to view thecompletedetailsofthebooking. 9.
  17. 17. YOURCABMANAGER, proud venture of Gusani Infotech is an Idea to give simplified website designing and development a perfect touch of focused UI for Taxi Businesses in United Kingdom and make complete Cab ManagementSystem for them. Looking for Taxi App Development? Contact us on +91 8153939409 or+44 020 3290 5996. or drop us line at: sales@yourcabmanager.com
  18. 18. Thank You ... Reach us at... Email: sales@yourcabmanager.com Skype: yourcabmanager Call: [UK]+4402032905996 [India]+918153939409