The 10 Rules of Push Presents (#9 is a must)


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Welcome to the madness of parenthood.

Let's be honest... push presents have a reputation crisis. It's absurd. Most hear about this gift-giving tradition when celebrities drop a $30,000 ring on a mom-to-be and act like it’s normal. It’s not.

We believe that when you strip away the materialism, there is something special underneath. We’re talking about an investment into the relationship. A relationship that’s about to get insanely crazy with a kid in the mix.

So we started You Push, I Present to inject some common sense into the occasion. These are the 10 rules that we think all push presents should live by.

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The 10 Rules of Push Presents (#9 is a must)

  1. 1. photo credit The 10 rules of push presents Have one of these on the way? Good. You’re in the right place. © You Push, I Present, photo credit – alexnormand
  2. 2. “It’s not about the money so 
 let’s make push presents fun, ok?” –You Push, I Present
  3. 3. 1 photo credit Decide whether it’s right for your situation We are the first ones to admit that push presents aren’t for everyone. That says a lot considering we made a frigg’n website about them. As you’ll see in the list below, there are a lot of things to consider before partaking in the push present tradition. © You Push, I Present, photo credit – alexnormand
  4. 4. 2 photo credit Keep it unexpected and spontaneous We believe a push present should be fun and unexpected, not demanded. This is where you come in dads. Don’t let her ask. Do your research, listen for hints, and get in front of it before she asks. Moms, your significant other not getting the hints? Don’t suck the fun out of the tradition by asking. Just leave our website open on his iPad. © You Push, I Present, photo credit – alexnormand
  5. 5. photo credit Do it for the right reasons More than likely, you know how some celebrities are giving them a bad name. Exhibit A – Mariah Carey and the $12,000 necklace and Exhibit B  – Jay-Z giving Beyonce an 8-10 carat blue tanzanite ring, estimated at $35,000. It never should be about the material weight of the gift. And the fact these celebrities are setting the precedent that a push present should be expensive jewelry is flat out wrong. © You Push, I Present, 3 photo credit – alexnormand
  6. 6. 4 photo credit Make it appropriate For us at YPIP it was a weekend babymoon and a handmade necklace. You know what it also could have been … a handwritten note of affection or some help around the house. Buy the Bentley and diamond ring if that’s your thing, but it better work for your budget, lifestyle, and have some heart behind it. © You Push, I Present, photo credit – alexnormand
  7. 7. photo credit 5 Acknowledge what she’s going through Men, let’s be honest. We have it easy. For nine months (and months of recovery afterwards) we don’t have to deal with the morning sickness, cramps, stretching, aches and pains. Let the push present signify that you recognize the sacrifices she is making and that you are sympathetic to the journey. Even if she is strong willed, it’s nice to be aware of everything she’s going through. © You Push, I Present, photo credit – alexnormand
  8. 8. Have one last hurrah 
 (for awhile) photo credit Everyone tells you this, but it’s hard to grasp until you experience yourself. There is no turning back from having a child. Everything changes. So make a memory now … do it. Do it! Because when you are up at 4am with poop on your hands, you’ll be glad you did. © You Push, I Present, 6 photo credit – alexnormand
  9. 9. 7 photo credit Invest in the relationship Remember the push present is a symbolic gesture, not a materialistic ritual. Nobody can argue that finding opportunities to invest in a relationship is a bad thing – especially when the relationship is about to get a whole lot more exciting with kids. © You Push, I Present, photo credit – alexnormand
  10. 10. photo credit Set a good example Being thoughtful and energetic parents means habitually setting a good example for the kiddos. Why not let a push present be the first public display of affection for the kids to see? That model of a healthy and loving relationship is something everyone can benefit from. © You Push, I Present, 8 photo credit – alexnormand
  11. 11. photo credit 9 Make it fun A push present can be an amazing way to break through the craziness of pregnancy and baby preparations. As we’ve said, it’s like taking a deep breath before diving into the deep end of parenthood, so make the most of it. © You Push, I Present, photo credit – alexnormand
  12. 12. photo credit 10 The kid wins Let’s be honest. The baby is always the best gift anyone could receive. A little bundle of life smiling back at you always wins. Period. End of debate. credit – alexnormand photo
  13. 13. Want more push present ideas? visit us at