Vulnerable God (Christian worldview)


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Some things I have found helpful in understanding the paradox between a powerful yet vulnerable God.

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  • I am Joel and this is my Testimony.Counselling & Training – Journey started out of frustration – Life wasn’t working.Heard David Riddell talk – inspired my philosophising/reflecting.Iceburg ->
  • Heard David Riddell talk – inspired my philosophising/reflecting.Iceberg – Romans 12.Matthew 12.34…out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks.Prov 4.23Above all else guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.Keep your heart with all diligence for out of it spring the issues of life.Context ->
  • ½ by 3yrs.Context.What did I learn about the nature of God by the time I was 3? What my family taught me:UnwantedUnreliableUnmovableWhat have you learnt?Living Wisdom taught me I needed to renew my mind. Reflect. Give up my old beliefs about God and replace them with new. So I got counselling, did Living Wisdom, and then read the Bible – from the start, and this is what I found.Renewing my Concept of God ->
  • Powerful – create would with a word, smite, flood, earthquake.Vulnerable – cross, baby, rejection, moved by us! Gen 6.6 “…and it grieved Him at his heart.EG’s of those who moved God’s heart or changed His mind.Moses – Exo 32.14 – “Then the Lord changed His mind…”Abraham to save Sodom and Gomorrah.Jonah w Ninivah
  • Personal SummaryGive up old beliefs and replace with new.I didn’t have a full picture of God.‘We love (him, others) because He first loved us.’ ‘…whom who has not seen cannot love God, whom he has not seen.’
  • Vulnerable God (Christian worldview)

    1. 1. “The unexaminedlife is not worthliving.”-Socrates
    2. 2. What we feel & think.What we don’trealise we thinkHeart = SubconsciousRomans 12These mis-beliefsLIEbelow the surface.
    3. 3. Truth requires context.Without context scripturecan become a liethat binds you.Lie that looks like truthTruthTruthTruth
    4. 4. Tree of LIFETree of theknowledge ofgood and evil
    5. 5. FAIL…
    6. 6. For love to be love, itmust first be open thepossibility of rejection.For desire to be desirethere must first be aneed.To be in love, meansto be in a vulnerableposition.
    7. 7. THE PARADOXAn almighty hugeall powerful God…Who also standspowerless andvulnerable.
    8. 8. My old Lies• I am unwanted.• He just tolerates me.• His love is just an‘everybody’ Love nota specific ‘Joel’ love.• He is unmoved byme.• He doesn’t need me.The Truth• He desires me so muchthat He died for me.• My love for Him isunique. Without it heis lonely for mycompany.• He misses me and ishurt when I am hurt.• He will not die withoutme but He wouldrather die and be withme.
    9. 9. To love God and others,which is our greatest calling……pursue understandingof His love for you.Don’t just try harder to be a betterChristian.Don’t just try harder to love people.Don’t just try harder to love God.Don’t settle for a head faith thatdoesn’t feel true also. (You can startthere but don’t stay.)PURSUE HIS LOVE