Meeting in Romania


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Meeting in Romania

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Meeting in Romania

  1. 1. First Day on Cluj-Napoca 9.30- Meeting in school 9.30-10.00-The oficial opening of the reunion 10.00-11.00-Presentation and Discussion about religious traditions-Easter Brochure 11.15-12.30- Introductory Workshop in the Romanian traditional handicrafts 12.20-14.00- Free time for lunch 15.00-16.00- Reception at Cluj Napoca City Hall 16.00-18.00- Visit at the Botanical Garden 19.00-20.00- Folk music and dance show presented by the Romanian Comenius team 20.00-21.00- Traditional Romanian Diner
  2. 2. Presenting the materials for the brochure
  3. 3. Teams from every country had to present a project about the Easter traditions in their countries. We all had the chance to learn about traditions, to see where and how different we are, but meanwhile to respect not only our tradition, but also those of the others. The Italians and the Germans broghts us some souvernirs from their countries so we can see how is their tradition and the French team presented us a short interview taken in school about the religious event: Easter.
  4. 4. Workshop in the Romanian traditional handicrafts
  5. 5. Each student had the oportunity to look , try and see how these traditional hadicrafts work. The French students were very atracted by our handicrafts and they wanted to try to work and experience our traditions.
  6. 6. Cluj –Napoca City Hall
  7. 7. At the Botanical Garden
  8. 8. Traditional Romanian Dinner
  9. 9. Second day in Cluj Napoca 9.30-9.50-The Romanian team presented the results of the questionnaire on Protecting the Environment 10.00-11.00-The pupils attend classes 11.00-12.30-National Identity Team contest 12.30- 13.00 -PaperBack Hell:’Black Teeth Lane’ by Zandra Jones 13.00-14.30 -Free time for Lunch 15.00-17.00-Free time to visit the city
  10. 10. The pupils had the chance to attend classes at the International School from Cluj Napoca and they had the opportunity to see how the Romanians learn in Romania. We made groups of 5 and we attended different classes like Romanian, Spanish, Math and others. After this special hour all the teams participated in a contest about the European Union and we had another presentation about our countries. It was an interesting experience and we learnt different things during the contest.
  11. 11. 1st Prize was won by the Romanian Comenius Team (Alexandra, Alina and Bogdan) 2nd Prize was won by the Bulgarian Comenius Team (Atanas, Tsvetomir and Maryana) 3rd Prize was won by the German Comenius Team (Mesut, Michael and Svetlana)
  12. 12. Pictures from the play: (the actors: Alina,Tamaris,Alexandra,Cipri and Daniel)
  13. 13. Third Day 10.00-19.00 -Study visit in Turda City
  14. 14. Our Family Presentation made by Alina Tantau Colegiul National Pedagogic “Gh. Lazar” Cluj-Napoca Romania