Agenda For 9.03.09

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  • 1. Agenda and Objective 8/28/09
    AGENDA (What we do)
    Hand out planners
    Review Characterization
    Vietnam Videos
    Group Project: The Things They Carried
    OBJECTIVE (Why we do it)
    Help students organize
    Find out what we need to work on
    Learn a little about the soldiers in Vietnam
    Practice finding characterization techniques
  • 2.
  • 3. How much did you learn?
    Define characterization.
    Define Inference.
    What are direct and indirect characterization?
    Name the five methods of characterization.
    Provide one example of each of the methods of characterization from your favorite movies, TV shows, and books.
    Characterization = The art of creating a character
    5 Direct Characterization Techniques
    Actions: What characters do
    Thoughts: What characters think
    Speech: What characters say
    Opinions: The opinions of other characters
    Appearance: The way characters look
    Indirect Characterization
    What examples did you find?
    What is the importance of appearance in characterization?
    What we can infer (guess) about the character?
  • 5. Pre-Write: Write about your experience with war
    Do you have relatives who were in a war?
    Do they talk about it?
    What are they like?
    What do you think of war in the news?
    What is your opinion about war?
  • 6. VIETNAM: What to do during the video…
    Write down examples of characterization you see in the video.
  • 7. Vietnam War
  • 8. Vietnam War
  • 9. Pass Out Class Copies
    Class Copy = Do not write on this paper
    Use your notebook to complete the writing assignment
  • 10. The Things They Carried
    The following quotes are from a short story about a unit of American soldiers during the Viet Nam war. Split up the quotes among the members of your group so that each person gets a different character. On your own paper, write down the names of all the students in your group. Then, below that, answer these two questions about your character, based on the description of what the soldier carried:
    Does the author tell us something directly about the character or did we have to infer (guess about) the information?
    What can you guess about the character’s personality?
    What can you tell about the character’s experience during this war?