Eco Friendly Pest Control Options - Green Pest Control Can Keep Your Home Healthy and Pest Free


Published on– When dealing with something like pests in your home, you want them out as soon as possible, but you don’t want to risk harming your family or pets either, luckily more companies like Young Environmental Solutions are offering different integrated pest management or green pest control plans which can help you rid your home of any and all pests.

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  • I think that it is so great that there are green pest control companies out there now, for people who do not want harsh chemicals sprayed around their home. My sister is a huge fan of using all green products, so I am sure she will be happy to hear about this.
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Eco Friendly Pest Control Options - Green Pest Control Can Keep Your Home Healthy and Pest Free

  1. 1. Eco FriendlyPest ControlOptionsGreen Pest Control CanKeep Your Home Healthyand Pest Free
  2. 2. Back In the Day Choosing traditional pesticide options to tackle insect & rodent problems just doesn’t make sense. While they can treat the problem, they may cause more harm than good. In some cases, they can be dangerous for your pets, children, or others living in your home. You certainly don’t want to deal with a pest infestation, though, so how can you prevent problems without impacting the environment?
  3. 3. A Better OptionMany today are looking to eco-friendly ways to control pest problems,and there are many no impact & lowimpact choices on the market to helpyou deal with several different pests.Most experts will tell you that the bestsolutions involve going with anintegrated pest management plan.Here, professionals will look at yourhome from a prevention standpointbefore turning to traditional pestcontrol methods to deal with seriousproblems.
  4. 4. It All StartsWithPreventionIf you contact a company that specializes in green pestcontrol you’ll find their first step is helping you preventproblems before they occur.Sections of your home that aren’t sealed, for example, areone thing they might point out. They’ll help you deal withthese kinds of issues before low impact pesticides ever enterthe equation.
  5. 5. Will I Need Pesticides?Sometimes, green pest controlisn’t going to do the jobcompletely, but your pest controlprofessional will help youevaluate your situation on a caseby case basis. Should a pesticidebecome necessary, only lowimpact products will beemployed, and when they are,they’ll be very carefully applied.
  6. 6. WhatHappensFirst? Most green pest control companies have a fairly simple process they follow as they take a look at your home. It usually starts with an extensive inspection of your home and property. IF they do find a problem, they’ll look at the way to eliminate what the pest most needs for survival, which could involve some home updates and repairs. If they do discover a pesticide is a must, they’ll choose a product that will have a minimal impact on your family and your pets.
  7. 7. What Can I Do to Help?One of the best things you can do for yourhome is to be helpful. Clean out your gutters & downspouts at least twice a year. Make certain foliage is kept well- trimmed & away from the house. There should be no containers in your yard that can fill with water & create a breeding ground. Woodpiles should be stored away from the house. Garbage containers must be sealed, whether they’re inside or outside. Your windows should be screened & make sure all cracks are sealed too. Your foundation should be closely watched for problems.
  8. 8. Going Green Choose environmentally responsible pestcontrol with Young Environmental Solutions.