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Published in Technology , Education
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  • odd one out here not a professor, not a student anymore, not a formal teacher pre-uni cool examples of people at different technical levels. stages of their geek journey suggest you can do the same if you want to, and explore ways people have been learning tech outside of formal education + some reasons to do that pitched less techy, any uber geeks out there, should out questions i will have answers! let me know
  • what is it hackday what is hack orgs profess making software visiting mentors end of the week everyone comes to london great venue present to each other press government
  • 80 young people attend in 2 years
  • 4 centres this year we’re hoping to run 10-20, hopefully including birmingham!
  • Learning something on your own can be great, but we’ve found having a project and
  • josh taking the lead in this group discussion hadn’t coded more than a webpage when attending yrs 2009 over the past 2 years he’s taught himself web design and programminer
  • they mentors really enjoy it too google engineer example not good at interface design here’s pic of him getting stuck in with the team
  • actually hackasaurus project tool ietherpad - used for planning / collaborating
  • not always but sometimes chocolate helps the creative process :)
  • can make a webpage - learn to use html and javascript, as well as using your other skills - photoshop, excel spreadsheet *actually had one hack that was just a spreadsheet macro for someone’s dad* starting out / html excel spreadsheet macros data mining + html then move into javascript web design for others advanced / already programming James - natural language processing Another James - one line wonder. hack scraped info, processed it and made a new website. it was intense.
  • who attends & judges press - bbc/channel4/ newspapers ie Guardian MPs editor of wired magazine didn’t used to think such a big thing, but its proved one of the most enjoyable parts if you’re already a good coder, platform for your skills to a wide range of companies no job interview will be as scary after taking part in something like this :)
  • nervous anticipation
  • daniel may windows 7 mobile app for hiring bicycles in london phone hadnt been released yet, so microsoft sent an engineer to help
  • Judging! Government, industry, press, your PARENTS & mentors, and all the other developers :) Prizes there have been things like xbox’s, lego mindstorms
  • OK let’s look at some examples public service we all own it last few years more and more opening up form messy spreadsheets XML, such as webpage RSS feed (basically like a blog) list of entries, ordered by most recent
  • don’t know if anyone’s seen this? map crimes near you certain types of crime in your postcode/town
  • - He looked through the data - worked on more than one project - actually for the whole country, but i’ve zoomed into london - WHO MADE IT?
  • - Manchester bus timetables - Not GPS, where buses SHOULD be - Plotted position of all bus-stops
  • - sunday’s date, not today - comparing: - manchester library archive - recent image search - fun and different - got to understand how to use an image search programmatically - operated by a comp prog instead of you using a webpage.
  • - quite a few examples of simple coding projects not there just yet? - dont worry about it - taking interest is the key! & problem solving using tech going to show you couple of examples people who’ve got to think through problems, research, look at data, and get to the design stage. - mocked up solution
  • BRIGHTON DAMON NOT DAMIEN other two guys could code mentor max research techniques user interface design photoshop JUST LIKE INDUSTRY
  • other 2 guys were involved but not in this pic
  • - WON AN AWARD! - Best in show idea
  • Best in show concept
  • couple of examples
  • -worked out patterns of use for dif depts -who turned off lights at night?
  • How to get started? Should I pick up a book on programming? If you want to or have = that’s great!
  • JUST SOME IDEAS NOT DEFINITIVE For those who have already started learning HTML or programming. ???
  • loads of good tutorials recommendations: w3schools htmldog even more on youtube


  • 1. Young people can and should do cool stuff with code! ( )
  • 2.  
  • 3. A week long hack event run at locations across the UK, ending with a show and tell of web design & code projects to government, industry and press on what has been coded.
  • 4. YRS 2010 YRS 2011 4 centres: Brighton, London, Manchester, Norwich. 10-20 centres YRS 2009 1 centre: Google London
  • 5. YRS Guide to hackdays
  • 6. Have a topic / starting point
    • (Will cover “open data” shortly)
  • 7. Work in teams with other young people
  • 8.  
  • 9.  
  • 10.  
  • 11. Centres & mentors!
    • Get expert help, intern inside exciting companies
  • 12.  
  • 13.  
  • 14. Get creative, solve problems!
    • (Normally starting on a whiteboard or paper)
  • 15.  
  • 16.  
  • 17.  
  • 18.  
  • 19.  
  • 20.  
  • 21.  
  • 22.  
  • 23.  
  • 24. Learn new skills - no matter what level of tech knowledge
    • Beginners to budding programmers
  • 25. Presenting & Awards!
    • Gain self confidence, be able to present to anyone
  • 26.  
  • 27.  
  • 28.  
  • 29. Daniel, 18
  • 30.  
  • 31.  
  • 32. Open data = hack fuel
  • 33. Explore available datasets, brainstorm how it could fit together!
  • 34. Text This graphic by the Guardian is just another data hack
  • 35. Expensive police site
  • 36. Hack using some of the same data, done by a YRSer
  • 37. Live Bus map
  • 38. + ( ) Downloaded spreadsheets Google Maps + Current computer time ...of geo-tagged bus stop locations
  • 39. Images of Manchester then and now.
  • 40. + Current computer date + Manchester geo-tagged photos on Flickr Manchester libraries image search
  • 41. Can’t code? can still develop concepts & get started Start sketching (developing concepts)No excuses. Can’t code? can still develop concepts & get started
  • 42. Damon, 16
  • 43.  
  • 44.  
  • 45.  
  • 46.  
  • 47.  
  • 48. Starting with design + help, then learning how to make it
  • 49. Isabell, 16
  • 50.  
  • 51. + Downloaded spreadsheets Google Charts + Maths related headaches!
  • 52.  
  • 53.  
  • 54. “ Since 1 August, 18 government headquarter buildings have been reporting real time energy consumption online”
  • 55.  
  • 56.  
  • 57. Apps are cool . Start developing some concepts No excuses! No excuses! No excuses!
  • 58.  
  • 59. Top tips for learning to code...
    • • Have a project
            • • Start simple, learn HTML and/or use design tools.
    • • Get help, ask around.
    • • Look up “___ tutorial”
      • • “ Save as” files regularly
    • • Attend YRS :)
  • 60.  
  • 61. HTML
  • 62. HTML Programming Design Business
  • 63. Google “HTML tutorial”
  • 64. Tools to help you code and see changes straight away
  • 65.  
  • 66. What is HTML really?
  • 67. Now you know HTML! Sign up!