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Meeting in-romania-french-view
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Meeting in-romania-french-view


Meeting in Romania, French view

Meeting in Romania, French view

Published in Education , Business
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  • 1. Schools and official reception in Cluj-Napoca
  • 2. The colegiul pedagogic Gheorghe Lazar The second day in Cluj, we went to the romanian school, which is a school for students between around 8 to 18...
  • 3. It's not a really big school, less than 1 000 students. However, it has a nice playground, with some music during the break, where people can play football, volleyball, basketball...
  • 4. First, comenius students and teachers met in a presentation room, and each country presented his own work on the subject : “Easter traditions” The Germans The Romanian team brought a lot of made a small chocolates that description of all they gave to Easter traditions, like everybody in the eggs . room. The Italian team showed some catholic tradition and read us a The Bulgarian recipe of a We showed the results of traditional food. a questionnaire and three interviews of students.
  • 5. We all received an etiquette with our name and our nationality, and had a small break. We visited the playground and some class rooms ..
  • 6. After this short break, we went to a room where people, dressed with traditional clothes, were doing a lot of different activities, like painting eggs, painting, weaving, making shoes or sculpting wood...
  • 7. To go in this room, we had to eat a piece of brioche with a lot of salt on it...
  • 8. In the afternoon, we went, by bus, to the town hall, where the mayor presented his town and asked us to present ours. The Mayor After that, we took a picture, probably for a newspaper.
  • 9. The International school It's a private school, where teachers speak english, and it's one of the best establishment in Romania.
  • 10. We played there a sort of competition : we had to present our national anthem and flag, and ask to a geographic test.
  • 11. Finally, we saw a theatre show, acted by five Romanian students.